Time: 13 mins 34 secs

Word Count: 379

Comments: done at school. I liked it.

If anything can be said of Darian, the man could act devillish when he wanted to. Like at this moment he currently had a smile on his face that said that there would be trouble for the noble he was smiling at. The man was completely oblivious to his predicament. Calen shook his head in despair. Couldn't the man act properly without him there to stop him at every little bit of mischief?

Darian twirled a finger in the air. The man never knew what came over him. The noble was sitting on the chair one moment, and then he was on the ceiling the next moment. Twirling in the air.

"Darian!" Calen said to his mate. "Stop it at once!"

The man in question, acted as if he hadn't heard a word of what he had said. He continued twirling the man in the air. Calen shook his head again.

"I SAID STOP IT THIS INSTANT!" Calen all but shouted at him.

Darian gave a sigh of disappointment. He had wondered how long it would take for Calen to stop him. Apparently not long at all by the look of it. He regretfully set the man down on his feet. The man was sweating and shaken but other than that, he seemed to be all right.

"How dare you!" the noble sputtered. "You- you-!"

Darian gave a mocking bow. It was so fun to be a lord and a mage as well. You were expected to be a bit weird a times.

"Darian, apologize to him this instant!" Calen admonished him. "You shouldn't be doing such things at this time of the day!"

"Does that mean that I could do it at dinner time?" Darian asked him innocently, walking to his mate.

"NO," Calen said exasperatedly, not noticing the change in distance. "You may NOT."

"Now, apologize."

Darian gave a great sigh. "Oh, well."

He turned to the noble and bowed properly this time. "I do beg your forgiveness, Lord Barie. I was bit out of sorts just now."

The lord, nonplussed at how Darian had instantly apologized, stammered out an acknowledgement.

"Now," Darian said back to Calen. "Where were we?"

"Oh, yes," He told him, "this."

With that, he captured Calen and kissed him on the lips.