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Summary- Leon Blake was a jerk. Why can't he just give up on me? I mean he is a clean cut "gentleman" who is clearly rich. Sad that he is also delusional because he thinks that I am his soul mate. Emphasis on the mate.

Female Main- Ashlyn Cressent Paine

Male Main- Leonardo "Leon" Daneal Blake

Leon's P.O.V.

I believe that we all know the story of the Beauty and the Beast.

A spoiled boy turns beast. Gets lonely. Sees a man steal a flower or stays in a house depending on the story. Beast demands payment. Thief had no one except beautiful daughter as payment. Girl hates beast as beast falls in love. Girl slowly falls in love when a hopeless romantic from town tries to save the girl. Said boy almost kills beast. Girl weeps while professing her love to the beast. Beast changes back to boy and they live happily ever after. The end. Big whoop.

I used to hate that and every version of that story. You see that story with the beast is completely false. There is no such thing as a 7 foot tall animal. It can't talk. It can't walk upright. It can't exist. However something much worse does.

I come from a long line of beasts. Although not the ones you're thinking of. These beasts I come from are the hairy kind. These beasts are the worst kind. They are almost bloodless. They look for the one who can help them fight the soulless monster inside. They look for their Beauty. They will look for all eternity for this one girl.

A Beauty is something -no, that's not right- a Beauty is everything that we are not. She is kind, and will do everything in her power to see that something is done right. She is the kindest person in the world yet she will suffer throughout her entire life. That is, until her mate claims her. Then her life will go from hell to the best it could possibly be.

I, like the generations before me, am a werewolf. I hunt at night looking for my Beauty and in the day maintain my playboy status. But I do not need to. Vampires and Loupes have been around for ages. The names are always different but it does not change the type of creature that they are. But, all of us creatures have only two things in common. We all seek our mates. The second is that only the males of every species are affected.

In my family we have over 10 generations of beasts. Each one has survived over hundreds of years just to find her. The males in my family tried to find their Beauties but failed. I am the last in the aristocrat line with this curse after my king, Seosamh found his queen, Lilyan.

I have a little sister named Eve and she has married a fellow aristocrat named Mickel. She often sets me up to go on blind dates with my potential Beauty. I visit her family when they invite me but I do not do it often because I do not like the feeling of complete loneliness after leaving them.

I don't need the full moon to change into my other half. This is only because my wolf side takes over to find her. Every night. Until I find my mate, my body does not need sleep. It is only when a mate is found that a Loupe's body can finally have the vulnerability to sleep.

Elders have said that the vulnerability comes because the wolf inside has finally found someone to trust in. It is said that when a Beauty is found, the instinct of a Loup is compromised. That the need to go out and transform every night is diminished. That the constant battle between a wolf and the human body for the flesh and blood of prey is halted.

We were raised to believe that if only we found our beauty, this tortuous war in us would stop. It is only later that we learned to truth. When the most basic needs of the wolf within stops, two more dangerous ones rise. The need to protect and claim. If the Beauty is not claimed, then every male in the vicinity is in danger. They are in danger because during the time that the Beauty is unclaimed, the want to eliminate any opponent for the Beauty's love rises until the point-of-no-return occurs.

Throughout the night, we fight against ourselves to hunt any type of prey. While hunting for any sign of our mate, the wolf in us tries to take over and hunt for food. The only time that we do not need to fight ourselves is when the full moon is out. You see, it is not we who find our mates. It is the wolf inside of us that does. For two days, the wolf rules us. They hunt day and night to find the scent of their mate. When they find it, they track it down.

When she is found, the wolf goes into predatory mode. For the next month to a year, they stalk their mate. They memorize their regular patterns. Watch for the things they love to do. Although the male is in wolf form during the entire time, he still controls what the wolf does. When the male sees something that displeases him, most often because of what had been done to their Beauty, the wolf wants to dispose of that particular annoyance. The human side must fight to stop whatever the wolf was planning to do to the object of hate.

The reason that the werewolf can stay in wolf form from anywhere from one month to a year is due to the males surrounding her. If there is little competition, one year is taken to observe the girl. If competition surrounds her, then one month maximum is used to watch how she reacts around them. When the male finally transforms back into human form, he immediately goes to their mate and tries to form a relationship. He then uses whatever he learned while watching her to further the relationship as far as it could go. Unfortunately, because the Beauties always have had a hard life, they are naturally suspicious. This makes it difficult for the male to get her to trust him. That is when the point-of-no-return comes into play.

I am looking for my beauty. I will do anything for her. I have nothing else to do. And nothing else I want to do. Funny, I'm just like any other male wolf. Yet any of them treat me differently. They do this because I am the second-in-command to the empire that my king rules. Seosamh is the C.E.O. of Federal Corporate Affairs. But in the supernatural world, he is the leader of the Fanged Creatures Alliance. It is a treaty between all paranormal creatures and he is their representative in the human world.


I'm standing in a field. Mutilated bodies and blood oozing from vicious wounds surrounded the war zone. This disaster stretches for miles in every direction. There is no hope for what is the rest of the enemy. That is, once the wolf takes over within the last standing of the men in my squadron. The war had been going on for a little over 5 months. It had all started when Seosamh Sullivan's mate, Lilyan Channing was Claim Challenged. A Claim Challenge is very rare. It is so rare because the human female must be unclaimed and yet cause blood to flow on a male that was not her own.

This disaster and all of these deaths was the result of fighting his Beauty's when her stalker, Peter James, had kidnapped her. By the time we finally showed up to save her, she nearly died from blood loss. Peter had tied her to a pole and, using a reinforced knife, cut her multiple times. The reason behind the torture was to get her to swear allegiance to him.

When Peter had made the first cut, Seosamh was filled with rage. He quickly called all of the warriors that had finally grown tired of Peter. The time the secret attack was and were it was to take place was chosen. Little did we know that we had a double agent in our ranks. Although we did not have a surprise attack, we still won the battle.

My king walked towards me carrying an unconscious Lilyan in his arms.

"Leon. Thank you for all you have done," His eyes never left Lilyan's face, "I know it took a lot to arrange all of the bloodlust filled vampires, shape-shifters, and Loupes into squadrons."

"Anything for you and your family, my lord. How is the Queen doing?"

"When Peter had her working as his personal slave, she was constantly in torment," as he growled, his eyes flashed red, "But now that she will never leave my side, she is better."

Seosamh sighed, finally calming down now that he had his mate in his arms. "Leon, you are a good werewolf. Your curse, it may not be demolished soon, but it was be destroyed." He then turned and walked away his life in his arms.

I pass all of the remaining men I passed bowed, unknowingly to me. I climbed the hill directly facing the battle scene. Strangely, no death had come up this hill. As I walked up the steep incline, I passed different kind of flowers that varied to where they grew. By the time I reached the top of the hill, the full moon had risen directly above me.

"You say I am a good Loup. But with the amount of innocents I have killed, I don't deserve to hope." With that, I finally gave in to my body's demands and allowed the change to take place so I could find my Beauty.


200 years have passed since then. But at least once a year that memory comes to me while I'm a wolf. I am in my king's town. He had called for me. After Peter's defeat, Seosamh demolished the slave trade of all living beings. That was one of the many reasons why Peter was hated among us. In our own view, everyone has the right to live. Even the big sacks of meat. We realized that if we did not treat each other with respect, we in turn would be destroyed. Soon however, the humans began to fight amonst themselves and among the other races. We were pushed into hiding.

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