Origins of Nowhere

Chapter 1 "The Beginning"

In a far distant world, perhaps another dimension thrive distinct creatures who roam across a munificent field filled with blood shed where they would fight for sport. Those who were lucky enough to live would stay in the villages even though their rations were limited. They considered themselves blessed for the lives they were given. There were those who protected them: Ichirisutoa. Their role is to restore and therefore die fir their kingdom. This place is known as Alternair. As there is good there is corruption.

"Ahh!" a young girl jumped out of her bed. She was around her teens as she wore the traditional Japanese uniform of junior high. "Ow, that hurt." She got back on her feet and pondered for a bit. Yet again she has received a vision or something that seemed somewhat unnatural. However, this time around was different, but she couldn't figure out what it was exactly. She gently stroked her brown hair to relieve the pain she endured. " It was that dream again," she sighed. It wasn't very long until she felt something out of the ordinary, She relaxed her clenched fist to discover herself holding on to a crystal encrusted egg. The egg flared, heating up like a red-hot coal, scorching her hand. She dropped with a shriek and saw that it had burned a strange marking into her skin.

"What's this?" The insignia of a phoenix wing was became the layout of the inside of her palm. After close inspection, she realized that it seemed familiar to her as if she had seen it from somewhere.

A knock came from the door. "Amaki-oneechan, you better get going or you'll be late for school again." said a girl younger than Amaki herself.

"That's the last time I ever take a nap before school," she said as she frantically left the house distressed.

While on her way, she had to stop at a certain place. She stepped onto the empty field and stood before a gravestone, which brought her deep in thought. Aoi Namida was what was written. Everyday before she went anywhere she would visit the cemetery to say her regards to her lost mother. She was only six when she died an unknown death. Her mother was off to buy Amaki a special surprise when she disappeared. Nothing was left behind but the decaying smell of her bones. It was cleaned off with no skin retained on her flesh. What haunted her the most was that she held great animosity for her that day but could never imagine she would be left dead.

She soon snapped back into reality when she heard her name being called. Oneof her closest friends, Tomoyo, was quickly approaching her. She had short, blond hair that was curled lightly to reach the end of her shoulders.

"What's up?" Tomoyo asked but when she saw the strange expression Amaki had on her face she became concerned, "Uh, what's wrong?"

Amaki glanced at her friend and decided to confide in her, " Oh, I'm just wondering something." She hesitantly answered.

"LIke what?" she asked.

"It's as if I'm in this whole other world."

"That is strange." As they continued, they were completely unaware of someone listening in on their conversation.

"Hi there, Amaki," Tadou said. "Uh, hi," she replied. Amaki was trying to reach the entrance of the school, but unfortunately Tadou blocked the way. He was a year older than the two girls and always had a thing for Amaki since she entered the school as an eight grader. Now, she was a freshman and him a sophomore.

"Speaking of dreams, how about the two of us go on a date this evening, preferably a picnic," He offered hoping that she would accept his invitation.

"Uh, well, you see," she started to say but to her relief the school bell rang signaling all students to report to class. "That's the bell we wouldn't want to be late would we," Amaki ran towards the building leaving a heartbroken Tadou as Tomoyo followed her inside.

As everything appeared normal to the average human, something was amidst them in the vicinity. Throughout the course of the day everything was average. Tests, lunch, and detention was the usual routine for Amaki. She would fail her tests, receive scoldings from her teacher, Ms. Megumi, for not completing her assignments, and attend detention for not participating in class. This was her life and this was how she lived it. The bell had rang and school was dismissed for the remainder of the day. As everyone left Amaki stayed behind in her home room teacher's class for detention. She took her place in her seat, Since her teacher left to attend a conference Amaki was the only person left in the seemingly vacant room,

Amaki dug in her knapsack and carefully brought out the egg not wanting to harm herself once more. She winced in confusion when a drop of water fell on her face. She felt an eerie chill overcome her as she looked to see no one. " It must be nothing." she reassured herself. It wasn't until a nerve racking feeling entered her, that she realized that she was horribly wrong.

Blood spilled out of her right arm. It seeped from a deep cut and dripped slowly yet abundantly on the floor. Pain was all that she could feel at the moment. Her arm felt like it wasn't even there as if it was ripped apart from her body. She slowly took a glance at her pursuer. It had a slender body but teeth like a saber tooth tiger with Amaki's blood dripping from its claw onto the floor. She then shifted her attention to the thing in front of her to even notice that she was losing an excessive amount of blood. "What is that thing?" she muttered.

Inside the classroom, Amaki felt that her life would come to an end after another attack on her leg. She could feel her heart beat faster as it crept closer like a serpent whose about to strike at its prey. She immediately shut her eyes when it leapt for another attack. At that moment the door was blasted open, and a boy woth red hair dressed up in a black cloak with crest of a phoenix at its center.

As he entered the room, Amaki couldn't tell if she was glad that someone was here to help or kill her. "Another Yakikorosu." He raised his hand and positioned it in front of the demon. "Entenkasuto-mu!" A burst if fire shot out of his palm. The intense heat engulfed it until nothing was left behind but ashes. The place was now in ruins with everything scorched black and a gigantic hole in the wall. "That's another one dead."

His attention drifted off to Amaki, who was on the ground wincing in pain from the injuries she sustained. She looked up to see the boy approaching her. She realized what his intentions were when he unsheathed his sword.

"Is this guy really going to kill me?"

It wasn't until he attacked that she found out what he did. Another Yakikorosu appeared with its head split by the stranger's sword. As he picked up the remains and hung it over his shoulder. "I'll dispose of this later." He turned his attention back at the girl and placed a small jar in her hand. "Here, this contains medicine. You can use it to heal your wounds." The stranger moved away from her and left. As he left, all Amaki cold think about was what had happened to her and most importantly the boy she encountered.

"Who was that guy?"