Why a story has an audience?

Ever wondered why certain stories get more attention than others? Here's a list of reasons why.

Sigh. You know, story x has 2 billion reviews and it's badly written. What about yours' or my masterpiece that's barely got any reviews or hits for that matter? Yeah, wonder why?

Because. It's boring and a load of crap.

Haven't you noticed?

Why are you still reading this? It's boring and a load of crap.

Did you say something?

Ok, so the point is a story has an audience and not that it's good or bad. A story might suck but if 90% of the world is interested in these sucky things, it's popular and woah! That's why there are critics and lunatics – the 'please update' reviewers.

In the real world, cheap things always sell more than good quality expensive things. Evidently, stories have an invisible price tag as well.


I'm sure you're aware of it. How did you decide between story A and story B when they both had interesting summaries? That invisible price tag.

One costs 2 seconds per page whilst the other a whopping whole minute!

The difference in quality? One is crap and the other is fantastic.

You know, masterpieces are often of so high class that us average folks don't get it. Yes, master!

So, there's your choice. Oh, I'm just looking for something to flick through. Eh too many words. Too much to read and too complicated. Give me the summary.


The invisible price tag: a cost measurement of how long it takes to consume a story


Feels like going shopping. And accidents are bound to happen along the way.

Ever began reading a story for your computer to do something weird and lose where you were up to – freezes, restarts, lock-ups, etc…

This is actually known as the price to pay for something that's free.

The Online Free Reading Tax, aka OFRT or some shit like that. Never mind the details.

So, when you have some spare time, feel like reading and you start picking, the tax and the economy of a story comes to mind.

Now, would you pick the 'cheap' story over the 'quality' one? Think again!


As with 'Why no one reads your Story' (prequel), I may offend or have offended someone, but even if I do/did and got such feedback, I'll continue. I should change my penname to media – they get flamed for misreporting yet they continue to do so. That's the fun of it.

Seriously, if we took too much care in life, creativity would die. We're here to create – not to wonder if Mars was chocolate minus a bar.



Describe long. A computer actually thinks 'long' is a type of number. Don't ask me why – ask it, but it does. So, there's been a 'long' wait since I announced 'this' sequel, but for however long, here it is.

Back to myself mode. Eh, I got bored of writing so I started writing again. That's that. I wanted to do this in ages, but since I took a break, I had another 'project' type of thing to do. I'll continue the other writing stuff in a while.