Spring Meets Winter

"Lidia! Are you ready yet?" I had just finished my final sketch before my mother called out to me. It had been 11 years since the 'accident' and my mother had just decided to take a new job in Hope Lake City. I loved to draw; sometimes I would spend hours at my window drawing plants and animals. I had a huge sketch pad full of nature drawings; however I always hid it under my pillow. If mum ever found it, she would have it thrown away, and destroyed; she didn't even like to plant things in the vegetable garden anymore.

I let out a sigh, I had just finished drawing my house, to keep as a memento. I would never return to this house, to my room; it would belong to someone else, someone different. I held my sketch pad to my chest "Yeah mum. I'm coming".

The new house was nice I guess, I still missed my old home. I missed the old oak forest that could be seen just outside my window, I missed the sound of the near by creek as I went to sleep every night. But at least this city wasn't nature less, Hope Lake City was know for its lush environment and its breath taking clear water lake. There was even area in the very middle of the city dedicated to nature, it wasn't very large but it was a nice little area, it was sort of like a park.

My new school on the other hand was huge! It held a population of around 890 students, which made me feel even more inferior then I already did, if that was possible.

I'm an ant, no I'm less than an ant, I'm a microscopic dust particle!

After receiving my time table from the general office, I headed towards my first class, History, wonderful. I don't see why I need to learn about things that had happened 500 years before I was born…oh well.

As I entered my class room every signal person stopped their conversations, only to stare at me like I was some sort of freak. Ok… so I am kind of a freak, but they don't know that, it's not like I've ever been in this state before, let alone this town.

I made my way over to the teacher's desk, perfectly aware that everyone's eyes were on me. Stop being such a baby, look them straight in the eyes and show them your not going to take crap from nobody. I looked up only to be captured by a pair of icy blue eyes staring straight at me.

"Morning class, this is Lidia Rose. She's our newest student at Hope Lake High and I hope you'll all make her feel welcome."

Make me feel welcome my ass, I feel like some weird lab rat, that's being studied in the name of science. "Hi…I'm Lidia", I was relieved to have the introductions over and done with because before I knew it, I was being seated right next to Mr. Blue Eyes.

"Hi I'm Logan, your Lidia right?" The mysterious boy said after the class had began. He had hair as black as midnight, which fell in to his eyes now and then. His arms showed that he had muscle, not to much but a good amount, and he had the most handsome, but gentle face I had ever seen. But what made my heart stop was when my eyes connected with his icy blue stare. I had never seen eyes quite like his before; the look in his eyes was warm and caring, and yet looking at them made me want to shiver.

"Yeah…it's nice to meet you." I said shyly turning my gaze to the front of the class room. I could tell he was still watching me because I had this feeling like my skin was being prickled by tiny icicles, and against my will I let out a tiny shiver.

He must have turned away because the feeling soon stopped. This boy Logan was strange, ha but not nearly as strange as me.