Written to Within Temptations "Memories"

The tears roll down my face, as I face my memories. Your hair dark as sin, with eyes as blue as the bluest sapphire, oh my darling, how we contrasted! You were the dark to my light my darling, I was of golden hair and dark eyes, we were but reflections of one another.

All of my memories keep you here, I can't help but remember you and the glorious days we had, when we were passionately in love. In love enough to defy a nation, and our parents. They cried that you were the son of a traitor, I whispered in the dark of the night, you were my love. The only man I wanted, no matter what my Mother said.

You tried to leave me; you told me there was no other way. I prayed and prayed to the gods to let you stay, let us find some way to make us work. Let me cry and beg at your feet, I love you yet. I'll not forget you, but stay! Oh goddess, please stay! Don't leave me, don't leave me like this.

The memories of you, keep the pain at bay. It eases the ache you left within me when you left me. I know why now, with your memory, I imagine you're here, beside me. As you were meant to be, and where you'll be once more, I promised you. You have my heart, my dark prince. You are my mirror, dark to my light and so in my memories you shall stay until you come back to me, your Sun Princess.

All of my memories, all of my tears, I imagine you're here. I keep you near within my memories; you comfort my silent tears within those memories. I imagine the day in which you'll be here to hear my silent whispers of adoration and love.

You made me promise, I'm trying so hard to keep that promise. Give me a sign and give me hope that there is a way to make my way in this life and that you'll come back to me one day. Remind me that in the end, its all worth it, so that we can go home together. I'm trying so hard, to keep this promise as unbearable as it can be at times. For you I will keep it, just give me a sign, a sign that you're ok, and that this is all worth it. The pain and agony of our separation, please!

In all these memories, I see your smile. All the memories I hold dear, of our passionate love, a love in which we defied a nation. I'll love you until the end of time, a love blessed by the gods themselves despite the hardships we've endured. All of my memories keep you hear until the end of time.

May the gods bring you home, so that I may see your sweet smile once again my dark prince. May the winds bring you home safely.