this is something I came up with while playing a video game and then writing another story! ^ ^ This is a slight meld of the two! And I say this now you pronounce Doisrasae like Doyz-rah-say and Zairyoc is pronounced Zai-rock, sorry if it's a bit difficult but I really like them! ^ ^ Enjoy!


A Part of One

Chapter One

By: Midnight Siren

Doisrasae, Demon of the Lost Province.

... A beast who scoured the lands of the human world, faithful demons at his beck and call, fire that whispered to him like a lover, shadows that caressed him like a mother should, and an insatiable hunger for the hatred, fear, hate and all other dark manner of things that humans produced in their so called perfect world. This demon so powerful and vicious that a pair of spells with deadly consequences were cast the first to seal the demon into stone a spell that would seal the demon in glittering black granite a great stone structure raised around it. Then the second spell was cast for in order to keep the demon so named sealed it was cast across the lands sealing the demon's name away in all humans' minds a pair of spells so powerful that over a hundred mages had been forced to give up their immortality to cast the spell, thus accelerating their age and killing them. The world lay in peace for centuries, crops grew instead of wilting pitifully year after year, the weathers played in favor of the farmers instead of against making travel safe once again, sickness disappeared in place of the deadly plagues that stole physical mobility and senses. Glittering like a flaming gold coin, the sun shone on the villages once beneath the dark and tyrannical rule of the demon as the glow of a long happy life stretched out across the land only to be utterly shattered by a bit of childlike curiosity.

A group of village children thought it a fine idea to dabble in the ways of Majik... a simple spell really one to search out an item as one of the children could not remember where they had left their friend's favorite toy while the second child, a magician's son had recommended the spell. Weaving the powers in the herbs and other items was a feat that most children failed to accomplish, but in the twist ways of the laughing fates they allowed him to be successful only adding something unexpected to liven the time. The moment the spell was cast and the item submitted into the spell something decided to trigger something in their minds. Words leapt unbidden to the forefront of their minds a single game held their attention setting up stones in a wide pentacle the children would each stand at a stone as only six could play and would run to another while a last person in the center would close their eyes trying to discover who was behind them by reciting their elements. Their locater spell forgotten the game ran on one child attached to a stone calling out the forbidden word, the demon's name, a second child touching a stone and calling out its name then a third, a forth.

The final child that sat in the center then opened his eyes wondering what to do next now that all the stones had been taken up before the calls of adults diverted their attention beckoning them inside for dinner the magician of the village coming with a strange man none of the children had ever seen. He looked shocked when he saw the child who stood in the middle glittering grey hair like silver and skin as pale as parchment while crystalline blue eyes stared at him frightened by the strange newcomer before words leapt to his lips completely overriding his motor functions. Words of summoning flew from his lips as the children touching rocks discovered they could not removed said limbs.

"I am the Demon of a Far Off Land

I a Hellbeast that Rules Over All

Once a Beautiful Savior my Soul has been Tainted Black

I have Cast Aside my Blessed Shell

I have Fallen and cannot Return

Yet I Hold no Regrets as I Bloody my Claws

Before the Sun Rises and I am Banished Again

Tell Me...

Who is it that Says These Words?"

Neither the shouts of the magus' that tried in vain to weave the majik around them nor the cries of frightened children could stop the spell from being recited before a demonic and bone chilling voice echoed through the winds as if death himself were speaking. Birds and insects went silent at the voice and hearts skipped a beat in every living creature, the wandering spirits of the mountains sending out ghostly wails that ladened the air with a stagnant oppression.

"It is I...

The Demon of the Lost Province

He Who Casts Darkness Upon Wayward Souls

My Name is DOISRASAE..."

The spell had been weaved, there was nothing to do, but wait for death to come knowing the destruction that would ensue upon the mountainous lands the spell had forced the children to weave it unknowingly the majik rushing out of their bodies twisting and churning together and into the sky towards the stone statue that held its summoning. Granite cracked and split, priests ran in fear and terror people ran to underground shelters while others simply bowed down outside their doors waiting patiently for death honorably bowing their heads to their death. Children sat with their heads down beside their parents wondering why everyone was so panicked, wondering why their parents were muttering about allowing them to pass on through heaven's gates begging with the gods to allow them safe passage into death and that their children would meet a quick end. Men held their wives and children close kissing their family one last time a final announcement of their love for one another before their end old couples sat quietly together staring up at the sky while those old enough yet too young to have families panicking. Death was coming for them and while some took it quietly others readied weapons useless against the terrifying beast that was coming for them as the sky above blackened, ashes falling from the sky like snow as the clouds flashed red with flames.

The end was near and it was immanent nothing would stop the demon they had worked so hard to keep sealed away, mothers of the children who had unwittingly wove the spell spilled rivers of tears over their children's ashes the spell having completely obliterated their delicate bodies. When one used majik they used a bit of the source that was hidden within them like a body of water while water could be taken out it would also be replenished by a certain substance or condition. Then as in this moment of calamity it was drained beyond the levels in which the body could hold majik drying out the body and soul turning it to dust the spell continuing to drain energy from nearby sources such as plants, the air, the stones and nearby people like a leech set upon the land. But what was coming was much worse than a leech all would prefer it to what was really being cast upon them darkness seemed to creep over the horizon and converged in on itself people screaming in terror when the shadows took form. Taller than any man, beast like talons for feet, large majestic horns that slid backwards then sharply curved forwards around the forehead, a long scaly tail erupted from the base of the spine long slender human fingers and hands were attached to a firm human torso and handsome head.

Tattoos covered its left shoulder and throat in intricate designs a single like of strange glyphs under his right eye, eyes that glowed red like hellfire, slit pupils, and the purest of white surrounding the deep red, long black lashes brushed against lightly tanned skin complimenting stark white hair down past his waist. The most beautiful and fearsome being that would walk the earth the demon that would bring destruction to the world, while not looking as if he could lean muscles hid away demonic strength that could crush a mountain side with the flick of a wrist. A burgundy cloth wrapped thrice around his waist held up billowing dark red pants as more tattoos surged around his left forearm, looking down on the panicking humans a small smile came to his lips before destruction reigned across land and heavens. Fire spewed forth from the clouds, winds picked up to insurmountable proportions, the earth split in two as lesser demons set themselves upon the fresh meat, screams echoed throughout the winds and sound the demon's small small erupting into a satisfied grin as he watched scream and die horrible deaths at the hands of his demon hordes. Strands of white blocked his view for a moment before the wind whipped them from his face when he shot forward from his cliffside stance, surging over the earth like the Hellbeast that he was and had been born to be long slim fingers growing wicked looking claws sharper than any blade.

Skin split open obediently at the touch of his claws, gurgled screams erupted from torn throats, and blood flowed in rivers everywhere, flames leapt up around the demon outlining his hellish yet beautiful figure a new emotion bubbling up in the tanned chest before laughter reached out to the skies triumphantly. Doisrasae was finally free and would destroy anyone who would try to go against him, he would destroy this world as he should have so many centuries ago before he had been sealed in that damned granite statue of the Goddess of Desire and Law. The wench Razera stood for ambition at any cost, she was beautiful, with fair skin, long, swirling flaming red hair, and eyes the color of fallen leaves, tall and muscular like a human amazon woman, and often held a look of mischief in her eyes. She stood resolute at his prison diligently glad to be given the chance to torture him for centuries of thinking he would actually have been leering at her, but the demon had had no desire for the brash goddess anymore than he would for her insane brother Erouoc, the God of Deceit and any shady characters who bothered to worship him. He had been trapped with those two for centuries and now he was finally free thanks to a bunch of insolent children, turning he saw a line of humans that looking similar to one another most obviously a family bowing their heads to the destruction their children trembling uncontrollably as they tried to block out the screams of friends and family.

"Silly humans... " he laughed raising his claws to mar the back of the husband eliciting a scream that made the others flinch. A husband and wife, four children and a baby bowed before him completely at his mercy, but his grin faltered when his eyes ran over the third child in the row, he was definitely not of this human family his long rich black hair clashed with blazing gold eyes like golden flames when he kneeled down to grab the delicate chin wrench upwards to his face. "A noble?"

"Young mast- !" the woman exclaimed before slapping her hands over her mouth dull brown hair sat in a messy bun falling out and her tired eyes only adding to her portrait of fear as she watched Doisrasae inspect the boy carefully.

"Young Master?" he inquired turning his attention back to the now smooth and defiant expression. "An heir to a noble family in such a place?"

"He is not a part of this land, he is not to blame for your being sealed his blood is innocent-!" SNAP. Off went the man's head blood trickling down the demon's claws as he watched with glee when the woman screamed for her husband's decapitated corpse.

"Just where might you be from child?" he asked the unmoving form, who couldn't have been more than seven, until his claws lashed out again just in time for his other hand to yank his head to the side watching as the eldest of the children besides himself had his throat slashed open. Blazing gold widened in horror pupils dilating as the little girl beside them started crying, tremors shot through the delicate, raven haired frame fear taking over his mind like a terrified animal before he finally spoke.

"Its okay Castillo." he tried to sooth her in his trembling voice. "We'll s-see them soon enough... It'll be o-okay."

"I don't think so." the demon broke in the boy's terrified eyes whipping back to crimson pools of hatred. "You could never understand the pain that I'm going to give to you all in repentance for my seal."

The second brother went next beside the only sister before she was cut in half at the waist her choked cries dying out slowly before the raven haired boy was the only one left while a curious look came to Doisrasae's face before the demon took a claw to slice off the hair tie letting the long black waves crash around the child's shoulders. That face, the hair...

"I am One Who Walks the Night

Cloaked in Shadows I Steal Children from Spiteful Mothers

I Come at Their Beck and Call

And Ferry Their Souls to the Other Side

Vengeful Spirits of the Young are Soothed at my Voice

Before the Sun Rises and I am Banished Again

Tell me...

Who is It that Says These Words?

The child's eyes became wide as the demon's appearance changed drastically, no more were the hellish extremities existing in places of a human body, but for the horns on his head, white robes replaced the sash and pants pooling at his feet beautifully. Crimson eyes softened to pale violet while his white hair glittered in the fire light.

"It is I...

He Who Walks Amongst the Sad and Forgotten

He Who Ferries the Souls of Children Across the Way

My Name is Zairyoc."

"To kill a child is the most hated of things, for myself who was banished from the heavens by my kin I continue to free the souls of children from this world to bring them to a place of true happiness." he said his gentle, almost pleading voice penetrating deep into the raven haired child's mind. "Tell me my child, what is your name?"

"Faeloh... Faeloh Anzaria third prince of the Forgotten Province." he replied awestruck by the sheer beauty of the god before him, but then confused and terrified once again when he remembered the pain and agony he had set upon the quiet village, a glance around at the bodies and destruction were enough.

"This is what happens to a god who is denied his being is unable to keep itself stable so it is a choice of either to fade away or become a demon, a fallen angel if you will. You might not have noticed, but for these children I have killed them all before any others, their souls are waiting for me to ferry them off to eternal bliss, for the memories of my hate to be erased from their spiritual recollections... " he murmured still kneeling before Faeloh as he did for the man, demon or god before him. "It is a place of love and no fear, where lost spirits of children and the ones I gather go to live peacefully until they are old enough to leave and be reborn on this earth."

A gentle touch to his forehead sent him spiraling to another place one where the light at his back was cool and warm as the same time, the lush green grass beneath his fingers soft as the most delicate down, the sweet scent of flowers rushing about him. The sky the most incredible shade of blue, but confusing when the earth and moon both stood in the sky above the sound of bubbling water made Faeloh turn in curiosity as he stared into a pool of pure reflective water, the sky overhead was casting plenty of light to see and yet it was dark as night. Fireflies danced above the grass while the stars and moon reflected in the pool as if he could reach out and touch them before the image shattered and he was in the middle of death and destruction once again tears leaked from his eyes at the loss of such a beautiful place. Warmth replaced the emptiness of loss when the being before him cradled his face carefully wiping away his tears.

"Do not think less of me child." Doisrasae's voice was cutting every bit of a demon's voice as it should have been. "Someday I will return and rid you of your mortal flesh... I cannot promise that it will be a pleasant experience, but someday you will return to live at that place forever. If you do decide to come to me sooner I will simply leave you there, to forever wander this world filled with hatred and fear therefore you are forbidden to take your own life. I have yet to meet a child who could survive for more than a year after getting a glimpse of paradise... "

And then he was gone the emptiness returning with a vengeance as choked sobs racked his body, conscious thought only made it back to his mind when the baby beside him began to scream either hungry or in need of changing he couldn't know. Only that he picked the baby up and began to walk from the destruction, the hellbeasts tearing into dead bodies watched on in slight fascination, but stayed away as their master had ordered the boy not to be touched and the boy would protect the bundle in his arms. He walked for what seemed ever until riders came to discover the cause of smoke, their shock at finding a ragged child and a baby threw them for a loop before the child collapsed from exhaustion making them rush forward to help with doctors. Then the only thing that could be possibly worst came true... an explosion erupted across the burned town the hellbeasts' screams of anguish ringing out through the winds as the blinding light from some unknown source enveloped the ruinous remains of the village before fading away into smooth stone and earth. It was as if the village had never existed...

The soldiers turned to each other with looks of blatant fear on their faces before loading up the pair of youngsters and riding off, their leader was a beautiful woman who rode with Faeloh unconscious in her arms her lieutenant riding beside her with the baby in her strong amazonian arms. Their investigation would have to wait until whatever manner of hellbeast that could erase an entire village had moved on and was far away from the now nonexistent village.

Much later only then did they stop to make camp and rest, tending to the children whom they had saved from whatever horrors they had seen, putting Faeloh into his own tent alongside the woman's, and the baby to her lieutenant since she had taken care of her family alone. Watching as their doctor took care of the small, unconscious boy lying on the cot looking tiny and exhausted before one of the men walked inside bowing briefly before giving the black haired form a wary look the doctor looking a bit worried as he sat.

"Lady Dotarra, Your Highness. What are your orders?" the soldier asked the woman in front of him long billowing gold locks glittering like spun gold in the moonlight, tanned skin, heart shaped face, pouting lips and serious crystal blue eyes a ringlet of silver with a deep sapphire diamond sat on her brow circling her skull.

"The crown prince, my brother is dead. We rest here for three days then we return to the castle, and give word to mother and father. The destruction of the village and Faeloh's return without him are proof enough that he did not survive." she replied her voice in a monotone veiling the stabbing pain she felt in her chest looking down on her late little brother's best friend. "And yet still I wonder why the beast that attacked the village and destroyed it has had yet to chase us."

"Is Faeloh alright?" her second lieutenant asked walking inside beside the man making him cringe she was tall, slim and muscular, her casual clothes a simple tunic, breeches, and leather boots a sword at her hip a decorative necklace hanging from her dark skinned throat gold eyes blazing while her black hair was pulled in a high ponytail. Her face serious as she looked upon her younger double.

"You both know the child Highness?" the soldier asked.

"He is a nobleman's son and Enonsin's little brother, Faeloh. He was once the third prince of the Forgotten Provence." she replied quietly gesturing towards the amazonian woman. "And you were the crown princess if I remember."

"Yes, but the Forgotten Province has fallen with the loss of our god... the magus' that sealed him have payed their price in the blood of their descendants." she replied bringing out a shocked look from the tent's occupants excluding the sleeping form.

"You know what manner of beast has done this Eno?!" the current princess exclaimed looking to her childhood friend.

"Our god... now a demon by the name of Doisrasae... we were immune to the spell that would lock his name away in our minds, but we remember and I know the rest of our gods and ancestors laugh jovially at those descendants' fall. They were the cause of our destruction!" she replied voice rising in anger before she took a breath. "I rejoice that our god had recognized Faeloh for his heritage. I do not know what I would do, now that mother and father have both passed on, if I were to lose him... "

"Enonsin... does that mean your people freed such a beast?" Dotarra asked fearfully.

"We were not skilled enough in the ways of majik... we are a race that has little magus ability and therefore cannot weave even the beginnings of the spell." she replied sadly stepping forward to kiss her brother on the forehead gently before kneeling beside him her voice becoming tired and worried. "How is he?"

"He seems fine, just a little shaken and a few of bumps and bruises. I think his feet took most of the beating since he didn't have any shoes on." the doctor replied quickly stepping away from sleeping brother and worried sister. "The baby is also quite alright... just hungry and in need of a changing."

Enonsin simply sat there waiting for her brother to awaken, the soldier and doctor left a short time later leaving only Dotarra as she removed the silver halo from her head turning it to stare into the near black sapphire. "Do you hate this?"

"Hate what?" she laughed bitterly.

"You were born royalty and yet you work under another." she replied sitting the ringlet on the bedside table.

"I do not mind it... I still have my crown." she replied fingering the beautiful gold, silver, and jewel encrusted necklace that hung from her neck. "To my people I am their queen, and your people respect that even though you harbor us like your own, while we have nothing to return to... "

"You lend us your military power, your skills as blacksmiths, your great hunting and foraging skills and so many other amazing abilities such as whispering to fire and coercing the water." the blonde woman said excitedly.

"Parlor tricks not even worth the word of majik... it is simply a skill born into us that makes us formidable opponents, Faeloh would have been the most wonderful King had we still our kingdom." she replied sadly pulling her knees up and wrapping her arms around them to bury her chin in her knees. "His flame whisperings are second to none even surpassing my father in his prime."

"Yet your healing and battle skills with the winds are also second to none." Dotarra laughed as Enonsin could do nothing, but join in both falling silent at the groaning coming from the sleeping form on the bed, amber colored eyes opened blearily blinking to clear them away. "Faeloh!"

"Are you alright little brother?!" Enonsin asked quickly gripping her little brother's shoulders.

"Zairyoc... said he'd come back for me someday... " he muttered vaguely making his sister worry. "Sister? What happened to me?"

"It's okay brother... you're safe with me and Dotarra now and the royal guard." she explained quickly.

"Thae... ! Thae is still back there! You have to go save him! Doisrasae will kill him! He'll kill everyone!" he shouted trying to jump up from his bed only to be overcome by waves of dizziness.

"Thaelako Dirphan Tornan De Viadith, crown prince and third born son of the Viadith Province... is dead... the village was annihilated a short few moments after we found you with my brother still inside." Dotarra stated in a trembling voice not wanting to turn and see the crushed look on Faeloh's face turn to tears as he buried his face in his sister's shoulder. Tears silently flowed down the princess's pale tan cheeks as she stood tall walking out of the tent making the men turn as she removed a sword from her horse's saddle, one not her own and thrust it into the ground beneath the veil of limbs of a weeping willow tying a red sash around the hilt and bowing her head. The men once talking animatedly and wondering about what had happened all fell silent and bowed their heads sending their prayers up to their late prince watching as their crown princess wept for her little brother.

After she had stopped crying, she simply sat there at her brother's sword watching the silver blade reflect her broken expression as she pulled out the locket she wore on a gold chain, a picture woven by majik of her and her brothers sat inside all three looking happy while her two twin sisters and three other brothers stood on the other side. Her hair was shorter in the picture and she had an excited look in her eyes, her brother now dead stood in front of her long silver hair pulled back in a ponytail, the youngest a boy with gold hair and glittering blue eyes long dead from illness as a child. The twins looked as devious as ever with long golden locks while only one of the older brothers sported their father's blonde hair the other two looked like silver haired older and younger versions of each other the younger of the two also dead. Standing she sent a messenger to her parents giving him a letter with her seal and the fastest horse at their current disposal.

"Dotarra... " Enonsin muttered quietly Faeloh in tow.

"I have now lost three of my family... three of my brothers... now only I, Idayus, Vydac and the twins remain." she replied brokenly. "I have lost both of my precious younger brothers and an elder brother. I have two older brothers and a pair of little sisters left I fear that I or the one of the twins will be next... "

The royal children's deaths had not been accidents, the youngest poisoned, the oldest stabbed in his sleep by an assassin posing as a courtesan, and now the second youngest killed by a vengeful demon. As their anguish multiplied the Fates simply laughed all the louder watching them struggle to keep their line alive and out of harm's way and failing miserably with Faeloh's return they continued to laugh at her dangling the fact that the ebony haired boy had lived and her brother died.

"Faeloh... what was the last thing my little brother said?" Dotarra asked painfully looking to her brother's best friend. "He wanted to go home... He said, 'I wish I could see my family again, I'm afraid that no matter where we are... our accursed blood will never be safe, but I don't want to worry these people.'" he replied sadly remembering the silver haired boy hugging him before running off to play with the other children, a decision that had cost him his life.


Two days later they struck out, their princess at the front with her lieutenant and her little brother on a single horse to her left and her second lieutenant on her right the rest of the guard following diligently. They rode for hours lighting torches when the sun set the night was dark and foreboding as thoughts of demons nipping at their heels began worming their way into the horsemen's minds when the horses all suddenly stopped and snorted, stomping their hooves nervously. Nickering filled the air as worried snorts alerted the men that something was coming, quiet whispers lifted on the wind as the horses fidgeted tossing their heads in rising panic men drew their swords ready to fight while the pair of magus' they brought charged the air with majik. A flash of movement in the shadows made them turn quickly as one of the horse's throats was torn out.

I am the Beast of Hellfire and Greed

From the Earth I Rise Drenched in Blood

And Sharpen my Claws on Human Bones

I Drag the Souls of Sinful Lords into the Blackest of Depths

My Lord is a Beast of the Forgotten

And Allows Me the Tainted Souls of the Dead

Tell Me...

Who is it that Says These Words?

It is I...

He Whose Fangs have Tasted Royal Flesh

I who Torture the Wayward Souls of the Lost

My Name is Laerein.

"A demon!" a man shouted watching the shadowy beast stalk forward on long legs three wickedly sharp toes on all fours long neck attached to an equally long face like a cross between a horse and a wolf all black and cloaked in shadows a long pointed tongue lolling out the side of its fang filled maw. What looked like blood dripped from the mouth and other random spots on its body as if it were drenched in it stepping forward to snarl as it spit and hissed when it hit the ground like acid, Faeloh sat against his sister trembling, an undeniable fear coursing through the ebony haired child at the thought of facing another demon. Laerein seemed to have noticed the child's fear with two sets of eyes one behind the other opening and turning towards him glaring at him with blood red eyes and snarling fiercely making him tremble all the harder.

"What is your purpose here demon?!" Dotarra shouted drawing her long sword in an elegant flourish.

"I am a beast of hellfire and greed... " it began again in its ragged and gravelly voice like stone against stone. "My Lord is a beast of the Forgotten and allows me the tainted souls of the dead. I come in the night to drag the souls of sinful beings to my fangs so I may devour them."

"Begone! Foul beasts such as yourself do not belong on this ground where royals stand." Dotarra shouted brandishing her blade threateningly.

"He who walks amongst the sad and forgotten... He who ferries the souls of children across the way, He is my Lord and it is He who sends me to do the bidding not His own." Laerein replied speaking as most demons did, older ones spoke naturally in riddles due to years of experience and old speaking habits from times before while the younger hellbeasts were more brash and sadistic. This one was old, his summons, his words of power told as so he was the only of his kind and therefore one of the oldest.

"Stop speaking in riddles beast!" one of the braver men shouted tossing a spear only for it to be caught in the waiting fangs to be snapped in two the tempered steel splitting like a twig in the jaws of a wolf hound.

"Thee sinful souls that sleep in this hallowed ground, This beast of hellfire and greed calls upon you to rise from your restless sleep, For my Lord who has passed you by thine end is my own." the growling was even more chilling than before as pale translucent outlines of human beings faded into sight.

"I am he who walks the night... " a voice echoed through the air quietly making the spirits wail and scramble slowly as if in water trying to get away from the voice while Laerein stepped back snarling. "Cloaked in human flesh I walk amongst the living, by my name and long years of being I seal you now -"

The final words of the quiet voice were lost to the winds as Laerein shrieked in an unearthly voice long tongue lashing out, slashing apart flesh and bone before wrapping around Faeloh's left arm causing him to scream in pain as the red blood like excretions burned through his flesh. Enonsin brought down her blade in a flash slicing off the tongue so it flailed and twitched on the ground while the ebony haired boy clutched his arm in pain as the acid continued to chew through his flesh sending unbelievable pain through his body.

"Fae!" Enonsin cried grasping her brother's bleeding arm and placing her hand over the wound, hands glowing a bluish green as she tried easing the burning pain her brother felt in his arm a blinding light enveloping their group as Laerein shrieked a final time before the light dissipated. A black brand had scorched itself into Faeloh's arm a jagged black scar that ripped like flames across his forearm and around his wrist crawling down the back of his hand looking red and raw around the blackened burns. The pain was still there though not as vicious as before his sister began to heal him, but it was resilient to her power standing strong against it as the mark refused to budge anymore.

"Is he alright?!" Dotarra shouted as the men searched the surrounding area for the hellbeast swords drawn and voices raised the wolf hounds that they brought along with them howling and barking.

"He'll be fine until we get to the city, Grandmother can take care of him then!" the old wrinkled woman that everyone called grandmother with skin like dark worn leather and the golden eyes of her people brighter than most her age would possess and the most powerful healer of her generation. "She'll be able to do something about this!"

"Alright! Men!" Dotarra shouted getting the soldiers' attention quickly at her tone. "We're making a dash for the city! Forget the demon, for now we run and get Faeloh to Grandmother!"

A unanimous 'Yes, Milady' echoed through the bodies of the men as they called their dogs and broke into five groups, magus' up front with a few soldiers, dog packs behind, soldiers to the left and right then the three royals in the center with their own soldiers. They rode like the wind across fields and meadows passing confused farmers and animals who marveled at the speed in which they rode, a few young farm boys on great beasts of horses rode alongside them asking if they could be of assistance. Their princess simply turned them away with a smile and wave able to hear their pleads from the outskirts of the formation as they fell behind, pulling on their horses' reigns to come to a halt while they watched the guard disappear over the hill. More riders rode to their sides to ask if they needed assistance only to turn them away with warnings of an animal potentially following them, but not to worry riding through the country side and through small villages before the dirt road became cobblestones and majik lanterns burned with a bright golden glow on tall posts overhead. Faeloh clutched his arm painfully the entire way the bandages and ointments wrapped tightly around it not dong much to help besides his sister's cooling touch from her healing caress on his arm.

The Viadith Province rose before them from the horizon people in the streets cheering at their princess's return, but fell quiet at the speed of which they rode, Faeloh bent over in pain, Enonsin's glowing hand delicately touching his favored arm, and the absence of their silver haired prince. Talk spread rapidly in the province as more and more people heard of Faeloh's injured return without the prince, how Dotarra's face was tense with forced calm... something horrible had happened. Gossip and rumors began speaking of their prince being kidnapped, perhaps dead, lost, sold, eaten, dragged away by demons. No one knew how right they were when the first person said those final words.

To Be Continued...

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