Time: 13 mins 25 secs

Word Count: 470

Comments: this is after they were back together again…way past in the futures

It was raining heavily and Calen was soaked to the bone. He was however, determined to finish this task of his he had set for himself. It involved weeding the garden. So far, he had finished weeding two sets of the garden. He still had three more to go. And the rain was not ceasing anytime soon.

Calen coughed and sneezed but he refused to give up. The garden had been sorely neglected and he wanted the garden to look as he had envisioned it would look. That meant he had to weed the garden and then do it the way he wanted to.

Darian sighed as he looked at Calen's rain drenched figure from his study room. The man was really stubborn when he wanted to be. Really, it was raining and he was still out there. At this rate, he was going to catch a cold. As he watched, he saw Calen suddenly open his mouth and pantomimed a sneeze. Darian frowned at him. He had best get out there with something to keep that incorrigible man from getting sick, or he would undoubtedly get sick by himself.

Darian moved from the window to the door. He opened it and walked out as quickly as was seemly. Outside, he went to Calen, magically creating a kind of umbrella under the two of them so that they wouldn't get wet. He stood behind Calen for an hour before he finally decided that Calen just hadn't notice anything because he was concentrating more on his weeding. Darian sighed again as he heard Calen sniff.

He would apparently get a cold. Darian summoned an air elemental and ordered it to fetch some of Leil's dry clothing. It came back a moment later with Leil's dry clothing. Next, Darian simply, forcibly took Calen by the arm and forced the former slave to stand up.

Calen looked at him in confusion, his eyebrows bunching up into a frown.

"Change your clothes to these," Darian ordered, eyes blazing and daring him to challenge him on that order.

Calen obediently took it and started changing his wet clothing for dry ones. It was then that he noticed that they were in the garden and they weren't wet. He looked up and he saw the magical umbrella that Darian had constructed for them.

"Hm," Calen said, examining it. "Will you stay outside with me?"

Darian snorted ungraciously. "You think I'd leave you here to get sick?"

"Think again, love," Darian told him.

Calen grinned up at him and hugged him fiercely. "Thanks," was all he said before he steadfastly went back to his weeding.

Darian sighed and resigned himself to a day of standing in the rain and watching the man he loved weed out the garden. No matter that they weren't getting wet or anything.