Prologue-Greg Yorkshire

The castle is the biggest one in this dimension, even bigger than the Prime Minister's own. The exterior is some kind of shimmering crystal and the moat is a kilometer across. I've heard that it has over ten levels and over a million books in its library. I should be impressed right now.

Maybe I would be, if I was here of my own violation. After all, it is the oldest and best university found in any dimension. Only the best and brightest students ever get the chance to attend. Well, the best and the brightest, plus those whose parents have enough money to bribe the headmaster.

My best friend Maroc falls under such a distinction. Not to say he isn't smart, he just isn't smart enough to get into this university. It's good for him that his father is the biggest mob boss in the multiverse. Not that he knows, of course. If Maroc had any clue that his father was involved in any less then legal dealings he'd- well, I'm not sure what he'd do, but he wouldn't like it. And, of course, his father would have me tortured.

But I'm not allowed to think of that. I promised myself that. This is a new start, far away from Martez Meredith, and I'm going to try to enjoy like as best as I can. He may own me, but I'll be damned if he can control me.

Prologue-Maroc Meredith

This place is amazing. I've heard a thousand times how wonderful Carleton University is, but nothing can match seeing it up close. It's a place right out of the fairy tales my nanny used to tell me. They say there's even a dragon guarding the place, though that might just be a rumor.

This is the kind of place where dreams come true.

This is the place where I will step out of my father's shadow, and become the person I've always dreamed of. I'm taking general studies now, but maybe, in the years to come, I could become a professional curse breaker or adventurer or something like that.

I never thought I stood a chance of getting in here. My friend Greg is the best in our class, not me. I'm not even second. But I studied hard, took the entrance exam, and here I am.

I can't wait to try out for the fencing team. The Carleton University fencing team is legendary. Almost all the members go on to become great heroes, even the minor members.

Life is going to be good without father around to dictate my every move.

Prologue- Darius Tucker

Welcome to another year of hell. I suggested that they put that on the welcome sign but no one listened, so another batch of first years will enter with dreams of grandeur and no one to ground them. I'm eternally grateful that as a second year I'm allowed to room outside the school.

To think that when I started this school I had such high hopes. I should have known that a school that still believes woman have no place getting educated would be such an elitist hell.

Still, three more years and I'll be a certified sorcerer. I just have to keep telling myself that.