"Now you're the type of guy I should've fallen in love with."

Like always, his mouth opens ready to respond, not wanting to disappoint. However, uncertainty about her meaning forces him to stop. No thoughts exist in his mind. Only her words. He repeats them in his head, analyzing the tone of each syllable over and over and over again until he finally ascertains there was no flirtatiousness. Rather, she was merely relaying fact. Like her favorite English teacher explaining the definition of a simile.

Desperate for her to continue, he waits, staring intently into her eyes, searching for any tiny bit of clarification. As if her statement has no importance, she is just sitting there with her favorite soda; a concoction of her own, equal parts Hawaiian Punch, Sprite and Cherry Coke. Always, she ensured each flavor occupied exactly one third of her cup. Sometimes she'd think it was perfect, but small sip, she'd shake her head and walk over to the soda fountain without saying a word. He'd always follow her with his eyes, smiling, more than willing to wait.

He watches her now, as she creates patterns in her soda, obviously bored. Completely unaware she has aroused so many emotions within him. Curiosity. Confusion. Intrigue. And most of all, hope.

Finally, he removes his gaze from her face. Relocating it to her tiny hand, he sees the ice moving around and notices the straw creating different shapes. A square, a circle, a swirl. Maybe even, a heart? Sighing, he knows these are merely inventions of his mind. Illusions living in his head, cohabitating with her statement. Words with so much impact, they may never disappear. Still, there she sits, not even a foot away from him, but completely oblivious.

For a millisecond, he is frustrated by her ignorance. But then, he smiles, realizing this is typical her. An example of the hundreds, no thousands, maybe even millions or billions of reasons he's in love with her.

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