Author's Note: Mmkay, I posted this here a long time ago, took it down because I was submitting it to something official, and now I can put it back up again because I don't have to worry about getting called out for plagiarism anymore. This blurb is perhaps the only thing I have never wanted to throw away after rereading it. It's sorta based on Gnosticism, which is a really bizarre, hard-to-explain offshoot of Christianity. If you're curious, just look up Saklas in Wikipedia. The subject's rather fascinating.

Wrapped up in your blanket of clouds, you are alone.

You can't touch anything but your own skin. You can't hear anything but the sound of your own breathing. You can't see anything but the appearance of yourself burned into your mind's eye.

Most would probably go mad in such conditions. But not you. Oh no, you like your predicament.

Your thoughts revolve around yourself and of how great you are. How powerful. How the world below you ought to bow at your feet for giving them the breath of life, worthless insects though they are. No one deserves to come near you. They would incinerate the moment they witnessed you in your glory!

That is what you think. Don't lie. Don't try to hide it. You are a fool, a blind fool. You are a false god, a weak monster who seeks to imitate the work of the great ones with your paltry excuse of creation. It's so pathetic it's almost humorous.

Keep thinking that you alone have power. Your denial and your vanity will lead to your downfall in due time.

And we will watch, mocking you as you drown in your arrogance.