Not Alone After All


I can't believe I talked to her; I should have just kept my mouth shut. But still, she was so beautiful just sitting there inches away from me; I could help but talk to her. I remember how her emerald locked with my icy blue ones, and how I could hear my heart beat in my ears. But what destroyed the moment was when she shivered under my gaze. I've always known how my eyes affected people, and yet I still made her shiver from my powerful gaze. At that moment I felt a sickening feeling in my stomach, I had no right to even look at her, let alone talk to her, but even as the bell rang, and she made her way out of the class room, I still couldn't help but look at her.

Still feeling terrible on the way home, I didn't realize that I was taking the same route as Lidia. It wasn't till I saw her stop in front of a near by rose bush, that I noticed something was wrong. My eyes have always had very sharp sight, and I couldn't help but notice one tiny rose bud had not yet bloomed. Why?

My thoughts were cut short when I saw Lidia raise her hand towards the bud. It twitched and squirmed under her pale, and finally bloomed into the most stunning rose on the entire bush. After removing her hand from the bush, she quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen her. I quickly hid behind a wall to make sure I was not spotted, and then looked to see her continue her walk home.

I was shocked; my mind was still having trouble consuming what had just happened. Lidia had brought that flower to life, she has powers, she has powers just like me, well… they may not be exactly the same as mine, but she has powers! I still couldn't believe it, after all this time I had finally found someone who was just like me, someone who was not of the normal world.

In my moment of happiness I ran all the way down the street, so that Lidia was once again in sight, then I quietly followed her all the way to her house. It was a nice looking house, plain but simple.

Lidia had already entered, and looking through the window I saw her talking to a woman that must have been her mother.

"Yeah right, why would anyone want to be friends with someone like me?" Lidia was obviously upset and want made it worse was that I knew it was because of her 'abilities'. I hated the fact that she was upset, so while she was talking with her mother, I took the liberty of climbing up a tree that was beside the house. When I reached the top I carefully jumped into the open window that was conveniently opposite the tree, and landed in Lidia's bedroom with not so much as a sound.

Remembering how upset she looked downstairs, and about her powers. I thought maybe I would leave her a present to make her feel better. I began with making a sphere of ice in my hand, then gently covering the top of it, with my other hand; I cut away at the ice until it became a sparkling flower.

I smiled at myself as I placed the ice flower gently on her window sill, and quickly, yet quietly left her room the exact same way I had arrived. As I made my way home I realized I wasn't alone any more, that I would have someone to talk to about all the supernatural things in my life. However I then thought it might be more interesting if I left Lidia to figure it out on her own, that I would give her little hints until she discovered that I'm not that much different from her.

Yes, I'm not alone anymore, and I never will be again.