This is just an article to vent my frustrations. If you ARE a plagiariser or a victim of plagiarism, read me PLEASE.

There is nothing worse to see on FictionPress and FanFiction than to see a story that I have avidly been reading and following suddenly stop. Some writers experience writers block or lead very busy lives, others have family problems and some just don't feel the story anymore. I can understand those problem and I am frustrated with the authors but what can you do?

... BUT ...

When I get an alert for a new chapter that I have been waiting for, go to read it and find an authors note that the story has been discontinued because of plagiarism.


You people who plagiarise other people story to get recognition on other peoples work: SHAME ON YOU.!.

I hope when you read this it brings awareness to what you do.!.

Though the authors are the ones hit most by the devastating blow the readers feel the punch as well.!. As a reader I appeal to you, please, if you want recognition for a story, write your own. If you are not skilled at writing, try anyway and practise. Sure some people may have natural talent but that talent has to be developed to be used. As a reader I appeal to you, please stop this.!. Reading good stories on FictionPress is a form of stress relief in my very stressful life. For the sake of my family please don't take away the material that gets me through my black moods.!.

And to you my dear victims of plagiarism….

Please don't stop writing your stories, I understand that you must feel a lot of disappointment and despair but please even if you don't publish it on FictionPress straight away, continue with it and publish it when you feel the time is right[then send me a message so I can jump for joy:)].

I have read soooo many great stories and the disappointment I felt when reading those authors notes was astonishing.!.

Anyway I leave all of you with this dear quote from my father, don't know where he got it but here it is.

"Don't cheat because in the end, the only person you are cheating is yourself."