"We both smell really strange." the peoples said. Josh pulled out his calculator and said, "That would be, um, 5 words."

"Right, right. Let's get back on track. That rhymes! But anywho (chuckle) we've had a report that a teacher collapsed into dust. Who's responsible?" He gave the class an evil eye. "Who?"

All the kids pointed to Josh. "Okay then, I sentence you to three hundred years of setting the table duty! Now everyone, it's time for lunch!"

Josh got a sad look. He squirmed like a worm. He howled like an owl. He poos like a moose. Hee Hee. He was pretty upset. The kids started to leave, except for one. Luna, the prettiest girl in the trainee class, stood up. "STOP!"

she yelled. "I'm so pretty I could like just die!...oops, sorry, what I meant to say was, Josh didn't do it! Ms. de Gallo de Salsa collapsed herself. It wasn't Joshiepoo's, I mean Josh's, fault. You can't punish him for that! He's too cute! I mean, he's innocent! Oh dear."

Joshiepoo blushed but no one cared. The official guys shrugged. "I guess you're innocent." The fat one said. "So we are re-senticizing you to two days of setting the table duty."

"Why? You said I was innocent!"

The skinny one shrugged. Again. "We don't like you kid. Your tie doesn't match your socks. So get to work, Joshiepoo. If that is your real name."

"Fine." All the kids left. The skinny dude said, "Well, I'll go make sure that kid works. Not like I care. But I'm bored. Maybe I should repaint my toenails. The polish is chipping. How do you think Orchid Pink will look?"

"Very nice, I'm sure. Now run along while I check out the crime scene." The fat guy said. He walked over to the small pile of dust. But to his surprise, it was actually a pile of chili. Once he made sure Josh couldn't see him, he ate the chili. For your information, he grew up to be one of the clones on the soon to be a hit film, "The many large clones of Fat Albert." But later on he discovered he didn't like being fat, so he started a farm and married

Paris Hilton.

Anywho (chuckle)... Josh began the great SETTING OF THE TABLE!