Rising from the Ashes

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Chapter Twenty Nine

After much persuasion and numerous arguments, Byron was sitting in the car with them. Amaraclys was fuming, his jaw clenched and fingers tapping an impatient rhythm on his knees. Phoenix and Demetri sat opposite them. The Seer would have thought it funny if the situation wasn't that serious.

They were going to meet with Luciano.

None of them had let Phoenix go unless they knew of the plan and they all accompanied him. Of course Amaraclys had protested against his mate going, throwing a tantrum until Byron had threatened to walk out on him. Phoenix looked at Demetrius, who was staring out the window at the sun sinking into the distance. The specially tinted windows were a god send.

He hadn't told them the complete truth surrounding his plan. His plan could backfire but there was always a way out. Luciano had somehow got in his mind but he was glad. It would be his downfall.

Phoenix rested a hand on his stomach. His child would be brought into a better world.

"Here we are," Demetri suddenly said gruffly.

The Seer felt the slight brush against his mind. "He's expecting us," Phoenix breathed, opening the door as they parked up. A large hand on his shoulder stopped him.


Phoenix watched as Demetrius got out of the car, walking around to his side. Byron and Amaraclys had already gotten out joining the bodyguards that their Clan leader had assigned. Darkness had fallen, giving the Vampires and Phoenix safety.

The blonde glared at his mate as he was carefully removed from the car. "I am not a child."

"I know." Demetri brought the small hand up to kiss his knuckles tenderly. "But you do need protection."

"He won't hurt me," Phoenix replied with conviction.

The other three looked at each other. They were now surrounded by their personal bodyguards as the blonde led them up to the large doors of the mansion. He gripped Demetrius' hand, well aware Byron was doing the same with Amaraclys. His friend had been tortured by Luciano in this place.

The doors opened, two people drawing them in from the inside. The entrance hall was split into two halves, all of Luciano's followers. The man stood on top of the stairs looking down.

Demetri hesitated at the doors before Phoenix pulled him in. "Perhaps this isn't a good idea," he said telepathically to his lover.

"Please…just trust me."

Those words worried the Vampire more than anything.

The blonde teenager walked with confidence, holding his mate's hand. He could feel the heated look of his father looking down upon him. Amber eyes rose to see the man walking down the stairs towards him. He swallowed hard, hearing it in the silence of the hall.

"You wished to talk?" Luciano asked, icy eyes narrowing at Demetri. Those eyes shifted to their joined hands, a dark look crossing over his handsome features.

Phoenix nodded. "In private."

"Phoenix, no," Demetri protested, gripping the slender hand of his lover.

The Seer shot him an apologetic look before wriggling his hand free. "Not one finger touches them," he said to Luciano. His father nodded before offering him an arm. Phoenix took it, blocking out Byron's objections behind him. His stomach was a mass of butterflies striving for an escape.

The older man led him into a room after the people parted to let them through. Luciano didn't bother pulling up a chair from the small table in the room. In fact, it was a plain room with hardly any furniture inside.

Phoenix could see his father was waiting for him to say something. He glanced at the closed door. "Don't…attempt to control my mind. I've broken out of it once, I can do it much easily now."

The blonde man's lips pursed together. "I can feel your strength Phoenix, you are more powerful than I could ever dream of being. A Seer with the ability of mind power." He looked at his son with admiration.

"I think…if I still had my memories, I would not hesitate to come back to you," the teenager admitted, clasping his hands together. "You love me, and I know that…I've always known that. But…I have a husband now." Those beautiful amber eyes rose as his fingers skimmed across the wedding band on his finger. "And…I have a child with the man I love on the way."

"You are…" Luciano's voice faded away.

"Pregnant? Yes. I was scared at first but I know I will love it, but never in the way you love me." Phoenix stepped forward so they were closer together. "You should be happy. The baby will have no mother, two fathers."

Icy eyes widened slightly before narrowing. "What are you saying?"

His son sighed, running a hand through his hair. "When you forced me for that vision I lied to you. I saw you, in the past, abused by your own mother until Mrs Jeeves – Clio – came along and you killed your own mother. That is why I know my own mother is dead, whether she has been dead from the start or some other time…you were afraid she would hurt me."

Luciano was shaking with repressed emotion. He snarled, suddenly spinning around so his back was facing the younger male. "You know nothing."

Phoenix placed a hand on his father's back. "All you wanted to do is protect me but you must know I can't have my child growing up in a world where he or she is in danger of you."

"Will you not join me?"

"I'm afraid not."

Luciano sighed deeply, his whole body sagging. "Then I want you to end this. I am addicted to this power and I will not stop. This needs to end. Without you by my side…there is nothing I fight for."

Phoenix swallowed again, breathing through his nose. He knew. He knew that would be his father's answer and apparently his father did too.

"Just order me to drink the poison on the desk. I have control over the minds of my followers and most of them will come to their senses afterwards. However, some of them have joined of their own free will."

"What about the attack on the Seer colony?"

"I called it off. Once going into your mind I could see the recent vision."

Phoenix nodded, removing his hand from his father. He hated using his mind abilities. He knew how addictive they could be, his father a prime example on someone hooked on the surge. Staring at the man's back, he thought back to all the memories he had of his, especially the most recent one.

"Do it," Luciano murmured.

Taking in a deep shuddering breath, Phoenix closed his eyes. Luciano had a strong mind… "Drink the poison on the desk," he ordered strongly, using all of his remaining strength. He was tired and upset by this. Golden amber eyes watched in unmasked horror as his father obeyed, moving swiftly over to the desk and gulping down the liquid. He blocked Demetri out of his mind, needing to be alone for this moment.

Luciano shuddered, the glass falling to the floor. It smashed on the tiles, scattering everywhere. "Phoenix," he rasped.

The teenager moved quickly. He didn't reach him in time; his father falling to the floor with a smack.

"Dad," Phoenix whispered, picking up his head and cradling it in his lap. Tears pricked his eyes as those ice blue eyes blinked rapidly before focusing on his face.

A shaking hand moved up to cup his face. "Forgive me my Phoenix."

The weak voice tore him apart. In that moment Phoenix felt the hot tears well up in eyes, sliding down his face. He forgot everything else, just focusing on the fact that this was his flesh and blood…his father. "I forgive you dad," he sobbed, holding his head close.

The poison was fast acting, intending for a quick but still visibly painful death.

Luciano managed a shaky smile. "Love you…" His eyes faded.

Phoenix sat there, stroking his father's beautiful blonde hair that was a twin to his own. He had killed his own father…but he had unleashed a world free of his evil presence.

"He's cut me off," Demetri suddenly said worriedly.

Byron stared at his father before looking up at Amaraclys. "Phoenix knows what he is doing right?"

His husband's head moved so their eyes joined. Dark eyes showed his worry but something else glimmered there. "Doesn't he always? I think Phoenix may be Luciano's only way to true redemption."

All of a sudden, the crowds of people surrounding them – Luciano's followers – started to moved uncomfortably. One man stepped out of line, shaking his head as his hands came up to grip it tightly. He yelped in pain, falling to his knees.

One by one, then in small clusters the followers fell to their knees, gripping their heads and crying out for help. The Vampires all stood there in silence, staring at the scene with confused eyes.

"What is happening?" Byron asked to no one in particular.

The man who had been the first to fall suddenly scrambled to his feet. "Oh god, what have I done?" He stared at his hands, face a mask of horror, as if seeing something no one else could.

Demetrius stepped back, surprise evident on his face. "Luciano always had control over his followers' minds. It seems that control has been relinquished," he whispered in awe. He quickly moved through the crowd of people, who were beginning to rise.

Some were looking at their hands; some were just sitting there with their eyes glazed over.

He passed them knowing Byron and Amaraclys were following behind. Demetri swung open the door, breath stolen by the scene before him.

Phoenix sat to the side on what looked like glass, head down, sobs shaking his body. His hands clutched his father's head, who looked peaceful in the throes of the never ending slumber. Luciano was dead, his reign over many people over.

"I will make sure no one…no child will be put through what you were," Phoenix murmured throatily, stroking a soft plane of his father's cheek.

It was odd.

Byron stood there not knowing what to think. His best friend was holding the dead body of the man who had beaten him to a pulp and kept him prisoner. But the scene moved him. He had no idea how much Phoenix remembered of the man he had to call Master but it seemed as though he had forgiven him. Something about Phoenix had changed when he recovered from his last vision and the memory Luciano had conjured up inside of him. The blonde boy had told no one of what the memory was, just saying it was personal.

He watched as his father knelt in the shattered glass, wrapping his arms around his crying mate.

"I had to do this Demetri…don't ever hate me."

Demetrius placed his head a slender shoulder of his mate. "I know my Phoenix. I could never hate you."

Hands suddenly pushed at Amaraclys and Byron, two women running through.

Mrs Jeeves and Cassie gasped in unison when they saw Luciano dead in the Seer's arms. The two Vampire mates grabbed them before they could hurt Phoenix.

Amaraclys bared his teeth, twisting Mrs Jeeves arms behind her back. "Touch any of them and you will be no better than dead," he hissed, dark eyes gleaming.

Her large body stiffened in his arms. "I knew you were a mistake!" she snapped at Phoenix. "My son was foolish for falling in love with you."

Byron growled deeply, pulling Cassie back as she tried to make a break out. "Try any empath shit on me and you will be my next meal," he warned.

She whimpered, standing stock still.

Phoenix looked up, locking eyes with Mrs Jeeves. His face softened as he wiped away his tears. "You're right. It was a mistake that cost him his life."

"Why you…" she trailed off, her eyes rolling back in her forehead.

Amaraclys pulled a face behind her, licking his lips. A drop of blood ran down Mrs Jeeves neck as she fell to the floor with a loud thump. "Not as tasty as yours my husband," he drawled, running his eyes over Byron hungrily.

The blonde teenager couldn't help the smile that touched his lips. He watched as Cassie's eyes grew wide with fear, chest heaving with the sheer amount of terror inside her. Leaning against his mate, he took in the warmth and love.

"I should hope not," Byron replied haughtily. He shot an answering hungry look back at his lover. "I doubt this one would be much of a meal, never had a sweet tooth for traitors."

Amaraclys gracefully stepped over the oaf of a woman at his feet, moving behind Byron. He could smell the fear from the teenage girl, tainting the air. His hands moved to his lover's hips, squeezing gently. The small moan was music to his lips.

"Are they…" Phoenix couldn't complete the thought sent to his mate.

"I doubt they will do anything sexual that will make Byron let her go. This is a game for them," Demetri answered back softly. He felt proud of his son for holding this all so well.

"You know my Byron and my faithful student, a traitor to our Clan could fall under our laws of prosecution couldn't they?"

The brunette grinned. "Indeed." He tightened his grip on her wrists, basking in the sweet little whimper she gave out. "However, I am curious. Any Human wouldn't be able to see any Vampire property. How did she get inside ours?"

"My m-mother was a Vampire. She gave birth to me but I wasn't one, only passing on…her ability to me. C-Clio found me and brought me up," Cassie stuttered rapidly. "I-I can see things."

Amaraclys' eyebrows rose at the revelation. "Your fate is in the hands of Phoenix and Byron. You betrayed them both."

Byron sought out beautiful amber eyes. "She is dangerous with the powers. Cassie knew what she was doing, just like Mrs Jeeves."

Phoenix nodded, still cradling his father's head. "I know. It can…be addictive." He tugged on the bond connecting him to her mind. Once inside, he quickly roamed over her mind. Plans of escape and most disturbingly his death soon swung his mind. "Her mind is evil." Phoenix studied her before continuing slowly, "Our Clan laws say that any outsider that targets a member of the Clan with an act of violence or evil intent is sent to the cells for a lifetime behind bars or death."

Her eyes widened even more. "No," she cried out.

A woman walked through the door. "My lord, the Government are on their way."

Amaraclys nodded. "We shall take these women back to our Clan. They will answer to our laws."

More Vampires came in and were ordered to take Cassie and Clio back to the Clan and kept in the cells. Apparently people were going mad in the entrance hall. The screaming and crying pouring through the doorway confirmed that.

Byron finally wrapped arms around his husband, placing his head on his chest. "I love you," he said softly.

Amaraclys smiled down at him, dark eyes glittering. "I love you too," the leader replied, drawing his lover in for a greedy kiss.

Phoenix's smile widened, looking up at Demetri. Silver eyes met with his, an answering smile on his own face. "It's over," the blonde whispered.

And everything was perfect.

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