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The boy gave the girl a light kiss on the cheek. "It won't be in too long. Will you be waiting for me?" he asked as they stopped in the middle of the trail. An owl heralded night's looming arrival.

"I never knew you felt that strongly about me."

He had a shy smile as he said, "I adore you. I have for years."

"But I had no idea," the girl responded. She tucked a strand of mahogany hair behind her ear and grew cross when it didn't stay. A few strands held the faded remains of blonde highlights. He had always said he liked blondes best, but she was not blessed with that elusive trait.

"I guess that I'm not great with showing what I think."

The girl laughed softy, "No, you aren't. You might as well be made of stone," she teased.

"So back to my question: will you wait for me?"

"Are you sure you want to go through with that? I hear it is vicious."

"But it will be worth it. I want to. I want to Run for you."

The girl drew in a shaky breath. "So that's it? That's your pledge? Have you told the Alpha?"

"I'm going to go straight to him after this."

The girl's eyes cut to the side. Nervous energy filled her stomach. Would this really be it? She had dreamed of this kind of moment since she was a little girl. Human girls fantasized about their weddings. The wedding was only secondary for werewolf girls. They wish for the moment a guy would pledge and go through Trial for them. She had a boy, but what would life be like after he Ran?

Could she ever be truly happy with this boy?

The boy grew concerned at her silence. "Is everything okay? I thought this is what you wanted."

"I, well, I—yes. Yes, this is best…the best thing I could ever want." She could barely keep her voice from shaking. She didn't want him to think she was hesitating.

"Do you want to tell your parents? Or do you want me to tell them?"

"I think they would appreciate hearing the pledge from your own mouth." She smiled. "They may not believe me. I doubt they could fathom that their daughter could make such an amazing catch like yourself."

He let his hand glide down her face and neck, tracing each curve. "Oh, you have done much more than to just catch my eye." He paused, steadying himself. "I love you."

Tears filled the girl's eyes, a pain in her chest forming.

Misreading her reaction, the boy circled his arms around her, murmuring, "Don't worry. I'll be fine. If other guys can make it through without too many scratches, then I can too. The only think you have to do is be there when I get back."

She nodded into his chest.

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