Well, here goes my first attempt at a supernatural romance. Feedback is welcomed.

The time of her death was traumatic, to say the least. I was one of countless thousands to die during what is now known as the Black Death of Europe in 1349. I was the eldest of six children, five of which contracted the disease and perished – mother included, leaving father and my eldest brother barely alive. My name? Marianne Ward.

Adam Nelson walked down the street on his way to school sullenly. He was going to be late. Again. Cutting school crossed his mind several times, but he needed at least a B+ on his medieval history test in order to pass history, not to mention 10th grade.

As he cursed his younger brother, Seth, for stopping to tie his shoe for fifteen minutes and sabotaging his getting to school on time, on purpose no less, he swerved to avoid a tree. He had been walking off the road and into the park by accident. Shaking his head at himself and rolling his eyes, something rather strange caught his attention.

A frail looking girl in a thin white dress sat above him in the tree. She was staring off into space, but the fact that she was so high up wasn't the oddest thing about her. She seemed almost translucent. Like... a ghost.

Adam glanced at his digital watch, and let out an exasperated breath. 7:25 and still six blocks away from school. He shrugged off his backpack and started to climb up the tree.

When he was younger, climbing trees was the only way to get away from Julie, Seth, and mom. Julie didn't want to get her 'designer' clothes messed up, and Seth was too much of a mama's boy to want to risk being up so high. So it was no wonder Adam got up the tree in about five minutes, which was impressive, seeing how high the girl was and that the tree had no branches to climb on.

When the girl finally noticed he was there, he was almost as high as the branch she was resting on. To say that he was surprised at how washed out and pale she was would be an understatement; plus, her dress certainly didn't look like something you would want to climb a tree in.

In fact, it looked old. Genuinely old. Like it was taken straight from a medieval castle. Except that he was almost absolutely sure that no royalty would ever wear a dress that plain or simple. It was more like a peasant's dress. Coincidentally, this term, he has seen a lot of old clothes, most of which were queen or king's looked like nothing he had ever seen, not even a sickbed dress for a noble. Apparently, the wealthier people's stuff was preserved a lot better than any farmer's stuff. Unsurprising.

Getting back to the girl, she gave him a shocked look, then purposefully rolled off the branch. Adam tried to make to catch her, but remembered he was ten feet off the ground in a tree. The effort wasn't needed anyway, as the girl landed on the ground, seemingly unharmed. She gave him another strange look and started moving farther into the park.

Not running.

School could wait.

Marianne didn't know what shocked her more, the fact that he could see her, or that he didn't dismiss her as a hallucination. What was more, now she could hear him tearing up the forest after her. To see an Embodiment alone is incredible, never mind follow it up a tree, then pursue it through a forest.

Marianne glanced back briefly, then broke out into a clearing, stopping short; a fountain blocked her path. Stopping was a mistake, however, as the boy caught up to her and tried to put his hand on her shoulder. Tried.

Adam's eyes filled with instincive alarm as his hand went through the girl's shoulder. The only slightly sensible thing he could think of to say was, "Uh..."

All thoughts of being late for school flew out of his head as he realized what he had just done. His hand. Went through. Her shoulder. He wasn't an expert, but this was probably not a really good thing.

"What... who..." Adam examined his hand, then looked at the girl, expecting some sort of answer. She turned to him slowly and reluctantly.

"You can see me," she stated.


"How old are you, and what is your birthday?" the girl asked flat out.

"Um. Seventeen, October 13. What does that –" Adam half asked, before she cut him off.

"Really... fascinating. So it is true." Adam gave her a strange look as she assumed an expression of deepest thought.

"Excuse me, hello. Do you – what or who are you?"

The strange girl squared her shoulders and looked him square in the eye – looking up, seeing as she was much shorter than him. "I am Marianne Ward of Carleby, England. I am one of five children that died from the Great Pestilence in 1347."

"The what?"

Marianne sighed exasperatedly. "The Great Plague... the Black Death."

Adam stared at her for a minute. Finally he came to a conclusion: "Either you're a ghost, or I'm going insane."

Marianne smiled in amusement. "Not a ghost, an embodiment of life that once lived. There's a difference, you know. A ghost is a witch-created, artificial soul without a body. They inhabit healthy, dying bodies, for example, a baby or mother dying at birth, or an elder dying of natural causes. In the latter case, it is often regarded as dementia or Alzheimers. The artificial souls tend not to last much longer than a few weeks outside of a body, at most. Inhabiting an elder body gives them a shock, as they aren't used to the physical age. So you see, I really can't be classified as a ghost."

Adam blinked down at her. "You lost me at 'not'. I'm late for school."

Marianne laughed at this. "You just found out that you can see me. You focus on being late for high school. I find that unbelievable. And humans learned how to cure the disease of which I died in only six hundred years. Who would have thought that one could be this unintelligent?" she asked rhetorically with a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Six hundred years? Only?" Adam practically shouted incredulously.

Marinnne raised her eyebrows innocently. "Not so loud... remember, you're the only one who can see me." Indeed, a rather old couple sitting on a bench not far away looked at him oddly.

Adam closed his eyes and sighed. "If I want to pass tenth grade, I really should get to school before history. I didn't even study, there's absolutely no way I'll be able to pass at this rate. Seriously, it was nice to meet you, but I really should get moving now." He turned on his heel and walked back in the direction of the street, leaving Marianne dumbfounded staring at his back.

The next thing he heard was her ringing laughter through the woods. "Haven't you ever heard of cutting class?" she asked more to herself than Adam between chuckles.

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