Author's Note: All grammatical errors between the quotes are intentional. I was trying to simulate thought without using plain old italics. This is a dedication that's never going to be read by the one who it's dedicated for. Which may or may not be a good thing. Avoid this problem if you can in your life by laying everything out on the table at the right moment. That's the important part. Don't screw up and miss a chance out of fear.

"Does he know that he drives me crazy?"

yes he does that arrogant boy who struts around campus like he owns the place and doesn't want it. with a headphone necklace round his neck he sings a quiet duet with the screaming screaming screaming from his playlist as you strain to hear his whisper when he passes you by in a stream of blue and dark. thing is he isn't singing for you. so stop listening.

"I just like the sound of his voice. What's wrong with —?"

and when you catch his eyes you are the doe caught in the headlights of his speeding car stupid girl. jump away before you get hurt. he moves too fast to leave you unscathed.

"A few harmless glances are nothing to worry about."

ah but you two play a dangerous game in your secret hearts beneath the surface ones. you always look at him but he often looks back and you know how he looses his tongue when you're too close sometimes. step away he's not the one you're supposed to make breathless.

"He's not?" I reply to that 'safety first!' voice that tells the rest of me my fears. "Attached or unattached he keeps pulling at me with those deep, dark eyes like he wants me close."

don't get close. you'd be the wrong turn he makes on the road that he's on now. and sometimes you aren't allowed to backtrack when that happens.

"He fascinates me."

and he may hate you before long. if he doesn't already that is.

"May is not the same thing as will."

you think what your lonely heart is desperate to think. i know the truth.

"Truth? You are me addicted to paranoia. Our eyesight isn't good enough to see the future in anything but a blur."

as usual you pine for the impossible.

"You never change either. Words of encouragement don't seem to be your forte."

so i suppose we'll never agree on this.

"Fine by me. I never wanted to be a pessimist, anyway."