Hiya! Umm...its Sparkalie here. A Very Fluffy Day is a story about...well...a fluffy day. Our main character is Ceri Renae.


One-Shot, Fluffy, Totally Impossible, Stuff-that-only-happens-in-dreams...you get the picture...

If you do not like fluff this is not your type of story...but read it anyway..hehe!

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by: Sparkalie

C—Caleb!? Wha—?

Hush, Ceri, don't worry. I'm here.

B—but why?

Because I love you, Ceri Ranae, I love you with all my heart and soul.

This…this has to be a dream!

I'm going to kiss you, Ceri Renae…

"Ceri! Ceri! Wake up, the teacher's looking at you!"


My eyes blinked blearily open. I stifled a yawn and glanced at my friend and seatmate, Elin Faye, my eyebrows raised in an obvious question. She discreetly pointed to the front of the classroom, my eyes followed her finger and landed on the glaring face of our professor, Sir Benjamin Wilkins.

"Would you care to tell the class the answer to this equation?" he asked, frowning at me.

No I would not, Professor I-got-a-stick-up-something-not-for-sticking-up.

"The answer is 1.23658 times ten to the negative power of fifteen, sir." I said respectfully.

"Hmmm…it seems that you got it correctly. Which is surprising considering the amount of attention you devote to my class, Ms. Ranae."

He was about to start on a full-blown lecture when the bell rang, saving me from a tongue-lashing. All at once the sleepy-eyed students hurriedly stuffed their books in their bags and ran for the door.

"Read chapter seventeen!" bellowed the professor, "And answer page 261!"

"Come on Elin." I muttered to my friend.

We picked up our bags and left the room. It was lunch break so Elin and I headed for the cafeteria.

My name is Ceri Ranae. I'm sixteen years old and a junior in Sommersest High School. I'm a half and half. My dad's American and my mom was an Asian but she died when I was a kid. Dad says I take after mom, that she's the reason my hair's as dark as midnight and silky straight. I got my eyes from dad. They're green, as in green of the evergreen forests. Some people go out of their way and say they look like emeralds. I know that I look exotic with my hair and eyes. I know that people find me attractive or even beautiful. What I don't get is that even though I'm sixteen, pretty and clearly available…I have never been kissed.

I have never been kissed…I have never been in a relationship…and I'm sixteen!

"Hey Ceri! Get your head out of the clouds!"

"Sorry Elin. What were you saying?"

My blue-eyed friend gave me an exasperated look.

"I was asking if you're really going to get the Mystery Meatloaf."

I glanced down at my hand and my eyes widened when I saw what I was holding. The 'Mystery' Meatloaf always looked completely disgusting and those foolish enough to partake of it couldn't agree on what it was made of. Hence the 'Mystery.'

"Eww!" I exclaimed, putting the dish down quickly.

"Thought not."

I rolled my eyes as I selected a harmless-looking salad. Salad was safe…at least it was now. Last year there were worms in the lettuce. Bleh.

Elin and I paid for out food then found an empty table. We began to eat and in between bites of her chicken katsudon, Elin told me all about her latest boyfriend.

Elin was a blonde, blue-eyed beauty…and she had brains. All the boys in school wanted to be her boyfriend. All the girls alternated between loving her for being so blessedly perfect and hating her for stealing all the boys.

It was a bit strange for a love-life-less girl to be best friends with the prima Dona but Elin and I go way back…before she became the hottest girl in school.

"Hey Ceri, do you still like that Caleb guy?"

"Yeah, why?"

Elin's eyes had gone wide, "Because he's walking right towards us."

Trying to be casual I glanced over my shoulder…and there he was, Caleb Arlais, heartthrob and my crush since first year, walking towards my table.

Caleb Arlais had yellow hair and dazzling gold eyes. He had a finely chiseled face and a grin that could give fan girls heart attacks. He was tall and proud of it, carrying himself with his head high. Caleb Arlais was handsome but he was also kind and smart. It wasn't a surprise that most of the girls at school was crushing on him…myself included!

I turned to look at Elin again. I asked her with my eyes…Are you dating him? Elin gave a barely noticeable shake of her head.

I think he wants to talk to you, she mouthed to me.

Talk to me? Impossible! No guy ever notices me! I thought.

But maybe Elin was right…Caleb was coming closer…till finally he stopped right behind my chair…

"Hey gorgeous."

I blinked.

I craned my neck around to see a pain of golden eyes gazing down at me.

I gulped.

"You talking to me?"

The words slipped out of my mouth almost before I could comprehend them.

"Whom else would I be talking to?" he asked me in that sweet, honeyed voice of his.

I almost fainted.

Without looking I was sure that Elin's eyes were as wide as saucers. I prayed to what ever god that was out there that mine weren't in the same condition.

My heart almost stopped when Caleb leaned down so that his mouth was near my ear.

He whispered, "I love your huge green eyes."

"You do?" I asked, my voice turning squeaky form apprehension.

He chuckled…but it didn't seem like he was making fun of me.

"Sure I do." He told me, "Now listen carefully, I've been a coward, waiting this long before approaching you, but now I want the whole world to know…"

He hesitated as if unsure how to word his feelings.

"…That I love you Ceri Renae."

All I could do was sit there in shock.

"I know you're a little shocked right now Ceri…but don't worry. I'm telling the truth."

Even in my half-dazed state I could hear the sincerity in his words, see it in his eyes.

"I'll leave you to digest this now and, Ceri, I hope that you and I can get to know each other more."

He took my hand and raised to his lips.

"See you later, my love."

With that he let go of my hand and left.

I sat there, staring after him.

Caleb Arlais liked me! He likes me! OMG! This has got to be a dream!

"Ceri! Snap out of it!"

Elin's voice snapped me out of my daydreams.

"Did what I think just happened, really happen?" I asked, my voice a bit shaky.

"Either it did or we're having the exact same dream." Elin said.

"Oh, Elin! Caleb likes me! He said so!" I squealed.

Elin nodded. I looked closely at her. She had her worried face on. That was not a good sign.

"Aren't you happy for me Elin?" I asked.

"Yeah I am, Ceri." Elin told me, "I'm just worried, is all."

"About what?"

"Well…you know that some girls say that Caleb is a playboy."


"Uh…I'm just not so sure that he really feels the way he says he feels about you."

I started. That was a bit surprising.

"Are you saying that he might have lied to me?" I asked.

I heard my voice rising towards the end of my question but I didn't care.

"I'm not saying that!" Elin protested, "I just don't want to see you hurt!"

I relaxed. Of course Elin would feel like that about me. She nearly castrated the last guy who made me cry.

"I'm sorry." I said, "I didn't mean to accuse you."

Elin smiled and reached out to pat my hand.

"No offense taken." She said.

I smiled at her. Elin was my bestest best friend. And I will kill the first person who tells me that 'bestest' isn't a word.

"Come on," she said, getting up, "Or we'll be late of English Lit."

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

The next time I saw Caleb was in History. Elin and I were seatmates. It was one of the few classes I had with Caleb. Normally he stayed at the back with his friends but today, wonder of wonders, he slid into the seat beside mine.

Elin and I exchanged disbelieving glances.

"Hey Ceri." He said.

"Hi." I replied.

Hi? Hi? That was just so geeky! I could die right now.

"So…did you think about what I told you?"

I nodded.

I was about to tell him that I liked him too when the History teacher, Ms. Dorian Gaenor, walked in.

She started the lesson immediately so I wasn't able to speak to Caleb.

A sudden movement caught my eye and suddenly a small, folded up piece of paper landed on my desk. I unfolded it and inside was written a single word in Caleb's writing…

So? He had written.

I looked at Elin, my eyes pleading for help. She mimed writing back to him. So I did.

'I did think about what you said…but forgive me for asking why you're suddenly so interested in me.'

It's not suddenly. I've been more than interested in you since first year. He wrote back.

'I find that hard to believe.' I told him on the paper.

It's the truth. I admit it. I was a coward. You're so beautiful and you seemed like you were so sure of yourself…like you didn't need someone like me…that I was afraid to confess my feelings.

'For almost three years?'

Yes. I'm happy now that I have the courage to tell you.

'But…why me? Lots of girls would kill to be with you. Boys seem to avoid me.'

That's partially my fault. You see, the guys knew that I liked you so they stayed clear from you. Even when I couldn't confess I was really jealous. I always hated anyone who dared to try to get close to you.

How dare he!

I was shocked. If what Caleb was saying was true then that meant that nothing was wrong with me…that boys did in fact like me but was too respectful of Caleb to ask me out!

But still…dream boy or not Caleb had no right to do that. Which meant I could give him a tongue-lashing.

'You did WHAT?' I wrote, 'I spent most of my high school life thinking something was wrong with me because you…you told all the boys to stay away from me?'

What's so wrong about that? I loved you, Ceri. The first time I saw you I fell in love. I couldn't stand the idea of you being with someone else. Please forgive me. I promise to make it up to you.

'I always thought you were nice but now I'm not so sure.'

I peeked at him to see his reaction at what I wrote. A pained expression crossed him face when he read it.

Regret pierced my heart. I loved Caleb and now that he was saying that he returned my feelings, I was stomping on them.

I bit my lip, wondering what I should do to redeem myself.

I was a bit surprised when the note came back to me.

You have all the right to hate me. I understand if you never want to see me again. I just wanted you to know how I feel about you.

I felt bad, I was being mean and he was being so nice to me!

'I don't hate you. I was just surprised. I'm happy to know that you like me.'

His face lit up the moment he read my answer.

"May I know what is on that paper, Mr. Arlais?"

I gulped. Ms. Dorian was notoriously strict when it came to note passing.

"Just my notes." Caleb said innocently, holding up a paper that looked identical to the one he and I had been writing on.

"Let me see."

Caleb meekly handed her the sheet of paper.

The hag from hell scanned the paper and frowned.

"Is something the matter, Ms. Dorian?" I asked.

"No…no…it seems to be in order." She said, "Hmm…it seems I was mistaken in assuming that you were passing notes, Mr. Arlais. I apologize."

"No need to Ms. Dorian." Caleb said.

Ms. Dorian nodded once, turned her heel and went back to the black board to resume her lecture.

She's a hag isn't she?

I nearly laughed out loud. Not a minute passed since Ms. Dorian had nearly caught us passing notes and he was at it again!

'From hell' I wrote back.

Ha ha ha I have something to ask you. Later, after class.

'Why not now?'

It's personal. I don't want to ask it on paper. Now you better copy some notes or Ms. Hag from Hell will have your hide.

'Why don't you just let me copy yours?'

Ha ha You're welcome to them anytime, princess.

The rest of the class went fairly uneventful. When the class ended. Caleb drew me to one side.

"Meet me after school. I'll wait for you at your locker, is that alright?"

I nodded.

"See you later then, sweet thing."

When he left I turned to Elin. My eyes were wide and sparkling.

"Well?" I asked.

"I think he really means it." Elin said.

"Oh my gosh! I feel like I'm dreaming!"

"Let me see that paper!" Elin squealed.

I solemnly handed it to her.

She took it. I watched her eyes dart back and forth across the page. Her eyes widened.

"I think he really means it." Elin said.

"You said that already!" I accused.

"I know! And its true! I can not believe this."

"Neither can I!"

"So are you going to meet him?"


Elin scowled.

"Don't play dumb! I was right beside you! I heard him. So are you going to meet him?"

"I…I don't know."

"WHAT?" Elin screeched, "This is your first time ever to have someone confess to you…and he's no less that Caleb Arlais, the hottest guy in town, and you're chickening out?"

"What did you expect?" I exclaimed, "I'm not like you! I don't know what to do, how to act…what if I do something wrong?"

Elin hugged me.

"Don't worry girl. You'll be fine. Just follow your heart." She advised me, "Nothing will go wrong."

"You sure?"

"Of course I'm not sure!" Elin said.


She grinned at me, "Love is something that is never stable. It fluctuates all the time. One moment you're in heaven, the next you're in hell. This is your first time so make the most of it. But don't throw it all away just because Caleb is hot. You'll know if he's the one for you."

"But…I don't know anything about love." I worried, "I don't know the rules or…"

"Look," Elin interrupted, "You want rules?"

I nodded eagerly.

"Okay here, I'll give them to you."

"Oh thanks so much, Elin!"

"Listen carefully. Rule Number 1: Never kiss when you're not committed."

I nodded, eager to soak up my friend's knowledge.

"Rule Number 2: Never expect, just hope."

I nodded again.

"Rule Number 3: Never love a taken person."

"Caleb's not taken right?"

"No he's not."

"Oh okay. Whew."

"Ready for the next one?"

I nodded.

"Rule Number 4: Never fall for a friend."

She stopped.

"Did you get all that?"

"Uh-huh. Never kiss when you're not committed. Hope, don't expect. Never love a taken person. Don't fall for a friend. Is that all?"

"There's the last one…the most important one."

"What is it?"

"Rule Number 5: Then realize that in love…there are NO rules!"

I blinked.


She shrugged.

"You asked me. There really are no rules in love. People kiss even when they're not committed. People expect as well as hope. People love taken people. People fall for their friends…there really is no guideline for people to follow when it comes to loving someone."

"Gee, thanks a lot."

"I mean it, Ceri. You'll understand it in time."

I sighed.

"I know, I know. Thanks anyway."

She grinned at me, "Now we better hightail it to our classes or we'll be late!"

"Will you be there with me later?"

"I'll go there with you but what ever Caleb has to say to you is probably private."

"Just be there, please!"

"Sure, okay."

"Thanks! See you later!"


Elin and I parted ways. My last subject was Creative Writing. Normally I enjoyed this subject but I couldn't concentrate. My mind kept on wandering back to my conversations with Caleb.

Images of him kept floating in my head.

Are you thinking of me too? I asked him silently.

I could barely wait for the bell to ring. My nerves were stretched so thin that when it finally rang I nearly jumped out of my skin.

"Write a poem for your homework!" my teacher called out.

Cool. Maybe I'll write a love poem. I certainly have enough motivation to do so. Maybe, if it's nice enough, I can show it to Caleb. I wonder if he'll like it.

In a daze I packed my bag and headed for my locker. Halfway there I was intercepted my Elin.

"Excited?" she asked.

I just stared at her.

"Ceri!" she whined, "Don't faze out on me now! You're meeting with Caleb remember?"

I did. That's the reason I'm fazing out right now, can't you see that?



I raised a hand to my cheek. It was stinging. I looked up to see Elin glaring at me.

"Don't ruin this for yourself, Ceri." She told me sternly, "Get a grip."

"You hit me." I said, pouting.

"Sorry. It was the only way."

"It hurt."

"It won't leave a mark. It wasn't that hard a slap anyway. I just needed to get your attention."

"Right. Meeting with Caleb."

I started to walk purposely down the corridor.

"Ceri. Your locker is the other way."

I spun around.

"Right. I knew that."

I heard Elin sigh, oh please Lord help my friend.

I sent my own prayer up too. Please Lord may I not make a fool of myself.

With my heart in my shoes, I made my way to my locker…and Caleb Arlais.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

I stood waiting by my locker. Elin was just around the corner…just in case I came out of this meeting with my heart in pieces and my eyes streaming with tears.

I was so nervous.

This cannot be real.

"Hey, beautiful, waiting for someone?"

I slowly turned around. My long black hair hung loose and when I turned it swirled prettily in an elegant circle. I will admit it. I prettied myself up.

"You should wear your hair like that more often." Caleb said, reaching out to stroke my ebony locks.

"You think so?" I asked, my eyes lowered demurely.

OH MY GOSH! I was flirting! Flirting with Caleb Arlais!


"So…what did you want to ask me?"

Caleb dropped the strand of hair he was playing with. Suddenly his face became serious.

Oh no! He's gonna say he didn't mean what he said! That it was all a joke!

"I told you before that I loved you. I tell you again, face to face…"

He took my face in his hands and gazed into my eyes…

"…That I love you, Ceri Renae. I love you with all my heart and soul."

He hesitated, as if unsure of himself.

"And…I want to ask you…if you…feel the same way about me…"

My mouth formed a small o. I was so shocked.

"This has to be a dream…" I whispered.

Caleb crushed me to his chest. My body molded itself to his. I felt that we were two pieces of a puzzle…perfectly made for each other.

"It's not a dream…" Caleb whispered huskily, "I really do love you…Ceri…do you love me?"

I sensed that this was the moment that I'd been waiting for. My future was hinged on my answer…


Caleb pulled away, but kept his hands on my shoulders. He was smiling so happily. I couldn't help to smile back at him.

I was deliriously happy. Nothing could possible make me happier.

"I'm glad." Caleb said softly, "I was so afraid that you wouldn't return my feelings."

"But of course I do!" I said.

Tears of happiness leaked out of my eyes.

"I've never been so happy in my life!" I told him.

He smiled at me. Oh how I loved his smile.

"I'm going to kiss you, Ceri Ranae…my love…"

Did I just say that I couldn't be happier? Well…I just did.

He leaned towards me, intent on capturing my lips with his. I closed my eyes and waited for his soft lips to touch mine. I could smell his breath…feel his warmth…his lips brushed mine…

Ceri! Ceri! Wake up! You'll be late for school!

My eyes blinked open.


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