The next day everyone at Jefferson High was at mourning. Black was worn everywhere including from Anima who had put on her Black Lolita dress that she had from several months ago, that still surprisingly fit her like a glove.

The death of Maria and Victoria Peluche had a great impact. Even though they had been dubbed as sluts (which was unfortunately indeed true) they were kind people. They had greeted her at her first day at Jefferson and genuinely seemed to care, nor did they judge her. She laughed and shared common interest with them (Maria had always adored The Beatles).

News had spread like wild-fire in the little town of Elkins, West Virginia. It had made many cringe or shiver, and one family tear up. They were found *both* naked in the woods, with cuts and bruises littering their tan skin. It was a horrific sight for a quaint and safe town. Their father had grieved like she saw no other and it made her heart ache. She knew that he and mom were good friends and she wanted to be like a daughter to him (not a replacement). There was a candle lighting that week with everyone who wished to attend. And they did wearing black, and were teary eyed but Anima wasn't ashamed to say that she was one of them

But there was one who didn't wear black, or went to the candle lighting.

It was Daniel Corendice.

He was aloof, happy, care-free and wearing his normal attire (even though it could pass off as mourning clothes, she knew him better and could tell it wasn't).

He rudely ignored Anima this week and she felt hurt and betrayed. He disregarded the death as if it was nothing. He sauntered around with a new pretty girl every week in his arms and seemed as lively as ever.

But Anima knew him better than that.

At first she tried to delude herself.

Maybe he's just upset about the death and this was his way of getting over it…

She knew it wasn't right, but she saw how his violet eyes held such a sadness that she had never seen before she couldn't fathom, or how his straight black hair and fringe grew longer than what it already was, unkempt, disarrayed and layered.

She didn't like it, and she wanted to, hell she needed to comfort him but he pushed her away and it had hurt a great deal. It hurts more to be abused than to be ignored, she bitterly thought.

School wasn't the same for her. Art wasn't the same for her. She wasn't anxious to see Daniel, Patrick or Ms. Whiten. She didn't want to see what new Seniors had come into the class like she did before, when she found out that Daniel was a Senior and that most of the people in the class were too.

Life carried on painfully slow and Anima knew that when she took the long and hurt-filled walk she would get the aching feeling in her chest. She knew that when she got home she would ignore her parents, climb up the stairs and fall on her bed, then curl up into a fetal position. She also knew that she would cry.

Cry for her

Cry for Daniel

Cry for her parents

Cry for Maria and Victoria's family

And then cry for Maria and Victoria Peluche