Rising from the Ashes


Phoenix is saved from the clutches of his Master and dragged into a world he has been oblivious to. His Master is not going to let his prize go and will stop at nothing to get him back. Warnings inside. MxM

Warnings: Hurt, Comfort, Slash, Adult scenes, hints at BDSM, mild hints of incest

Chapter One

Amber eyes opened, wincing at the harsh lighting of the new room. He couldn't catch the groan before it came out of his lips. Phoenix waited for the hand to hit him but when nothing came, he glanced around.

Four people sat around the bed, concerned expressions on their faces. He didn't recognise any of them but the room worried him. His eyes were adjusting to the lights, which someone had dimmed. It looked like the picture books had said was a hospital.

"Phoenix, can you understand me?" It was a woman, not the woman who had taken him out of his rooms. This woman was slender and elderly.

He nodded.

"You are at the Darum School of the Gifted Medical Wing," she explained softly. "My name is Headmistress Grey."

Another woman touched him and although he cringed back, she got him into a seating position. The larger woman, again not the woman that had taken him away from his rooms and possibly his home, gave him a small smile.

School of the Gifted? Was there something wrong with him? Was that why his Master sent him away? His eyes lowered to the white bedspread but quickly averted them, the sudden bright colour hurting him.

"Phoenix, I want you to answer all of the questions I ask you okay?" asked the first woman, the Headmistress.

Obediently, he nodded.

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen." He only knew that because his Master had mentioned it a couple of months ago, even gave him a new book to celebrate. He smiled a little at the memory.

The adults around the bed exchanged glances. "Do you know your ability?" Headmistress Grey asked.

He suppressed the urge to ask what ability. He wasn't allowed to ask questions so instead he shook his head. "No."

The woman had caught the confused look and it confirmed her suspicions. "Do you know why you are here?"


"We managed to rescue you from your father. I understand he has been keeping you prisoner. Is that right Phoenix?"

He swallowed. Phoenix had never been able to call him father. He knew that was his father but as far back as he could remember, his name was Master. But a prisoner? "No."

"Then what are you?"

What was he? He had never thought about it. Strange...it was something he should have thought about. "I don't know," he answered truthfully. His fingers started to fiddle with the edge of the sheet he was under. Was he a slave, a pet...something else?

The Headmistress came and stood right next to him, crouching down to his level. Her pale blue eyes were full with warmth and pity. "We know what your father did to you and he will pay. Whatever you think was right wasn't okay?"

Phoenix averted his eyes away from her, reaching up to brush his hair away from his face. It felt like his mind was coming back to him. The feeling was strange. He had tried many times to question his existence but it had always slipped his mind. How could something that big just slip his mind? What his Master was doing to him was wrong, he had known that yet he had never thought about it.

"W-what did he do to me?" he asked weakly, his head aching with these new thoughts whizzing about his head.

"Your father has the ability of mind control. We suspect from a very young age, he has been controlling you, keeping you as his little pet," a male finally answered. "We know what abuse he has been handing out on you."

The large woman, who he identified as the Nurse through her formal outfit, gave him another smile. "We will help you through this Phoenix."

The sixteen year old frowned, looking down at himself. A large part of him was still hooked on his Master. He knew if he stayed here then he would only be punished when he would be found by him. Fear clawed inside him, suffocating him.

"Breathe Phoenix, breathe," someone said around him. But his vision was dimming as everything crashed down onto him and he sunk into an awaiting oblivion.

He burned in the sunlight like a Vampire. From all of his life being kept up in dark rooms and away from any large source of light had done damage to his eyes, probably forever and his skin. Even in a hazy sun of a winter's day, he had woken up screaming as the rays hit him.

Phoenix eyed the dark room he sat in. He had given up looking for an escape route out of there. The Nurse, Mrs Jeeves had been in and given what she liked to call a 'counselling' session to him. She had laid down the things that were wrong in his life.

What his Master had done had been classed as rape, incest. It made him feel sick to the stomach. The information books he had read through, throughout his childhood had pointed at the rights and wrongs. Mrs Jeeves had guided him; made sure he understood that he could ask questions and details on what had happened to him.

Phoenix had been astounded to learn his Master...no father, was the leader of a rebel group. They had attacked the magical community, as small as it was. No one really knew what he was after but he used mind control to get what he wanted.

The door to his room opened. He half expected to see his Master come in but the Headmistress instead walked in. Her thick cardigan was wrapped around her slender body, wisps of greying hair coming out of her loose bun.

"Hello Phoenix, how are you today? I heard you had an accident." She eyed the bandages on his arms and the redness of his thin face.

He dropped his own eyes to his arms, covering them with the blanket. Mrs Jeeves had put burn cream on all of his exposed skin. It soothed the burns a little but he knew he was in need of more soon. His heart moved to his throat as she closed the door behind herself.

The Headmistress was quick to notice the fear widening his eyes and cursed herself for her mistake. She grasped the handle of the door, opening it as wide as she could. The boy's breathing was slowing down. This was going to be a challenge on everyone.

"How about I show you around the school?" she asked, knowing her first question was lost.

Phoenix glanced around the room. Perhaps if he looked around the school, he could find a way back to his Master. Nervously, he nodded his head, sliding out of bed. The Nurse had dressed him in case he needed to get out of bed. He reached down for the trainers, tying them up neatly. His Master had never let him out but many times they had moved locations. He had never seen outside as he had always been covered up.

The woman smiled warmly at him but he couldn't return it. Smiles were rare.

Excitement bubbled inside him at the prospect of seeing outside of his room, perhaps even seeing outside. Phoenix followed her out of the special hospital wing room and into the main ward. The windows showed a cloudy night sky. He stalled, staring out of one of the large windows.

Pictures he had seen in books didn't do the real thing any justice. Earlier on, he had not been able to see the outside world because of the sun but now he could.

"Beautiful isn't it?"

Startled, he jumped at Headmistress Grey's comment. Shyly, he nodded, pulling himself away. As he followed her out of the ward however, he kept his eyes on the many windows, even catching sight of some stars.

Noticing the floor felt different, he looked down to see a narrow rich red carpet stretch along the large corridor, the rest stone. Tapestries and dim lights decorated the passage.

The woman led him along slowly, giving him a chance to look at the vibrant but old tapestries. His face was a picture, amber eyes lighting up with awe. It made her angry to think that this small boy had been abused mentally and physically all his life. She would do all in her power to keep him safe and happy. The Head continued to show him many passageways and classrooms, teaching him what floor which subject was on.

He was quiet throughout the journey but his face gave away his emotions, giving her something to work on.

Phoenix seemed very interested in the science rooms, amazed at the many ingredients and equipment. He had read many books on the scientific industry but he had never been allowed to conduct any experiments. In fact, he had a few theories he would have died to check out.

She noticed him always looking around in the corridors. "All the students are in breakfast," she explained. "We try not to discriminate against any kind, so we have all our lessons at night. Many of our students are night creatures, kind of like yourself."

"Creatures?" the question was out of his mouth in seconds. He paled, waiting for the hit.

"Yes creatures but that is not a bad thing," she beamed at him, glad he was already making some sort of progress. "Vampires from nearby clans choose to bring their children here to learn as well as many shape shifting packs. Most of the spell casting students prefer working to the night, as the magic pull is stronger." She proceeded to show him the lower floors but avoided the dining hall, knowing he would not be ready.

Just at the racket going on inside there was making Phoenix nervous.

The Headmistress led him back to the hospital wing, saving the lower floors for another time. His pale cheeks were flushed from excitement.

Phoenix grew confused as he set eyes upon a small table in his small room. A chair sat next to it, with papers piled on top of the desk.

"I would like you to answer all of these to see what level your mind is working at okay?" she asked.

He nodded wordlessly.

"Would you like some food and drink?"

Surprised, he looked up at her before nodding, his blonde hair flopping into his eyes. "Yes please," he answered politely. Her smile made him feel good. It wasn't a leer, what his father had always done. It was a true smile. She walked out so he sat down and began to answer the questions on the papers.

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