Dear Future

I try to envisage you, on a sunny afternoon that seems so far away from me
Digging through piles of papers and pictures collected from the years
With the same hands that are writing this poem - only somewhat aged.

I hope you will remember the feelings I hold now, as you glance over these words, perhaps with a smile?
And that you still remember my promises to you and myself
And should you see that I have disappointed you not.

I hope you are optimistic as ever, and still believe that tomorrow will be better
That time has not left your heart to grow bitter and old
And that you have kept my diary throughout the years
And cherished each day you have lived, always.

I hope you have grown to be the woman of my ideals, with intelligence and confidence and passion
Through your love toward others, the world, and life. And yourself. And me.
And that you live a life of freedom I dream of
Yet like a kite, that always comes back to the ground, your home where you belong.

I hope you understand my hopes, may they sound like words from a mother to daughter
And that although too many things, including hearts and beliefs, can change as time drifts on
Our link, prior and posterior, different yet same, will never be broken.
It is your obligation, my responsibility.