"Get her out of here! Now!" a deep, melodious voice barked.

Strong, steely cold hands grabbed my shoulder and waist and began to pull. Hard. I wrenched my body away from them. "NO!" I yelled. This was not my voice. It sounded rough, almost like a roar, much different from my smooth silky voice that could soothe anyone.

I threw myself forward to the body laying only feet away from me. My hands grasped it and began shaking it. "God, no! Please."

His head lolled to the side and he just layed their motionless in my arms. I couldn't breathe. This couldn't be happening.

I looked up at the creatures that had done this, still fighting with my coven. I stood up, gently setting the body on the ground, as if I would hurt it. Bolting upright, I sped to the fight and began tearing into the first bit of flesh I could get my hands on.

"Sophie!" A voice yelled out, "Stop it! We are taking care of it!"

I couldn't hear him. I didn't want to hear him. All I saw was red. I didn't hear the howls of pain that errupted from the werewolve as I ripped his jaw down, dislodging it from the rest of his body and turning to find another.

I was on automatic pilot- more like automatic killer. Thoughts raced through my mind as my body hastily destroyed another wolf.

As the tides turned in my coven's favor, the other werewolves began their retreat. But this wasn't over. Not for me. They mounted the attack on my family, they killed him, they would all suffer the consequences.

I continued to feel hands reach for me as I sped towards the retreating figures. They would all pay for this, I continued to tell myself.

The next few moments went by VERY quickly. There were three werewolves trying to make their escape. I had managed to kill the first two, only receiving a few scratches, but the third was smarter. However, it was only a matter of seconds until I managed to get him cornered.

The lone werewolve backed towards the edge of a small ridge and stopped. I could tell in his eyes that he was preparing himself for his death, or a quick attack. My body was shaking and heaving with ragged breaths. My hands were covered in blood and my muscles were readying themselves for the imminent strike. It would be quick, and painless- at least for me.

"You took my life," I yelled. The hair on the werewolves neck raised and his ears began to fold back. "Now, I will destroy yours."

And with that, I leapt towards him. My hands tore into the skin and my teeth sunk into his neck. The taste of the blood was vile and I removed my mouth, drops falling to the ground. A small smirk crept onto my lips as the wolf began to howl in pain.

I twisted his neck with one smooth turn and the loud crack silenced him. Forever.

I dropped the body and stared down at it. A heavy breath filled my lungs and I kicked the limp body into the ridge.

A hand soflty clamped down on my shoulder and squeezed, "Come on."

My black eyes turned to the man standing next to me. "Seth," I breathed out before launching myself into his arms. My body seemed to collapse into his. Tears averted my eyes and I tried my hardest to cry, but I couldn't.

It was as if vampires were not allowed to cry. I hadn't shed one single tear in over 63 years.

Seth, practically carrying my frame, pulled me to the small group of people. My coven. My family.

Their eyes were full of sympathy and sadness. As my family slowly cleared a path for me, I slipped away from Seth's side and stared down at the body before me.

I knelt down to touch the face, the skin, the hair of him. "Callum," I whispered. I ran my fingers over the contours of his face, his pale skin taking on the glow of the moon. His lips were pale, not the usual deep blush that I knew. I cradled his body in my arms and hugged him close to me, not wanting to let go.

My creator. My husband. My life was dead and laying motionless in my arms.

"Sid," Seth said, "Come on, we have to get out of here."

I shook my head. I wasn't leaving. If Callum was dead, then I was not going to continue living. There was no point to a life without him. He created my new life 63 years ago and since then I knew nothing about being alone and on my own. I was his. He was my protector, and it was his overwhelming desire to keep me safe that killed him.

It was my fault.

The guilt slowly crept into my veins and I frowned, continuing to shake my head. This had to be some sick, twisted nightmare.

Unfortunately, I knew it wasn't. I didn't dream anymore either. Vampires didn't sleep so they definitely couldn't dream. So this was real. This actually happened. I was now alone.

"I know." I replied softly. My voice sounded weak and pathetic. "Start the fire," I said, "I'm not leaving him anywhere."

I didn't hear my family respond but I felt their bodies darting about the forest, gathering large limbs and building a make-shift pyre. Seth knelt down and scooped up Callum's body with ease and placed it atop the structure.

Slowly, I stepped towards it and took his cold hand. "I will avenge you." I promised. "I love you," I added and leaned down to kiss his lips one last time. My eyes closed and I wished for one moment to have them move back against mine. But they didn't.

I pulled back and tightened my jaw. I would avenge him. There was no doubt in my mind that every werewolve I found would die. They would be destroyed, just like my life.

I watched as Keith, the unspoken leader of our family who was more like our father, start the fire. The flames consumed the wood and I looked towards the sky as the dark smoke began to billow. A hand found its way into mine and squeezed it tightly. I turned my head to Seth and just stared at him for a moment. I didn't have to speak, he knew exactly what I was feeling.

Life, as I knew it, had been changed forever. Again.