Her rasping voice may have been part of the reason I stopped, but what really caught my attention as I passed by her were her words.

"...Everybody is capable of doing anything, under the right circumstances. Some are born with the ability, the cruelty, to do anything, while others gain the ability through their surroundings. It's just best to let the lion sleep, once it's woken, it'll never be the same."

I clenched my teeth as I stopped and a sudden rush of nauseating dizziness overcame me. With difficulty, I slowly lifted my head to see the old women, now to my right, stare at me mysteriously. A steady stream of people brushed past me when suddenly, within the space of one passerby, she was right next to me.

"You cannot, must not, forget what you did. It's your burden to carry, child. Never forget...there are those who know as well as I, and who have an even greater memory. You have been marked."

I gasped and snapped my head to look straight into her eyes only to see air.

I shook as I remembered what had conspired that disastrous hour, what I had turned into, what I had done.

Wrapping my arms around myself, I muttered nonsensically as I toddled down the street, "...I had to...he said...I couldn't one was...she promised...I know...I had to..."

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