You know that cliché about how when a boy likes a girl he'll tease her or make fun of her? Well it's totally untrue, at least in my case it is. This is no typical story that follows the average plot. No, in all honesty, the boy hates the girl for reasons I wont disclose at the moment and he makes it his job to make her life a living hell.

What about the girl you ask? She stopped believing in fairytales and happily-ever-afters a long time ago. At times she may sympathize with Cinderella but there is no Prince Charming coming to sweep her off her feet. She just lives out the nightmares and waits for the day that she'll be able to escape everything holding her back.

Together they devise a game or prank war to get back at each other. With each retaliation the game draws closer to an invisible line that they told themselves they wouldn't cross. The only rule in this game is that there are no rules and playing dirty makes it twice as fun.

Neither of them realize just how far the game will go until it's almost too late. If they could have predicted the consequences they never would've gone to such extremes. The one, and only, thing that may be able to bring them together is the same thing that tore them apart.


I slammed my locker door only to be met face to face with Jason. Quickly, I turned on my heel and moved in the other direction trying to hide the fact that I was crying. His arm stopped me and pulled me around to face him.

"Why are you crying?" he asked. "It was just a joke. Nothing to cry over."

I'm sure he could feel the anger oozing out of every pore in my body as I yanked my arm away from him. "Jason did you ever stop to think that maybe my world doesn't revolve around you and your stupid game?" I shouted. Heads turned in the hallway but I didn't care. "If you took a second to think about anyone but your self maybe you would realize that I have something else going on. I don't give a shit about you and your stupid pranks right now so go talk to someone who cares."

When I turned to leave for the second time he pulled me back again and I realized the hall was completely silent and all eyes were on us. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"What's wrong?" I scoffed. "You want to know what's wrong? You have made it your mission to make my life hell and you have no idea that my life is already shitty at home. To top it all off, I just found out my dad is dead ten minutes ago and you wont leave me the fuck alone!" I yelled, tears streaming down my cheeks.

His eyes seemed to soften at my words and a look of remorse fell across his face. "I'm sorry" he whispered.

I turned to walk away for the third time and yet again he pulled me back, this time wrapping his arms around me just as the bell rang and the halls cleared out. My ability to hold back the sobs that were building up inside had diminished and my body shook as I cried. He didn't try to stop me, nor did he seem upset by the fact that I was probably ruining his shirt. Instead he just let me cry it out until my river of tears seemed to have run out.

When I pulled away from his embrace I was in dire need of a tissue. He raised a finger in front of my face as if to say hold on a minute and reached into his back pocket. As if he had read my mind he produced a handful of tissues to which I raised an inquisitive brow. "Someone told me you were crying" he said, brushing some hair from my face.

"Great" I muttered. "The whole school will know by lunch."

"Don't worry Kels. I'll take care of it" he said, rubbing my arm comfortingly. I just stared at him in disbelief. "Hey, just because I'm not always nice doesn't mean I don't know how to be." He gently tilted my chin up so that I was forced to meet his gaze. "Don't worry about that ok. Just go home and take care of your sister and the funeral arrangements."

I managed a small nod and hoped it would be enough but he showed no sign of letting me go. He had an intense look on his face and his gaze never wavered from mine. There was a look in his eyes that I recognized as something I had seen since before the incident. Before I knew what was happening and could stop it I felt his lips on mine. Warm, soft, gentle lips… but then I remember who it was that was kissing me.

By the time he pulled away I was staring at him in utter horror. The same Jason that spent hours every day planning ways to torture me had just kissed me and for a second, before I remembered who it was, I enjoyed it. I shoved him away from me and spoke loud enough for only him to hear "Jason don't mess with me right now. I can't deal with it." After that I turned and ran and for the first time that day, he didn't try to stop me.