Everyone has dreams. By now you should have figured that out. But what if dreams aren't what they seem. Many years, people have different guesses about them. For example, it was what happened in your past life. Or it is what you fear or want. It is the future that you have to face. There is a Chinese saying, 日有所思,夜有所梦。It means whatever you think in the day, you dream at night.

These are all what people think. Have you considered another? That is, a dream is real. It is happening in real life. But everyone's future is set. For example, you will find a new theory for physics. You will build a famous building. You will be a beggar. There's no changing it.

Every dream really happened. Somehow you got there. But does it fulfil your destiny? No. You cannot live that life that happened in the dream. Therefore, you are brought back to the path where your life should go and wake up, thinking that it is a dream. It gives you the creeps doesn't it?

A way to say it will be, you are walking in a straight line and is supposed to. But somehow, you made the decision to turn left. Turning left, is not the direction you should go. Therefore, you are brought back to where you are still walking straight. Throughout the whole time, once you take a turn, you will be brought back to the time where you are still walking straight. Slowly, you will reach your destination.

If you apply this concept to the following example, it will be less confusing. You are about to be murdered. But you are not destined to be murdered at that time. You are destined to help NASA build a space shuttle and then die of old age. But somehow, right after you got your job in NASA; you offended some criminal and then they decided to murder you. So, you are brought back to maybe when have just gotten a job in NASA. And waking up, thinking that the murder was just a dream. You live your life again. And slowly, you fulfil your destiny.

Hello! This is just an idea that sprang up to my head. I think it's quite cool though there are a lot of flaws. Like, what if I dream about dinosaurs? But I do think that this idea might be interesting if it is written into a story. Sadly, I don't have the inspiration or patience to write it. This is just sort of the basic idea. If anyone is interested into converting it into a story, just send me a message and the name of the story, because I would like to see my idea in story form. I would appreciate it if you credit me. Thanks.