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I stumble against the wall with a giggle, alcohol sloshing out of the bottle onto my hand. There are so many people and lights. So many lights. Flashing, flashing, spinning…

Someone bumps into me, and I stagger sideways, colliding with a hard surface. Bleary eyes blink up, fighting to focus. Oh. It's a guy.

"Hey, dude, you okay?" he asks, voice fuzzy through the loud music.

Grinning widely, I nod.

"Totally. Completely. Peachypeachypeachy."

One of his eyebrows shoots up, but a smirk twists his lip.

"Sound pretty wasted to me."

I snort, nodding. "Definitely. I don't drink."


Squinting eyes flick up and down his frame slowly. "You're hot."

His smirk only grows wider. "Thanks. You're not bad yourself."

I snicker, biting my lip. My body wavers. "No, you're, like, really hot. Like, I'd jump you in a second if, if I could…" Snicker. "…stand straight."

He leans a bit closer. "You don't need to stand straight for that."

My eyes widen a bit before I giggle again. "You're right. Horizontal tango or something, yeah? We'd need music. And roses. Lotsa of roses."

Wow, the music is loud. And the lights just keep flashing.

He seems amused by my babbling, body nearly touching mine. "Sounds good to me."

I grin widely, reaching a hand up to play with his hair. Oh, it's soft…

I giggle.

He bends closer, lips hovering above mine, but before he can kiss me, I'm yanked backwards, feet tangling together.

"What the hell?" I yelp, words slurring together.

The guy in front of me looks in surprise at whoever grabbed me, annoyance flickering across his swarthy features.

"What's your problem?"

"You," comes the dark growl, sending shivers down my spine.

I know that voice…

"Ashes," I mumble, peering blearily over my shoulder. I scowl. "What are you doing?"

The redhead looks annoyed, poison green eyes narrowed. "I could ask the same. Come on."

My feet fail to keep straight as I'm dragged along, blurred eyes staring back at the confused boy behind us. He doesn't try to save me.


"Ashes…" I whine, tugging half-heartedly at the hold he has on my arm. "Why did you do that?"

"You were acting like a slut," he bites back, yanking me around a corner. There are stairs ahead.

"No, I wasn't," I pout, hiccoughing as I stumble. "He was into me."

"Right." I know he's rolling his eyes at me. "He just knew you were an easy lay."

"You're an asshole," I mumble, struggling to stay upright.

We reach the staircase, Ashes starting up quickly. I trip every other step, and by the time we reach the top, I know my legs are covered in bruises.

"Slow down," I beg, vision blurring even more as my head spins.

The redhead is apparently ignoring me now, because he doesn't answer or look back. We're heading down the hall now, couples here are there making out against the walls, flesh on display. I gag as I catch a flash of thong, face falling into a grimace. So so gross…

Ashes starts opening doors, peering in quickly before shutting them again.

"Who're you looking for?" I ask, blinking rapidly as I nearly collide with a table and the two people on it.

Again, no answer.

My body feels sooo weird…

Suddenly, my arm's sharply yanked and I careen forward, floaty limbs failing to keep my upright. The carpet cushions my fall, although I still cry out in surprise.

"Ashes, you jerk!"

Peering up through my bangs, I realise the bastard's no longer in front of me, something that's explained when I hear the click of a lock.


"What're you doing?" I slur, getting into a more comfortable seated position.

Quick footsteps, and then I'm dragged upwards, mouth crushing my own. A surprised gasp opens my lips, allowing a warm tongue to slip in. Mind working too slow to figure out what's going on, I let the muscle explore my mouth, eyes sliding shut. Fingers tense on my arms and I'm shoved backwards, kiss ending as I land on my back on a soft surface (oh, bed...). Turns out it's only a small pause, because the lips are back, more intense and demanding. Hands pin my wrists as Ashes' knee shoves between my thighs, grinding into my groin while I moan into his mouth.

Oh my God…

I'm out of breath by the time he pulls away, and I greedily suck in air, eyes flying open. Green eyes peer into mine, narrowed and darkened. I stare at him, panting, waiting for something to happen. He finally leans closer again, teeth nipping at my bottom lip as hands move from my wrists to slide under my shirt. I gasp as fingers brush my nipples, goosebumps sweeping across my skin. My back arches up slightly, trying to press closer.

"Ashes," I whisper, head tilting to the side when I feel lips press again my throat. He sucks at the sensitive flesh, teeth nipping, tongue sliding, and I shiver when his nails drag across my ribs.

My shirt's too hot, heavy, and I want it off.

I struggle to sit up, whimpering when Ashes presses me back down.

"Shirt…" I complain, fingers fumbling with the hem.

Apparently he understands, because he sits back, straddling my thighs, and yanks the offending piece of clothing off my body. The cooler air makes me shiver, but it feels so nice.

I squirm under the redhead, waiting impatiently while he pulls off his shirt, too, rising up to attack him as soon as it's gone. He makes a surprised sound when my mouth finds his (after first hitting his chin), but he doesn't stop me, a long thin hand cupping my cheek. The kiss is messy, but he doesn't seem to care, wrapping a strong arm around my waist to pull me closer. I snicker, teeth latching on to his lip, eyes opening to slits to peer at him.

"Your cheeks are all red," I mumble, releasing his mouth.

"And you smell like alcohol," he mutters back, hands sliding down the back of my pants.

I bite my lip, a light breath leaving me as his fingers dig into the soft flesh, pressing my groin against his. In return, my teeth attach to his collarbone, hard enough to pull a quiet gasp from him and tighten his grip on me. Smirking, I slide my lips up his neck and attempt to nibble his ear…and get a mouthful of hair instead.

"God, your aim is terrible," he mutters, snickering.

"Shut up," I grumble, spitting the hair out of my mouth. Giving up trying to get his ear, I latch onto his neck, clumsily biting…hard.


He pushes me back and I growl, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Quit teasing me, you bastard."

Suddenly, I'm pressed back into the mattress, the redhead's fingers working at the fly of my jeans as he nips at my jaw, tongue flicking out to soothe the bite. Pulse pounding, I attempt to undo his pants as well…but fail horribly and groan in frustration. I close my eyes, wiggling impatiently. Like a fish.

"Stop moving," he growls, deep voice sending shivers down my spine.

"Get naked faster, then," I mumble, sliding my hands down my stomach.

My hips are jerked up and my pants are dragged from my legs, hitting the floor. I dunno where my shoes went…Ashes is sneaky. Sneaky sneaky. Like a ninja.

"Don't forget yours," I sing, a breathy laugh leaving my swollen lips as my hands continuing trailing lower…and lower…

A surprised gasp as my wrists are grabbed and pinned next to my head, my mismatched eyes snapping open. Ashes looks down at me, looking damn hot.

"No touching," he whispers, teasingly rubbing a knee against my growing erection.

My breath catches in my throat, eyes rolling. Oh, God, he's still got his jeans on…

I whimper, rubbing against his knee, gasping as the friction. O-oh…

However, when the knee disappears, I whine in annoyance, glaring at Ashes. My eyes widen, though, when I see the way he's…slowly…undoing…and sliding down…his…jeans…

"Oh, fuck me," I breathe, staring at his sharp hips, muscular thighs, and…aw, hell yes.

Nice to see the carpet matches the drapes.


The way he stretches over me, skin against skin, rubbing, grinding, driving me fucking insane…oh, God, it's heaven, pure bliss, ohGodpleasedon'tletthisend…

His hand sneaks in between us, wrapping around me, making me moan. My free hand grasps his shoulder, my nails digging into the palm of the other, addled brain getting worse. Can'tthinkcan'tthinkcan'tthink…

"Oh, God!"

His hand squeezes gently, stroking up, thumb rubbing the tip. I'm shaking, toes curling, breath rushing in and out shallowly.

"Pleasepleaseplease…" I don't know what I'm saying, thinking, mm, o-oh so so perfect!

Oh, shit, th-there's a finger, a finger sliding, pressing, ah!

I spread my legs, pushing against that hand, head rolling back into the comforter.

"Ashes, Ashes, please." Panting, disjointed words, oh, my God, this feels so so good, fuck, I want more…

I don't know how (he seriously is a ninja), but the finger disappears and when it returns, it's cool and slick…pressing…rubbing…


His mouth presses against mine, tongue sliding in at the same time as his finger, my soft cry muffled by the kiss. Fuck, I never realised how long his fingers are before…

My grip tightens when the finger moves, twisting, pushing…but my nails don't break the skin until a second finger slides in, stretching and sending sharp pain up my spine.

Eyes squeezed shut, my breath rushes in and out, giving in to a small cry when the fingers spread, a sharp bite to my earlobe distracting slightly. A soft growl in my ear reminds my addled mind that I'm probably making Ashes bleed…but I don't really care.

"Relax," he hisses, forcing his holyfuckinggodlong fingers deeper.

I whimper in response, trying, but…his fingers are in my ass!

I guess he's losing patience with me, because he doesn't wait long before—

"Oh, shit!"

Three…three fingers, crooking, spreading, in and out… I try to pull away, brain only registering pain, but the redhead holds me down, green eyes flashing. I lie there, whimpering, trembling, because…oh, God, the bastard's gonna kill me!

"Please," I whisper, not sure what I'm asking for.

Leaning closer, he presses a kiss to the corner of my mouth, then brushing them against my ear.

"Relax," he repeats softly.

Shivering, I nod, knowing exactly what's coming next.

Eyes are staying closed, though.

My breath hitches when the fingers are pulled out, my body feeling so…empty…but then, ohmygod, there…there's something else p-pressing against me, replacing them, and—ohgodI'mnotreadyforthis!

"Ashes…" I sob, hold on him tightening even more. "Ashes…"

"'Sokay," he mutters, voice breathy and tight, obviously trying to keep from just shoving into me (okayIdon'thateyouthatmuch).

He slips deeper, pulling a pained gasp from my mouth, slick skin sliding against mine.


"IhateyouIhateyouIhateyou," I chant in a strangled voice, legs forced farther apart as Ashes presses closer.

He doesn't reply and then—


A sudden hard thrust hits that ohmyholygodYES spotinside and my eyes fly open, a loud cry exploding from my mouth.


I don't hurt anymore, or I do, but don't notice, or—oh, my God, I don't CARE!

My fingers find his hair, twisting and yanking as he goes in and out, faster and deeper and, mm…

Dunno if it's the alcohol or just the pure and utter bloody ecstasy pounding through me, but I'm rambling, nonsense spouting out of my mouth in between pants and moans. Every movement sends sparks through my body, blurring my vision.

"Harder," I beg, head falling back, my eyes sliding shut again.

The thrusts get rougher, pain returning, but mixing with the pleasure exactly the way I want…perfect, th-that's…the only only word to…ooh…describe…this utter god of fucking…

I feel the tightening in my gut, warning of the thing I both want to happen right now and delay for just a few more minutes.



My whole body clenches, nerves jumping and burning as a loud, breathy moan follows my sharp cry. Toes curl, fingers clench, eyes blur…and then, slowly, it's gone, leaving me weak, panting, and exhausted. And sticky. Very sticky.

But, fuck, I don't even care…

"You…you're a god," I mumble, hooded eyes finding the side of Ashes' head. It's bowed over my shoulder, arms keeping him from collapsing on top of me completely. He'd probably squish me.

That fiery green gaze meets mine, still bright behind his damp hair. He shoots me a smirk, leaning over to press a soft kiss to my mouth.

"And you're so fucking sexy," he purrs, nipping my jaw. "I just wanna screw you over and over and over…"

My face flushes, arousal poking at my brain. But I'm so tired.

"Can you wait 'til after my nap?" I mumble, nuzzling his shoulder. Mm…Ashes…

He snorts, rolling to the side and grinning at me. I wince as he pulls out of me, leaving my body cold and empty. "Anything for you babe."

My eyes follow his hands as he reaches down and carefully pulls off his condom, tying it off and gracefully tossing it into the garbage. I blink. When did he put that on?

"You really are a ninja," I murmur with awe.

That earns an eyebrow raise, but before he can say anything, I'm curled into his side, clumsily pulling the comforter over our naked bodies.

Mm…naked Ashes…