This isn't the last time we'll see each other.

We'll meet again under different skies.

I'll look for you,

You'll look for me,

Though we're blinded by the clouds of society.

I'll search the heavens

For the eyes of your constellation.

With city lights to guide me,

But no north star to find my way

We move on different horizons.

As your pale light fades with the dawn

I look on,

Desperate to find that sense of surreal beauty

That I muse upon this night.

While I plod through the dust and dirt

You forever dance 'round the waking moon.

So, perhaps these differences of our paths

Keep us far away

Solely so that we can better love each other,

Bask in the glow of each other.

But as I lay me down to sleep

I would forsake the city bright

Merely to be subject to your light.