"Now you're the type of guy I should've fallen in love with," she states.

He pauses, uncertain of her meaning. Repeating it in his head, analyzing the tone of each syllable, he ascertains there was no flirtatiousness. Rather, she was merely stating fact. Like an English teacher explaining the definition of a simile.

He waits, desperate for her to continue, to clarify. But, she just sits swirling her straw in her soda, creating patterns as if her statement had no importance. As if she does not know she aroused so many emotions within him. Curiosity. Confusion. Intrigue. And most of all, hope.

He sighs, realizing she is oblivious to the impact of her words. Then, smiles to himself, realizing this is typical her. An example of the hundreds, no thousands, maybe even millions or billions of reasons he's in love with her.

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