They'd been waiting for this all night. From the moment they laid eyes on each other, each knew they wanted it.

His back met something solid as she pushed him into the door, smashing her lips against his until he parted them, wanting to feel more. No, needing it. Their tongues met, warred, fought for dominance.

She won and he willingly let her explore him. His hands were tangling in her hair, running down her back, gripping her waist and pulling her closer to his body. She could feel the hardness of him and he could feel her softness.

She moaned and pulled back, enough for him to see how flushed she was. She glanced up at him coyly and he nearly melted on the spot.

Clothing was discarded left and right. They fell onto the bed, a tangle of limbs. She cried out when he entered her and he swore he saw stars. It was brief and explosive, lasting only minutes. They were left panting and gazing at each other in silence.

She smiled then. "It was fun."

He nodded. They wouldn't meet again.

Happiness is fleeting.

I'm not sure what this is supposed to be. One night stand? Hooker? You decide.