Just attempting to do the YAWP assignment most of my friends got to do. YAWP is an abbreviation for the Young Adult Writing Program based at Arizona State University that I didn't get to go to because of my unexpected move across the country. The assignment seemed interesting from what I saw from my friends. :) Hope you guys don't mind me taking an amateurish stab at it.

Vague themes/guidlines...

- Place

- People/Person

- Event/Experience

- Food

- Beauty

- Sorrow

- Joy

I am from the eternal cycle

Which continues to revolve at astounding speeds

Even without me

Yet I continue, I strive on

My hopeful significance

I am from the lion's heart and roar

Which continues to reverberate within my being

With no golden mane

Yet I continue, I shine on

My hopeful incandescence

I am from the wisdom collected

Which continues to grow and flourish with events

Enlightening me

So I continue, I see on

My hopeful encouragement

I am from the special recipe

Which continues to pacify wayward souls

Remedying scars

So I continue, I soothe on

My hopeful ingredient

I am from the untamed melody

Which continues to vocalize secretively

Stirring a passion

Then I continue, I sing on

My hopeful aspirations

I am from the unbearable loss

Which continues to carve a sad abysmal path

Leading to darkness

Then I continue, I sigh on

My hopeful mutilations

I am from the unwavering truth

Which continues to exist, in darkness and light

Forever standing

And we continue, we strive on

Our hopeful future selves

Oh, that wasn't as good as I thought it would be...

I'll post this one up for now and post a better one after I've rested.

Enjoy (for now)!

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