If the choice came down
to restoring a lost friendship,
or building a fresh start.
Which would you choose?

If ending a last chance
at one true love,
meant keeping a family close.
Which would you choose?

If you had the power
to end a stranger's suffering,
or bring back a dead loved one.
Which would you choose?

If you saw the wealthy, the rich,
drop their earned paycheck.
Will you play the honesty, or charity act?
Which would you choose?

If doing what seems right in your heart
contradicts what your mind knows is wrong.
Does your soul and spirit argue, or agree?
Which will you choose?

We all make difficult decisions in life. Sometimes its hard to know what the right one is, and what the wrong one is. But the hardest ones to make are the ones you know are right, but you don't want to make them. Just thinking today about a loved one who died and this was the random result of it.