Mack remembered Jada's words, at least during the honey moon. He was satisfied with the way things were for three years. He and Jada made love anywhere and anytime they could for the first three years. The park, the drive in, the pool they'd had built in their back yard, the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, everywhere. They seemed to have a satisfying relationship, until one day, while working in a rented studio on San Diego's North side, a woman who seemed to be the opposite of Jada in every way walked into his studio, bringing one of many fliers with her inside the shop. Mack who'd been cleaning out his supply bin, throwing away old drawing stencils he no longer needed, stopped when he heard her voice. It was really soft and sensual in its own way. Glancing up, he felt his heart stop for a second. Her hair was a long golden blond color, literally and she had dark intense gray eyes. They were like drowning into deep depths. Her frame was tall and slenderly built with a gentle feminine edge to it that was much like Jada's. He knew just one touch of her skin would render itself soft and supple. This made him clear his throat, hoping to squelch the rising ache within his loins. "May I help you?"

"I hear you're looking for a model." She stated.

"Yeah, I'm a painter and I want to do a water color print."

"Water color?"


"How much is the pay?"

Mack raised his eyebrows, "Can I get a name first?"

"Sylvia. How much is the pay?"

"It's 150 an hour."

"How many hours?"

"sixteen for two weeks."

"Sixteen total?"

"Yes. two hours per day until the day of completion."

"Hmmn," The girl stated more to herself than she did to Mack. She was trying to decide whether or not she could have time to study and do all this during work and school.

"First off, how old are you?" Mack inquired after taking in her features. She had high cheek bones, thin lips and eyes like that of a cat. She looked to be at-least fifteen. If she was a minor, he couldn't and wouldn't hire her.

"I'm nineteen." She answered. Mack stuck out a hand. "Can I see your I.D. ?"

The young girl sighed and went into her purse. She pulled it out later with I.D. inside.

Mack took the I.D. and looked it over. Her name read Sylvia Demore. He handed it back. "Can I take a look at you?"

"Sure." The girl stepped away from the counter. Mack looked her over and told himself it was for the job. She had soft curves that were prominent among the petite. His eyes took in small firm breasts, slender stomach and equally small hips. Her legs were shapely. She turned around. He looked over round shoulders with more tone than fat. Her backside was firm as well with a little bump. He put his hands up to his chin, wondering whether or not he should hire her. Maybe he needed to use a less attractive girl, at-least that wouldn't get him into trouble with his wife. Just looking at Sylvia, he could tell that his wife would not approve. Sighing, he asked for her number. She wrote it down. He told her that he wanted to see who else would come in before he gave her a real answer.

Sylvia nodded and said, "Alright, well good luck with your search."

"Don't put yourself out of the running yet." He stated.

Sylvia glanced back and produced a beautiful smile, one that took his breath away. "Don't worry, I'm not."

Watching her leave, Mack sighed, "This girl is nineteen, you're twenty five and you're married." He scolded himself for the thoughts going around in his head. "You don't need to add any problems to a perfectly fine marriage."

Over the next couple of weeks, Mack interviewed several girls for the job, but unconsciously, his thoughts kept going back to Sylvia. These types of thoughts were forbidden, yet he couldn't stop them. Now he knew for sure that he had to hire someone, anyone within a day or two, otherwise he'd be in a lot of the first Monday of the third week into the search, he opened his shop. It wasn't no longer than a minute opening, that he heard her melodic voice ask him whether or not the position was filled.

"I haven't found anyone suitable yet." He stated.

"Suitable? Look, I know I'm young, but I really could use the money to pay tuition at school. I'm going into my sophomore year this coming fall semester and I need some dough, A.S.A.P."

Mack sighed irritatedly, "Really?"

Sylvia raised a confused brow. "Why do you sound so let down. If what you saw the other day wasn't enough, I can show more."

Mack raised his head up to look her in the eye. That's when he noticed she was wearing a trench coat, "I'm sorry, that won't be necessary."

Before he could protest more, Sylvia undid her coat and threw it on the ground, in front of him. Mack cleared his throat, unable to take his eyes away from the magnificent sight before him. Sylvia was way more provocative naked than she was clothed.