Muscles burning, tears flying,
Stuggling to get away from here.
From a place that frightens me.
A place that locks me up for good.

Must hurry, must hide from view.
For if not, he'll capture me soon.
He who runs fast like stallions,
whose eyes darkens like the night.

Arms encircle me, holding me down.
My breathing quickens as I recognize its' owner.
I thrash about, I kick and scream,
but it was futile only wearing me down.

"Shhh...," he says; "I will not hurt you."
Words I've already heard and have dreaded.
"Be still," he commands.
I panic knowing what's coming next.

Shrieking, I felt a stinging pain.
Something sharp puncturing my skin.
I suddenly feel exhausted.
My eyes closing in the process.

I sprang up, my heart beating loud.
Fear grips me as I look around.
The color I detest now stands in my view.
The encompassing white fill me with blue.