A cream colored cat ambled along the forest grounds until she reached an open field. There, she saw a group of people sitting around a bonfire chatting away while a few people were scattered at what could only be considered stations of, well,...stationary? The curious cat wasn't too sure what those stacks of stationary were, but she was determined to find out. With her ninja-like stealth skillz, she stalked the people near the campfire from a nearby brush, calmly gauging their personalities - could they be considered friend or foe?

The sun was getting ready for bed, so the cold would have set in soon as the moon took its 12 hour shift. That meant the now shelter-less cat had to find a source of warmth. The shivering cat finally decided it was time to find out more about these people (who didn't really resemble humans...) by casually talking them around the bonfire. Of course, she had no ulterior motive in sneaking into this circle of peo- hrm, one was more like an emote with an unusually sickeningly happy face glued to her face; another was of a seizure-inducing speed of icons; one was a really pale dragon and then there was a dog - yes, a geeky looking dog that was rather cute if viewed impartially. The cat decided to sneak into the circle and sit next to the dragon and the super happy emote...thing. Right as she sat down, all eyes in the circle fixated on the little cat.

The format can be something like this:
Your current piece/your favorite piece of your own
How You Found This Forum!
Why you came here
After you've finished up introducing yourself, go get to know people in the Off Topic topic! We'd love to chat with you. :)

The confused cat read the sign the super happy emote...thing was holding up and gasped softly. "Why you came here"?! Oh no! That must be there to catch people with ulterior motives! D: I better come up with something before they suspect me.

"Hello. As you can see from the sticker on my back, it says 'silv3rdr34ms'. That be my name. Someone taped it on me when I entered the forest. I'm here because your little circle piqued my interest. I brought some bubbly..."

The dragon spoke right as silv3rdr34ms finished her introduction, teeth grinning. To the cat, it looked more like he was baring his teeth in menace rather than giving a polite smile. Scary.

"Welcome. I'll see if you can have the nickname, 13375732. Feel free to check out the game threads. Enjoy your stay," said the grinning-almost-growling dragon. He(?) didn't leave his(?) name...

The seizure-inducing icon person spoke up next, "Lucy, what does that number combo mean anyway?"

So is that dragon a boy or girl, dammit! the cat thought in frustration.

"Hah! leetster...that's a definite no for my nickname, silly dragon. I wouldn't mind being called silver. It's easier to remember."

"Nice try there, newbie. WE give the nicknames here, and I deem silver waaaay too boring. What about Liver? It's almost the same as silver. :D" Her icon finally stopped at a delectable chocolate covered strawberry when she finished speaking.

"Ew. Liver? That's something I wouldn't eat if I had to kill myself! D: What else ya got?" silv3r retorted.

"Fine. What about Iram? Lime? Dr M? Dr Ms? Gyah, hard to come up with! Liver was such a perfect nick T_T," the strawberry icon changed to a girl wearing rainboots...almost as if to reflect her mood.

"Ooh. Lime. That reminds me of cherry-limeade. Perhaps I should go find some...I don't know where to look though."

"Good! Lime, it is then! Welcome to the Review Game Forum, Lime! Be sure to read all the rules in Read This First! and man, do we have lots of food group people lately. Lime, I'm Frac. My word along with Lefty's (that's the person you're calling a super happy emote...thing) is law 'round here." With that, Frac's icon changed to a delicious slice of chocolate cake. At least her icon's speed is slowing down...

Everyone was getting up to leave when the newly dubbed Lime thought of a question.

"Wait! I remember that sign super happy emote, I mean, Lefty was holding up mentioned something about "Off-Topic"? What is that?" Lime shouted after the fleeting shadows of Frac, Lucy and Lefty.

Lefty turned around to answer the confuddled Lime, "Oh. We're heading there now. It's that aircraft-hangar looking building. You can leave the bonfire. We use it to attract newbies and it's easy to spot for newbies entering this field. It's called Introductions. :D"

Hrm. These people are alright. Perhaps I'll go visit this so-called "Off-Topic" place to see what it's all about.

Lime scampered across the sandy field to enter the "Off-Topic" building. If it weren't for a dim light illuminating the entire building - that could only be called an aircraft hangar - Lime would have ran into the only couch in the building. The interior of the Off-Topic building was very sparsely decorated...almost as if there was a lack of funds. There was no plush carpeting like Lime had expected. Rather, the floors were just like that of the floor around the bonfire – pale, dry, sandy dirt. There was also no fire or any type of heating mechanism in the building. Oddly enough, it was warm and cozy inside the building. Perhaps it was due to the atmosphere. Lime decided the heating mechanism wasn't worth mulling over and proceeded to examine the chattering gang in the middle of the floor.

There was a creature that had a strikingly similar appearance to Stitch, you know, the one from that one movie called Lilo and Stitch. This Stitch-look-alike also had the full Elvis outfit and guitar to boot! It was awesome. Lime later learned her name was Mini Martini – Mini for short. The dragon of undetermined gender Lime met earlier, Lucy, was also here, snoring away. What is it with dragons and naps? And what's the point of a nap when it's time to sleep in another 6 hours?! Next, Lime stalked the geeky looking dog with big ears in a cautious manner. After all, that was a dog and Lime is a cat.

"Hi. I'm Lime. What's your name," Lime asked from a safe distance of 20 feet.

"Oh. Hi. I'm Ting Tong," the dog replied in a British accent with a smile. Her teeth were unusually white – perhaps too white for a dog. Quite orderly too, might I add. The large black-framed glasses on Ting Tong's face slipped down her nose as she spoke, eliciting a snicker from Lime.

"How did you get the name Ting Tong?"

"Hrm? My name? Well, my penname is KnittingKneedle and when Frac saw it, she went 'Hey. KnittingKneedle – Ting Tong! Haha.' And there you have it."

"I see. Do any of Frac's nicknames make any sense?"

"For the most part, no. You learn to live with it. Haha." After that, Ting Tong vanished into thin air.

"O_O What happened to the cool geeky dog?!" Lime screamed.

All eyes in the Off-Topic (OT, for short) glared at Lime for interrupting their conversation.

"Relax, Lime. People come and go these days. It's nothing new. You'll get used it spontaneous disappearances," Mini reassured.

"Whew. I thought something bad happened to her. Other than the fact that she's a dog, I rather like her. I think we'll get along just fine. :D"

A rather enigmatic anime character approached Lime from the group, "I'm concon. What brings you here?"


"Beware, Lime. Curiosity killed the cat…," concon warned in an ominous manner.

"But, on a more happy note, welcome to the RG!" Wow. She's rather happy…even more happy than super-happy-emote-Lefty.

concon's warning bothered Lime to a great extent. For now, Lime did not want to join in whatever conversation they were holding in the distance. She bade farewell to concon and scampered out of the OT to explore the rest of RG grounds.

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