Author's note: This is some of my writing circa 1999-2000. I was 6/7 years old I believe. There are many more where these came from. All of the painful spelling and grammar mistakes were made by yours truly. Some stories are fiction, some are nonfiction. Most of them make no sense. I just typed out what I could make out of my chicken scratch handwriting for your enjoyment. I was crying from laughing so hard. Thank goodness I don't write like this now...

Me and my family were going to my cabin. We rowd up and Down mowntens. There were more trees then water. It was Boring Just seteing the'r. I'm Lukey we do not have to spend the nite in the car. We go to the stors to bay things. I see te-pees on the way. One time me and my family saw a bare a little clows from the Lake. Thare is a Ded-end at my cabin. And also a cleft. The Lake is a good fising place. We have good mowtens to climb. One time me, Sam, and Grandma fownd some yuky stuff. The thing is the up stars has tow matreses and that is all. No frenecher, No more rooms. The bake yard has: rokes, wood, threes and plants. They fall on top of each other. We only sped one nite at the cabin. I whish two nites. One time my Dad, me, and Sam, climd a mowton. We fowd part of a camp fier there. We Looked Down and saw Mommy in the cabin.

I was in the car wating for my mom to get out of the stor. At last we were in Denver. At home at last. I ran to my frend, "Jillen's" house. I rag the bell, I herd Jellins voce say "come in" I onend the door, sapise! All my frends were tare, Scott, Viki and some more were thar. Jillen standed on a chair with the pink dress that I gave to her, on. I ran howm. I had the same dress as her. And I put it on. But then I ran to Jillien's hous. When I opened the door evry-one stared at me. Then everyone yelled "sapise!" This time a shin was on the all it seiad, "Wellcom home". Then her mom seaid "keep it down girls!" We all played spen the bottle. And played in Jillien's baby brother Alex'es room. But at the End of the party Jellien seaid, "you're my bestest frend". Now I'm 17 years old. I never saw Jellien agen.

It is hard to thingk wen a Bird dies. You cant stop crying. I am vary sad. Birds die. Like us.

I like zebras. I have asafrx stamp cite [a/n: what?] It is fun. Zebras are my favorit zoo Amanl. I have lots of favrit anamls. But the zoo is rilly good. I like thagksgiveing. On thagksgiveing O get tp tay Evreoens shos up in nots. So they trip win they walk.

Danika and I wer swing on trees. A tigr was after us. We junpt off and ran too the vins. And then a hrd of elofints war running around us. We ran faster to a tree hows. Then a mugky. Was after us.

Aleesha was nine. (and smart.) Also Sukie was 8. She can't say the "u" sound. "Aleesha? Aleesha?" cride Steffuny. "Steffuny? Steffuny? Cride Aleesha. Soon they head echother. Aleesha diged throu the weat that smelled sooth and crisp. Finly it stoped. She sow Steffuny. "It's you!" crid Steffuny. "Dosen't that weat smell crisp?. "Yes!' lets get some for mama." "We can make genger!" said a voes that souded fumilier. It was Sukie (she can hear yells.) "Wate?" qeschend Sukie. "I'm staring at you. Drip, drop, All the rain fell down.

Snow is fluffy,

Snow is clear,

Snow is cold,

But soft,

Like lether in the sky,

Blue toes of children,

Stokings wet,

Snow drifint in my hiar,

Fuzzy mittens on me,

Fierplaces jumping,

But we're always together.