Jada and Mack had been married for three years before Mack decided to go back on his word when concerning Jada. They'd been seniors in college, he going for art and agriculture, and she going for Home designing, when Jada had caught him in bed with a girl from their Trigonometry course. When she'd seen them together, he'd been about to insert his penis into the girl's vagina. This of course had grossed Jada out, considering the fact that she'd been raised to think that sex before marriage was "taboo." It was an unmentionable subject in her family's home. As a matter of fact, in the two years that she and Mack had been dating, sex had never taken place. They'd come close many times, but never went through with it, due to Jada's moral up bringing. Being the lady that she was, Jada crept away from the pair, as Mack did his business.

Two months later, right out front of their favorite place, the cafeteria, Mack proposed to Jada, believing that she didn't know anything about that day with the girl. It was his idea that he'd gotten away with murder, had actually succeeded in cheating on his girlfriend with a girl who in his opinion had nothing on Jada's curves, considering the fact that Jada was a plump woman. She was beautiful with her long flowing red hair, deep blue eyes and creamy colored skin. Mack knew that when they did marry, she was going to put it on him real good, this he could tell, just by looking at the luscious curves of her hips. He bet she was a great rider. Jada, the ever loving spark in her eyes, stared up at her future husband and with a sweet smile stated that she would marry him.

The night of their wedding was beautiful. They were fresh out of college, both with their perspective degrees. The night of their honey moon, also their wedding night, Jada went into the bathroom, dressed in a long silk night gown, enhancing the beauty of her breasts and hips as well as other assets that were made increasingly hot through the material, ready to make love with her husband for the first time.

A while later, when they'd finished after three rounds, Mack lay with Jada's head on his shoulder. His heart was beating so fast, for she'd been an expert rookie, if there was such a thing. He got a woody just thinking about it. He couldn't believe he'd had the greatest experience in the world. His wife definitely knew how to work what she had. This caused a pleasurable smile to cross his features.

"Did you like it baby?" She inquired in her native North Dakota tongue.

"It was awesome." He stated, running his hands along her body, loving the feel of soft curves.

"Better than that whore from our Trig course?"

Mack stiffened, his tanned hand stopping the roam along her body. "What did you say baby?" He inquired, his tone less confident.

"I said, am I better than that whore from our trig class? You know who I'm talking about."

Mack pulled away from her, pushing his arms up behind his head, not sure of what to say or even where to start.

Jada turned around to face him, her blue eyes lustrous. She ran her hands along his chest. "You can be honest with me, baby."

Mack cleared his throat, "You're not mad?"

"Nope, I've had plenty of time to get over it."

"I thought..." His voice trailed off.

"What, that I didn't know about it?"

"You didn't react in the way most girls would." He stated.

Jada shrugged her shoulders, "You know why?" She inquired.


"Because I love you enough to forgive you."

"Oh really?"


"Thank you, I appreciate it."

"no problem, but if it happens again, you won't be so lucky." Jada stated, staring up into his eyes. Mack stared down into her eyes, thinking she was too cute. "So you say."

Jada grabbed a hold of his man hood, squeezing it in her hands. Her eyes becoming dangerously seductive, she whispered, "Trust me baby, you won't be let off the hook so easily if you do it again."

Mack's instant errection had transformed to a boner, where it had become so hard, it was heavy in her hand. "It turns me on when you talk like that." He whispered. Jada just laughed, her sound sultry, "Oh did it now?"

"Mmmn," Mack moaned, licking his lips.