Tales of Alternair
Chapter 2
"The New Exchange Student"

As soon as the sun rose above the horizon Amaki wasted no time getting herself ready for another day of school. She couldn't shake the feeling she felt yesterday. It was as if someone was within her grasp. She was on her usual visit to the cemetery. Being there made her feel uneasy. She would've joined them if it wasn't for him. She sighed as she continued her route to school. When she arrived a group of people, including her class stood in front of the gateway.

"What's going on?" Amaki questioned.

"The police are investigating the classroom."

"Huh, oh it's just you, Tadou."

"Just me?" He said, sounding kind of hurt by the remark.

"Just go on."

"Well the school thinks there's been a murder."

"Murder?" Amaki knew it had something to do with her and that kid.

Tadao nodded. "There's a huge whole in the wall and there's blood everywhere."

"Is that so."

Everyone continued with their daily conversations as if everything was normal until they were interrupted by their teacher. The remaining students returned to their own classes while Ms. Sukizo made her annoouncement. Amaki failed to pay attention thinking it was the usual thing she always said like test scores and normal school announcements, but this time was different. Nothing could of prepared her for what happened next when a familiar face appeared in front of the class.

A boy with red hair stood in front of the group. He was completely out of dress code from the rest of the class. Instead of wearing the standard uniform, he wore a black jacket with denim jeans with a chain wrapped behind the back pocket. Upon seeing him Amaki's eyes widened. Seeing him killing off something that she didn't even think existed was one thing, but she could never imagine him enrolling in the school that she attended.

"Class, I'd like you to meet Ryuu Nozuko."

"T-That's the guy from yesterday. What's he doing here?"

"Oh, and Ryuu we'll be staying outside since."

"It doesn't really concern me." He stated as he walked away. The sudden presence of him passing was enough to send a cold shiver down Amaki's spine. Something about him seemed odd yet familiar to her that she couldn't explain. During the course of the day everything was seemingly normal. A small purple mist emitted from the ground after being crushed by a forceful stomp.

"They're appearing more frequent now." Small residue of the demon still lay dormant on the rocky ground. "But why her? Ryuu stood in front of the soccer field where Amaki and other classmates were participating in physical activity, the demons have been making their move, but instead of aiming for humans they all had one particular interest. "Why Amaki? It's not like she has any athletic ability."

Amaki was in the bushes, a bit far away from the school, after a failed attempt to actually get a hit in with the ball. "Where'd it go?" She bit her lip. She had felt an uneasy presence in the area but shrugged it off. A thrust of pain was sent throughout her body causing her body to turn numb. Gasping for air was inevitable when everything turned black with only the crimson color of blood left in the image.

"No..." Amaki sent out a weak cry. Abrupt images of her mother on the day she died were flickering in her mind. "No!" Her eyes snapped open and the rush of thoughts slowly disappeared. Her surroundings were completely different from that of her school. She was in a large room filled with priceless items and artifacts. You didn't have to think twice to know that it belonged to someone wealthy.

"What on earth happened?"

"So you're awake." An elderly man entered the area. Nothing particular made him stand out besides the traditional garbs he was wearing.

"Where am I, what happened who are y-?

"Pace yourself, you're safe here. You're in my manor in Juniran and you collapsed a little while age. Luckily, my grandson came and brought you back here safely."

Having heard that Ryuu had saved her was a real surprise. It's not that she knew him very well, but that the few encounters she had with him made her feel a bit suspicious.

"Now, may you answer a question for me?"

"Something I can answer for you?" It was unusual for him to ask her that or anyone for that matter. She wasn't the most knowledgeable person around, but she felt that she could trust him. After all, he did welcome her to his home.

"Do you feel anything strange in-?"

"He wants to know if you're an Ichirisutoa." Came a very blunt question that came from no other than Ryuu wearing the same outfit that he wore on that faithful day.

"Ryuu? Has he been here the entire time? I never even noticed him until now."

Amaki lowered her eyes not wanting to gaze at his presence. To her eye all she saw was his grandfather. The image of him just appeared right before her eyes. As if she wasn't allowed to see him until he spoke or maybe until he said that word. Ichirisutoa. Was that what she was? Was that the reason why monsters why trying to kill her. There were so many questions she had to ask them now, but inside she wished she would forget everything that had happened.

"I-I don't know."

Ryuu groaned then exploded with anger. "Ichirisutoa! That's what you are aren't you? That's why demons are pursing you isn't it? Isn't it!"

"I said I don't know!" Amaki dashed for the door and out the manor. All she wanted to know was why this was happening to her of all people. Tears flooded her eyes as she went to the only place she could feel at rest.