Author's Note: Extremely short chapter! The original story was about nineteen chapters in all, with only a little over 50,000 words to it. So this is going to be a short story over all. At least, short for me. I'm used to writing stories that are over 150,000 words!

Thanks to everyone who has given this a chance, especially to the couple of people who have already read this before. I really appreciate it!

"What's that goofy smile for, Geniva?" the guy behind the coffee shop counter asked.

Geniva turned around to face him and grinned mischievously.

"Oh no," Mark groaned. "Please tell me you did not spike those kids' drinks."

Geniva giggled. "So what if I did?"

"Geniva! It's just wrong! Love potions are immoral."

"Oh please, Mark. You know my love potion is different. It only works if there is already some love there to begin with."

"Still…" he mumbled.

"Look," she said, leaning over the counter. She placed a hand gently on his arm. "You and I have both seen those two bickering every time they are in here. But I have always sensed that maybe there is something else there. Can you honestly say you've never noticed the sexual tension between them? It radiates off them."

Mark looked at her incredulously. Geniva had a knack for reading people, and seeing things that other people couldn't. "But Geniva, love potions can sometimes have crazy side effects. What if-"

"No what-ifs, Mark. The potion is foolproof. If there is nothing between them besides loathing, then they are just walking home right now, arguing the entire way, as usual. But if there's more there…" she smiled, and then said, "Well then let's just say, it will be a Valentine's Day they won't soon forget."

To passersby, the tall, shaggy-haired boy and the petite curly-haired girl appeared to be a couple very much in love, and very much in need of getting a room.


The exact moment Veronica Chase finally realized that Drake Sloane was kissing her, she gasped in horror and shoved him off of her. That, she thought to herself, was the worst two minutes of my life. Not that she had counted the minutes. She had been too busy kissing the jerk back…running her hands through his silky blonde hair…pressing her tongue lightly against his…making little whimpering noises…and…She groaned inwardly. Oh dear, I really hate myself right now.

Drake didn't look like he was doing too much better himself. He was looking quite pale, and the expression on his face, while hard to place, definitely contained repulsion.

"What the hell," he spat, "was that?"

Veronica narrowed her eyes at him and smoothed out the front of her shirt. "Why don't you tell me, Sloane? You're the one who just initiated a game of tonsil hockey with me."

Drake scoffed. "I'm fairly certain I didn't get anywhere near your tonsils, Chase. I'm also fairly certain that you are the one who attacked me."

Veronica's jaw dropped at his accusation. "And I'm fairly certain that tomorrow I will have a nasty bruise on my back that will prove it was you who threw me up against the side of this building here." She placed her hands on her hips in such a way that clearly said, so THERE.

"And I'm fairly certain," Drake said without thinking, "that I'm about to do it again."

Sure enough, before Veronica had time to protest (and she would like to think that she would have, given the opportunity), she was once again pressed tightly up against the hard brick wall by none other than Drake Sloane. Oh, this is not good. Not good at all.

Veronica winced at the sudden impact of her already-tender back up against the rough wall. Drake noticed this and once again, he spoke without thinking. "Are you all right?"

She looked up into his eyes, surprised by his question. Sloane was asking if she was all right? It took a few seconds for her brain to register this, as it was not used to associating genuine concern with Drake Sloane. His own gray eyes bore into hers, and the loathing that was fired up inside them earlier was gone, and was now replaced with something she couldn't quite put a finger on. Finally, she nodded. "Yeah," she said softly. "I'm okay."

"Okay," he whispered. He brought his hand up and gently brushed it against the side of her cheek. Veronica shuddered as it sent chills down her spine. Okay, whatever was happening, she didn't like it. Well, actually, she did like it, but that was the precise reason why she didn't like it. Her arch nemesis (for lack of a better term) had her pinned up against a wall, and he was looking like he was going to kiss her again at any moment, and she was actually hoping he would. I have to stop this, she thought to herself in a panic. I cannot allow this to happen again.

Drake was apparently having the exact same thoughts, because with lightening speed, he pushed himself away from her and backed up a few steps. "Damn you, Chase. What have you done to me?"

"I should be asking you the same question, you manipulative little -"

"I would watch what you call me, Chase."

"Ugh! You disgusting, evil -"

"I'm warning you, Chase."

"You foul, insufferable -"



"You're really pretty when you're angry."

Hmm. She wasn't expecting that. Before she could stop herself, she blushed, and she automatically forgot the next set of undesirable adjectives she'd been prepared to throw at him.

Drake wasn't expecting it either. Why the hell did I just say that? He mentally slapped himself in the head, and suddenly wished he had never been born.

A very long and awkward silence followed. Finally, Drake broke the ice: "I feel weird. Do you feel weird?"

Veronica nodded. "I feel very weird."

"Weird," Drake mumbled. Staring down at the ground.

"Yeah," agreed Veronica, who took a sudden interest in the night sky, the grass, the window on the side of the building, her fingernails – really, anything that would prevent her from looking at the tall, devilishly handsome guy that stood just a couple of feet away from her.

Drake cleared his throat. Say something insulting to her, he commanded to himself. When the words refused to come out, he gave up and mumbled, "Well, see ya." He turned and began to walk away.

"Wait, Sloane!" Veronica called after him, even though she'd really had no intention to.

Drake stopped. He turned back around to face her.

"Drake," she said softly, as she hesitantly approached him. She was beginning to realize that she had no control over her actions. At least, that's what she was trying to tell herself as she lifted herself ever so slightly from the ground and kissed him softly on the lips.

This kiss was different than the first. There was no slamming against walls…no biting…no groping. No, this kiss was more tender. It was slow and cautious…gentle and sweet. Veronica couldn't help but notice how surprisingly soft Drake's lips were and how warm his touch was, and Drake couldn't help but notice that he was kissing Veronica Chase, of all people, and liking it.

"Sloane," Veronica murmured against his lips.

"Shut up, Chase," he murmured back as he deepened the kiss.

They stood there kissing for what seemed like hours (though Veronica calculated it was probably more like minutes), and neither of them seemed to want to part from the other.

When the kiss finally ended, she pulled away from Drake slightly. They were both short of breath, and Drake looked about as flushed as Veronica felt. She could feel his heart beating in his chest, and its accelerated rhythm perfectly matched hers. So this is what it felt like to be in love.

Whoa. Wait…what? I'm in love with Drake Sloane?


Snapping out of her trance, Veronica glanced over in the direction of the irritated voice that just called out her name. What she saw made her heart swell with joy.

Jordan and Wesley stood just a few feet away, both wearing expressions filled with shock, disgust, anger, and some more shock. Completely oblivious to their reactions, she gave them a huge smile and grabbed Drake's hand. She couldn't wait to tell her two best friends in the whole world the great news that she had suddenly and inexplicably fallen in love with Drake Sloane.

She just knew they would be so happy for her.