Chapter 9: Somebunny

"That's adorable."

Travis looks at the shirt with distaste, his freckled nose wrinkled. "'Somebunny loves me'? That's weird."

The purple T-shirt seems to get a little less bright when Travis criticizes it. I knew shirts had feelings. I knew it.

"How can you not think it's cute?" I protest. "It's like that book with the rabbits that are like 'I love you this much! Well, I love you this much!' And they, like, compete with how much they love each other."

Travis moves his incredulous gaze from the shirt over to me. "You're joking, right? You've read this thing?"

"It was a kid's book!" I whine. "There were, like, ten pages! It was cute!"

"Cam, you must have been gay from a very young age and you just didn't realize it." Travis slides his hand into mine and tries to pull me away from the shirt.

I kiss his cheek and ignore his glare. He's not into the cutesy PDA. He'll make out with me in public, but if I want to kiss his cheek I might as well just sign my own death certificate.

"You know you love me," I say sweetly, swinging our hands between us as we walk out of the store. "I know somebunny loves me."

Travis rolls his eyes and tilts my chin so he can kiss me gently. "I think that somebunny is me. Do you want me to go back and get you the shirt?"

"Please. I don't need a shirt to prove that you love me. That's what my bed is for." I wink and clasp my hands behind his neck, kissing him again.

"Are you suggesting something?" he asks when I pull back, his voice a little heavy. "Because it sure as hell sounds suggestive to me."

"What, my bed? I meant cuddling." I step away from him and tug him towards the mall exit.

"Cuddling? Please." He pauses and then smirks. "Well, maybe cuddling naked..."

"We could still cuddle naked without doing...whatever's on your mind." I smile deviously and fish around for my car keys. My new car- a very well-worn Altima- flashes its dim lights at me when I press the unlock key.

"How about cuddling naked, minus the cuddling and adding lube?" Travis supplies, looking way too hopeful.

My mind starts to conjure up images of that type of cuddling, and yeah, it sounds pretty tempting.

"Fine. Can I top?"

"Hell no."


Travis smirks. "Hardly. Besides, you like making me do all the work."

"Fair enough."

A/N: I just mega big time failed at writing Cam's POV for sequel to TBGD, so I decided to delete that chapter and get back to my roots with a little bit of Duet :D Sorry I haven't updated since, uh, September. Shit happens. I can't really express how sorry I am without using all caps, which I don't feel like doing.

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