Lost amongst the choppy waters of your own desolate sadness

In search of that calm horizon

Anticipating the tranquility of anchorage in your life

Fullness of heart and soul

Knowing this is where you belong

Seeking this integrity in yourself and life

Yet you come up short

Disillusioned by emptiness of your own fulfillment

Left adrift in this seascape of anguish

Deep waters with no anchor to stabilize you

Beat down by the iniquitous waves

Weathering your moralistic sentiment

Realization of your own horizon dawning

Midnight lit by starlit skies of conflict

Assured by the composure of accepting what is

Anchored by the steady rise and fall of infliction

Attaining the integrity by abandoning it

Fulfilled by the lack of emotional attachment

At last your way is ascertained among the expansive waters

Your serenity is found in the cataclysmic imbalance of your own life