Hi. I'm Morgan Avalon.

I'm fifteen years old, female and I born and raised in Los Angeles, California. So of course my idiot parents have decided that they want to move to England so that they can go back to their roots. YOU'RE NOT TREES PEOPLE! Anyway, yeah, so my mom was born and raised in England and moved out to the lovely USA when she was twenty and my dad's grandparents were English so he used to come here a lot as a kid. So now they can afford to move they've decided to drag me away from my home, my friends and my school to go live in some dreary little town in ENGLAND!

I'm so not happy right now.

I've been in England a month. It is supposed to be summer here but it's grey, boring and miserable. The best the temperature gets is somewhat lukewarm.

I kinda miss my friends too. I haven't met any kids my own age yet. I've been emailing my friends back home almost every day but it's not really the same as having somebody to talk too.

I'm starting school tomorrow.

An English school.

It's not a boarding school or a prep school or anything.

It has uniforms though. I was a bit torn between being worried or excited about those at first. I imagined it would be like in the movies where you have to wear blazers and ties and those skirts that some people find cute but I'm not a fan of. It's not. It's just black slacks, black shoes, a white or navy polo shirt and a navy sweater. Girls can wear skirts but they're just boring black shapeless things.

I'm really not looking forward to school.

I mean I was never a big fan of school back home but it was alright but now I'm going to a strange school with strange people – they don't even have the same sort of subjects or timetable as back home.

It's a bit worrying.

My parents, however, are convinced I'll be just fine. The school apparently has systems in place to help transfer students integrate in the most natural way possible. I doubt they work.