Chapter Three:

Mack stood there staring at Sylvia, unable to take his eyes off of her. Her small firm breasts looked beautifully taut upon her chest and as his eyes roamed further, he took in the beautiful flat stomach that lead to the trail of hair just below her navel. The hair that sprinkled her woman hood look trimmed and made his mouth water.

"Where would you like me?" She inquired, turning around, giving him an ample view of her butt. Mack shook his head and bit down on his bottom lip. Damn, this girl was too hot. He watched her rump bounce as she walked away from him, seemingly to find her own place to sit.

"I..I don't have anything set up yet. The job wasn't supposed to start til next week." He stated, still watching her as she walked, his eyes taking in a tall glass of nice legs. He licked his lips, and shook his head. Why, oh why did she choose today of all days to come in here. Stopping at the only stool located in the back of the studio, she went and sat down on it, spreading her legs open, giving him a full view of her vulva and everything else that lay snug within it. If only he could look away. He knew it was wrong, felt that it was wrong. Fe felt as though he'd been caught in a trap. His eyes went up to her chest again, only to discover her breasts had been covered by her hair. Finding her eyes, he saw lust dancing in them. "Is this a good position for you, Mack?" Her tone was soft and painfully seductive as she looked into his eyes with a heated expression. He inhaled sharply and found himself walking toward her. He knew it would have been better for him if he would've just ran out of the shop, but instead, he felt compelled to come near her in his drunken haze of lust. It seemed as if she was smiling at him as he came toward to her. As he reached the place where she was sitting, he paused and came to his senses. His conduct was completely unprofessional. How was he supposed to be an artist and have the power to look upon a beauty like hers and try not to take it for himself? He thought of his wife and was reminded of what she had spoken to him on their wedding night. He took a step back, but as he did so, the young woman reached out, grabbed his hand and pulled a finger into her mouth. He felt himself become solid at the feel of heat and moisture on his finger. Glancing up at her, he watched as her face flushed a rosy pink and she ever so slowly released his finger. He inhaled sharply, "Who are you?" He wondered, feeling his heart beat erratic in his chest. She smiled teasingly at him, "The girl of your dreams."

"What?" He inquired.

Helpless and unable, along side an unwillingness to move, he watched as she inserted the finger she'd taken from her mouth and into her vagina. Immediately, Mack felt warmth and wetness as he began to work his fingers inside her. She moaned as he did this, telling him it felt delicious, telling him that he was great at what he did. He continued to run his fingers around inside her, playing along her walls and thrusting deeper. She moaned louder. Moaning his name. He watched as she became wetter and then her vagina began to clinch tightly against his fingers. He closed his eyes, feeling his heart pound in his ears as her liquid squirted from the area he teased. She gasped, "Mmm, Mack it feels so good." Her walls continued to contract as she climaxed a second time. Mack licked his lips and took his finger out. Throwing all caution to the wind, he lifted the young woman off the stool and carried her to a cot that was in a store room off the studio. Laying her down, he knelt before her and pulled her legs open so that he could have access to her woman hood, burying his face into the contours of what he sought after, he licked and sucked at her skin until she released for him a third time. He squeezed a hand on her thigh and continued his administrations, seeming to get more and more hungry as she orgasmed a fourth time. He moved his tongue up to her clitoris and ran it around until she gasped and begged for him to stop. He wouldn't have been even if he had wanted to because his desire to have her was so strong. He flickered his tongue over and over, until her body shook and she released a fifth time. He switched his tongue with his finger and teased her while he undid his pants. She began to grate her hips up to his fingers, loving what he was doing to her. He finally was able to undue the zipper and buttons and pull out his bulging manhood. Grasping her thighs, he pulled her down to where he was and without further ado, inserted himself into her center. He got even harder when he heard her gasp her pleasure. He thrusted his hips, moving in and out until she was screaming his name. He felt it as she came again, this time, her toes curling and her body taking on a flushed pink color. He turned her over and sat her on him, reaching his hands around her chest, so that he could play with the hard rose buds. She continued to get wetter and wetter as he drove into her. A sound low and hard came forth out of his throat in a growl. She felt so good. Finally, after more pushing and the slapping of his male genitalia against her, he let out an animal like sound and felt it as his hot liquid spilled forth into her. She gasped, panting until he loosened his grip on her; signaling that he was done.

After they'd finished their coupling, Mack got dressed and went into the bathroom. When he came out, he made his way to the front area. Sylvia was waiting for him once he did. She smiled, her tone soft, she whispered, "That was one hell of a ride." He just stared, feeling horrible and wondering how he would keep what he'd done from his wife. Looking at Sylvia, he felt dread, satisfaction, and lust all mix in his veins. She leaned in to him and he inhaled sharply, because he could still smell his own scent on her. "When would you like me to come back?" She inquired, her eyes looking satiated. He cleared his throat and looked down at the counter top in front of him, "How about Thursday, around seven pm?" Sylvia grasped his face and pull it down near hers, "I will be here at seven on the dot." Her tongue dotted out and ran over his ear lobe, loving the sweet pleasure his skin filled her with. Letting him go, she smiled and then sashayed to the front door, leaving him anxiously anticipated her next arrival.