Chapter 2: Flashback to a Barbeque

Fourth of July, summer before junior year.

I cross my arms and try to keep the blushing down to a minimum. We're going to Travis' house for the Fourth of July barbeque they always have, and it's usually fun, but there's kind of a problem this time.

"Cam, why are you acting so anxious?" Mom asks, glaring at me when I nervously follow my parents up to the front door.

"I, uh, I'm not anxious," I mutter, jumping from foot to foot and wishing that I didn't have to do this.

The door opens before we get a chance to knock, and I find myself face to face with Travis.

"Hey, Cam-Cam!" he exclaims, pulling me into a one-armed hug that sends me into a reeling mess of nerves and one killer blush. "Happy Fourth of July, AKA the American excuse to eat meat and chips and set off fireworks."

"Uh, y-you too," I squeak, following him through the house and into the backyard. His younger sister Hannah, who's fresh out of eighth grade, waves shyly at me.

"Hi, Cam!" she exclaims. "How's your summer going?"

Travis groans and tugs on my sleeve, trying to get me to leave his sister hanging.

I decide to be polite and reply, "Um, it's fine, thanks."

"I'm super excited that I'll be going to the same school as you," she continues, following us out to the barbeque. "I'll get to see you all the time." Her smile shifts from innocent to almost suggestive. Ew.

I shudder, because I'm totally uninterested in her, and I instead mumble, "Uh, yeah. Sure. Maybe. Bye!"

Travis laughs and slings his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close and snatching a hot dog off of a plate his dad offers. I fidget uncomfortably next to Travis while he takes a vicious bite of the processed meat.

"Want some?" he asks through a mouthful, waving it at me. I shake my head.

"Not hungry."

He shrugs in a "your problem" sort of way and finishes off the hot dog.

"Wanna go swimming?" he suggests, waving at the pool. A few little kids, mostly relatives of his, are in the shallow end, so it's thankfully rather empty. Mostly, people are milling around and eating and talking and laughing. Everyone looks so relaxed and happy. I just feel tense and nervous. Opposites! I'm the antithesis of everyone here!

"S-sure," I mutter. Luckily, I'm wearing my swim trunks already, and so is Travis, so we don't have to go through the awkwardness of going in the house- alone- to change. Because knowing him, he'd start making perverted comments and try to take off my shorts himself or something. The thought of that just...makes me really, really, really uncomfortable.

I used to be okay around him. Even when I realized I liked him a little...well, it wasn't that bad, because I thought it would pass. I thought I was infatuated with him because I'm so comfortable around him and he makes me feel safe.

I never thought that I'd grow to like him this much. Or maybe even...well, want him. Because he's fucking hot, with his silky light brown hair and dark blue eyes and his body...oh, drool. His body.


So, naturally, being half-naked around him is not going to be fun.

I sigh and sit down on the edge of the pool, slipping off my shirt and wrapping my arms around my middle while I wait for him to take off his shirt and jump in. He does so, standing on the edge and stepping off so that he goes plummeting into the water. It splashes me a little, and I splutter.

"Come on, Cam," he whines, wading over to stand in front of me. My breath hitches when his chest brushes up against my legs. His hands circle my wrists, and he tries to pull me in. "Get in."

"Do I have to?" I whine. "Is it cold?"

"It's fine," he sighs, rolling his eyes. His warm hands drift to my hips, and I barely have time to blush before he gives a sharp tug and pulls me in. I go falling into the water. My hands shoot out to brace myself, and I wind up grabbing his arms and landing against his chest.

"Wow, Cam," Travis says with a smirk. "If you wanted me that badly, you should have just said something.

My face flames up as I yank away from him. "Shut up."

Swimming with my hot best friend has a pretty bleak outlook so far.

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