Jocelyn Montgomery was a rich girl. That was the perfect way to describe her. However what people first notice about her is her elegant beauty. Though she was rich and beautiful, she didn't fit the stereotype for the spoiled and bratty at all. In fact, she had the highest grades and was polite when spoken too. She was perfect. And that was what infuriated Jake Cunningham.

He hated her, specifically her and her mother. The town slut, and for that Jocelyn didn't have any friends. When young, parents kept their children away worried about her heritage, and well it grew with her. Everyone in the town knew her, boys in her school claimed they've been with her, or would never touch her in case of STD's and girls hated her for her reputation and beauty.

Jocelyn had always been shy and quiet, always kept her head down. Jake wanted anything he could use against her and never found any. He despised her and what she had done to his family, despised her for tempting his friends and most of all for deceiving him and making him think of her.

Jake had been assigned as her partner in their one shared biology class, and found out things about her he'd never known before. He'd pushed his hate aside and fell for her. Hard. But regained his hate for her the first time he's seen her being kissed by a boy. One who doesn't go to their school. He'd forced the thought of her being the same slut as her mother in his head and tried avoiding looking at her at all times.

But Jocelyn never acknowledged any of his feelings. And he wanted to kill her for it, break her slowly. It would be the perfect way to get back at her and her whore of a mother.

Jake gave a mischievous smirk before he looked away from the tempting image of Jocelyn nibbling on her lunch. He'd give her what she deserves. He'll make sure she knows what it feels to be ignored and ripped apart.

And he would have fun doing it.

Jocelyn sighed in relief when the final bell ran signaling the end of the day and pushed away from her desk, collecting her books and necessities. She felt someone's gaze on her and sighed, wondering when people were going to stop talking about her and her goddamn reputation, no one even knew if it was true or not. She looked up and saw Jake Cunningham, perfect male specimen, staring right at her. And when he'd seen her meet his gaze, he flashed her a small smirk. Jocelyn looked away and rolled her eyes. She heard of him. And also of his negative feelings towards her, Shame though, he was beautiful. Not a perfect way to describe males but that's what he was. With his deep blue eyes and dark hair, he made every girl swoon, including her, back in 5th grade. Jake was an asshole. He knew it, she knew it, and the whole damn school knew it. But they still loved him, for reasons she had yet to find out, except well for his looks.

Jocelyn shook her head to clear her thoughts and brushed her curly hair aside. It was summer, and that was her least favorite weather. Her already too-curly hair got unbearable and she sweated. Never mind the bugs, that was another thing altogether.

She drove back to her house, or should she say, mansion, and prepared for another lecture from her father. She wouldn't say she hated him. But she knew that every time he looked at her, she reminded him of his wife and her mom. That was why he lectured her so much, he hated the thought of her ever becoming like her mother. Even she hated the thought of being like her mother.

Jocelyn always did the things she was told to do, always kept her legs closed when sitting down, always knew when to say the right things, and never did anything wrong. A proper lady, but one that couldn't think for herself, she grew up looked down upon by everyone in her town, even her father. Never mind that she was one of the most polite, most intelligent in her school. But hey beauty and body shape gave her the title of a slut.

Only wearing loose fitted jeans and t-shirts, and she still looked like one. Boys' eyes always followed her and girls always glared at her.

She looked at herself in her mirror, wondering why they thought she looked like one. She dressed normally and never put on any make-up. She had curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Full lips and tanned skin. She didn't even touch her eyebrows, not that she needed to. They were thin from when she was born.

Jocelyn gave up trying to find reasons for her reputation, other than her mother, and lied down on her bed, regretting the next day.

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