Chapter 1: Secrets and Surprises.

Kate's Point of View

"Kate!" I heard Lucas's voice call from next door. I ran from the bathroom and across the hall to my room. I opened my window, toothbrush in my hand and an InStyler flat iron stuck in my hair.

"Uh, kinda busy right now Luke!" I exclaimed cheerfully, pointing with my toothbrush the InStyler stuck in my hair. It was a good flat iron, but my naturally wavy hair had tangles in it at the moment. This was the first time I straightened my hair, why, you ask? Because this year was the year that I finally tell Lucas how I have really felt ever since I realized we couldn't be friends forever when I was two, I was going to tell him that I-

My reverie was interrupted my Lucas's laughter. I smelled a little bit of smoke. Hmm, then I remembered that something hot was in my hair, I gave Lucas a friendly smirk and quickly ran to the bathroom, pulling the plug. I decided that I should comb out the tangles before I straighten.

I took out my prehistoric cell phone and dialed number 1 for speed dial. It rang only once, like always. Then the person on the other line was in hysterics. I smiled to myself, I loved his laugh.

"Lucas? You know this is not funny, dude!" I mocked my anger but I was also going into hysterics, struggling through my tangles in my usually-smooth dark brunette hair. It was closer to black, but it had a tint of red in sunlight, and when it was really sunny, it would be a caramel colour. It was surprising though, but it did have a good contrast against my tan skin. My arms and legs were tanned from the Summer, I knew it wouldn't last, my whole body colours change during seasons. I did not really understand why it was so, but I went with it, I knew that my skin tone would change to a more pale tan and my hair would be even closer to black than ever.

"I'm sorry, here, do you want me to come over there and help you?" Lucas asked through the phone. He was my greatest friend, my most sincere brother, and I loved him dearly. But, as long as I have him in my life, I didn't care if we were with each other or not. We could go either way. He was my best friend anyways.

"Yeah, that's the least you could do for not laughing at me!" I told him, trying to keep my voice from trembling through the phone, I pressed my lips into a firm line, repressing the laughter.

"Okay, I'll be over in a sec, jeeze, girls these days with their hair and whatnot." He teased.

"Okay, now if you're done teasing me, can you please help me?" I told him, laughing a bit.

"'Kay, see you later." He said.

"Okay, bye, Lucas." I said smiling, I flipped my phone closed. I tried to comb through my tangled mess of hair by myself in my attempt to pass the time.

Not being able to get these tangles out of my hair, I gave up and finished brushing my teeth. Not too long before I was finished, which was about five minutes after I hung up, there was a knock on the front door, I rinsed out my mouth out with water and washed my face and put it in a towel to dry my face off.

Lucas's POV:

"Hey, Luke!" Kate's mother greeted me warmly.

"I haven't seen you in seven whole hours! How are you? Do you need a ride? Way are you here? Not that I'm not happy you are, but this is such a surprise! What's that spray? Are you here to see-" Cari's words were interjected.

"Kate, um, where is she, Cari?" I asked patiently, Cari insisted on calling her my her first name, well her first name is Carilyn, but she made it a nick-name, frankly, I didn't really think it made a difference.

"Oh, Kate's upstairs getting ready for school." Cari told me warmly. I nodded and headed upstairs.

"Yo! Kate! I'm here! Still need help?" I asked from the top of the staircase.

"Yeah! Hold on! I'm still changing!" she exclaimed from her room, the glass double doors were closed but her black and gold curtains were covering the glass windows.

"'Kay! I'm right outside your door." I told her through the glass. While I waited, I thought.

I know that she thought of me only as her best friend, but ever since I was two years old, she was sleeping in the crib, I knew I loved her, even though I could barely walk, but I just knew it, and I have since then. We were born on the same day, as the certificates show, but I was about twelve hours early. She was born 5:16 pm, while I was born 5:16 am. On the same day. But, I decided that we couldn't be only friends for long without me totally confessing my real feelings towards her. I loved her, and I knew that. But when I do tell her, which I intend to do this year, as a junior in high school, if she rejected me, I could accept the fact that we could still be in each other's lives, I'm fine with that.

Kate's POV:

"'Kay!, I'm ready, my hair's still a mess, so watch your mouth!" I called out playfully. I opened the double glass doors and Lucas stood there, breathless. I had picked a perfect outfit for my first day, well, at a new school, but still in my hometown, Nashville, Tennessee. I loved it here, it was where I was born. And, so was Lucas.

I had picked out a black blouse. It wasn't frilly or anything, but it was very beautiful. It hugged me at my waist and showed off my curves. It was mid-arm length for the sleeves. But it was also sort of thick, suitable for the new fall. I picked out a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and a silver belt. I loved my outfit and the only downer of my appearance was my hair, I hated it because it was only half-untangled and looked ridiculous.

"Um, uh, er, hey, Kate. You look b-"

"Yeah, I know, don't finish your sentence, I look bad, thanks for your elaborate description, now, could you help me with my mess of hair?" I intercepted.

He smiled his stunningly beautiful smile. We both got our braces on and off at the same time, holding each other's hands. I smiled the whole time, looking into his face as he looked into my eyes. Best friends…

"Yeah, of course." He said, smiling at me, we walked into my room.

Lucas's POV:

I hadn't even noticed Kate's hair, not that it mattered, I was about to say that she looked beautiful, but she was way too stubborn. She was the most beautiful person in my eyes. We both walked into her room, then I shut the doors behind me. I smiled and followed her into her bathroom, seeing the clean black granite counter and the gray sink, the floors were black and white checkered marble and I was glad I was wearing shoes in here or else it would be colder than I could feel. Kate turned and smiled, we left the bathroom door open because the doors into her room were already closed. I switched on the lights to her bathroom, it showed a golden light from the chandelier above our heads. I knew this house by heart, I come here every other day, while Kate came over everyday I wasn't here.

Kate pointed to the detangle spray that I was holding. I brought it over often nowadays because during the summer, she continued to straighten her hair, it didn't bother me, as long as I could see her everyday and often. I smiled at her, she seemed puzzled. I gave her a smirk.

"Okay, what's up with the quiet?" She asked me playfully and tried to mock my smirk with her own, it worked, I was stunned.

"What, I just, uh," I was out of words, this isn't the first time that I did this.

"Well, you just, uh, might want to get started on my hair, please?" She asked, making a face that made me want to wait on her hand and foot. But I always did. It's just, how stunning she is. She stared at me with so much emotion, that I thought for a brief moment that she loved me as much as I loved her, I shook it off, not believing any second of this, she loved me…as a brother. That's as far as she would go. But I hope not.

"Yeah, of course." I said, smiling, I opened the lid of the spray can and sprayed some in her hair as soon as she turned around, but just before she turned away, I could've sworn that I saw a glint of longing in her beautiful brown eyes.

"Ah, that feels so good, are you done yet?" She asked, I could detect something in her voice. I just couldn't figure out what it was.

"Yeah, let me just comb it, and straighten it, the least I could do for smirking." I said mockingly.

"Well then. I was right, admit it." She pointed out like she had know-it-all syndrome. Was that even a real disease? I shook that off and laughed.

"Pssh." She snickered brightly. "Stop laughing at me and fix my hair?"

"Okay." I said.

After I combed her hair, I told her to turn around, giving me the full force of her eyes. Her irises were lovely, the most beautiful and mesmerizing I have ever seen. They were a dark chocolate brown and what seemed to be a gold underneath the beautiful liquid brown. But, her iris seemed to be lined around with a soft black color, she said she didn't know why, it was just there. But, I just always get lost in them.

I tried to shake it off and continued to comb and straighten her beautiful dark brown hair.

"Lucas…" Kate said gravely.

I was already finished doing her hair, I put the utensils on the spacious counter then turned to face her.

"Kate," I started, "There's something I've always wanted to say to you." I told her after a deep breath.

"Me, too. See, Lucas, ever since I was-" She got cut off by her doors opening, we both saw Cari's face pop out from behind it.

"Need a ride?" she asked us, looking apologetic towards the two of us. I just really wanted to know what Kate was going to say right before the moment.

"No, mom, we're walking." Kate said gravely.

"Oh, okay!" Cari said. She looked at both of us, and left the two doors wide open.

"Well, I guess we're both going to have to get going." I told Kate, not meeting her eyes.

"Yeah, could you wait for me outside while I get my stuff and finish off my look?" She asked me. I slapped my forehead with my hand and just remembered that I hadn't finished my apparel or had my school things prepared.

"Of course, hey, could you just come over to my house when you're done? I forgot a few things myself. But I'll be in my room or on the balcony." I informed her.

"Sure." She replied, smiling.

"See you later, Katelyn."

"Bye Lucas."

We waved good-bye to each other, I grabbed the detangling spray and left, looking back once to smile warmly towards Kate, whom smiled back at me. I went downstairs, waved a careless good-bye to Cari and left out the door towards my yellow and orange two story home.

Kate's POV:

I sighed heavily when Lucas left, not from relief, but from aggravation. I was just going to tell Lucas how I really felt about him, I would've done it by now if my annoying mother hadn't popped up.

I looked across from my to the mirror. My eyes looked depressed and a deep chocolate brown. I remembered myself getting lost in Lucas's light oak brown eyes. So beautiful…

My little train of thought got pulled over by my cell phone beeping on my bed. I saw that my window was still opened from the previous hour when Lucas called me over there, laughing. I giggled slightly remembering. I picked up my phone and flipped it open. I hated my dull colored phone. Such an awful shade of purple. And it was my mother's old cell phone. Ugh.

"Hello?" I asked into the receiver, not bothering the caller ID.

"Come downstairs for your surprise." A familiar husky voice said through the phone, then clicked off.

"Huh, weirdo." I mumbled to myself. I went to my drawer and pulled out a few thin black and gold bangles and pulled them evenly onto each of my arms. I also took out my lucky silver necklace that Lucas gave me for my fifteenth birthday. Last year on our birthday when I got him a silver band for his wrist, we wear them all the time. I smile to that. I put on silver hoops and looked myself over. Beautiful!

"Hey!" Lucas's voice came from his window.

"Hey, you ready yet?" I asked him.

"Nawh, just getting ready, but when you're done, come to my balcony, we're going to be late!" he called, I nodded and concentrated on my apparel for school. I unplugged the InStyler so it wouldn't burn down the house. I grabbed some soft black eyeliner and applied that, put some pinkish lip gloss on my lips, and a little bit of light orange eye shadow with a bit of mascara. There, I look better now. I smiled to myself, my perfectly straight white teeth were nice, too. I got them off at the same time as Lucas, we refused to do it alone, we just looked into each other's eyes and I enjoyed every minute of it. But, I knew that he just wanted to be there for his sister. Nothing was going to change. I sighed. I left my hair down, and curled up my bangs just a little bit. I pulled them to the side and looked great, I stretched my shirt a bit down to make it longer. I sighed, looking through my window again then closed it painfully. I left the room and descended my staircase. I grabbed some black boots and pulled them on, a side-bag on my shoulder, I was just opening the door until someone called my name.

"Katelyn Carli Shai."

I gasped at who said that, no one used my full name except for…my father. My father usually just working his butt off, came home, I hadn't seen him since I was seven. He left at Lucas's and my birthday party. The first year we shared a party, and continued year after year.

"Father." I said briefly, then ran out the door towards Lucas's house, making sure my father didn't see.

Lucas's POV:

I saw Kate running towards my house through my window, her right hand covering her face. I stood up and ran downstairs. Grabbed some converse and pulled them onto my tight-fitting jeans. I had picked out an okay outfit I guess, I mean, Kate loved me for me, well, as a brother as far as I know. I sighed at the thought. My dad grabbed my wrist, in his business suit and all.

"What dad!?" I exclaimed, in a hurry to comfort my friend. I sighed again.

"Katie's father is…home, son." he said gravely, knowing that I despised the man for leaving Kate at our seventh birthday party. He never came back, he was always too busy.

I nodded, waved a thank-full good-bye to him. I loved my father, I also love my mother, but, she died a week after me and Kate's fourteenth birthday party, only just a year ago. I ran out the door, my book bag in on my back, well, I let it dangle at the left side.

"Kate, it's okay, Kate, I'm right here." I soothed. I put my hand on the small of her back and rubbed it tenderly.

"No, Lucas, it's not, I could hear her trying to keep the sobs in, huh, usually she let it out. I turned to see her face, and gasped. She had put makeup on. I never saw her in makeup before, but she looked stunning, her eyes were brought out, her lips so tempting. But, I knew that I only thought that because of my 'man instinct' as my father had put it once. I chuckled softly.

"C'mon, let's walk, we only have a ten minute walk ahead of us, and our schedules were hacked by me so we could have most of our classes together. Well, except for one period where it's male's fitness, but you have female fitness at the same time, right next to out gym, so I'm going to be there for you. And our lockers are next to each other, too." I assured her, she looked up at me in confusion, then unexpectedly put her arms around my neck and embraced me.

"Thanks, Lucas." she said against my shoulder, I could've sworn she mumbled "I love you" right after that, maybe it was all in my head again. I sighed, pulling Kate onto my lap and hugged her tightly, not wanting to let go of her.

"We'd better get to school." she informed.

"Yeah, okay," I said. We both got up and I put my arm around her shoulders in comfort. I kissed the tip of her head gently, a thing I do a lot for comfort, she took it as a friendly gesture, I could tell. I looked at her face as we walked that her cheeks were a shade of light pink. I looked at her questionably.

"What?" she asked me, looking up slightly. I was only about two or three inches taller than her.

"Did you put blush on?" I asked her out of curiosity.

"Uh, yeah." She said hesitantly. I had a strange feeling she was lying. We then were standing in front of our new school. Our old school was too far. We didn't know why our parents picked the next town over for our high school instead of this one right near our houses. When we got there, I saw the strangest thing.

"N-n-not again. Leave me alone!" Kate shouted at her father. He looked heart-broken. Torn. I glared at him and ran after Kate.