I want to protect everyone but, I know that's not going to happen.

It's impossible to save everyone.

So why do I keep believing that I can?

It's because I'm naive enough to believe that there's a happy ending for everyone.

That no one deserves to suffer; even if they do deserve it.

That everyone is actually innocent if you'd just listen to their entire story & realize that causes & effects/affects don't seem to end; linking on from another story to the next.

I always wondered why I think this way.

Sometimes I'd wish that it would be best to just didn't care at all so, that I wouldn't have to feel the pain & sadness of them.

To be selfish.

But mostly,

I'm glad that I care.

I can't describe this feeling of selflessness.

I'd say it feels great but, great doesn't seem to fit in perfectly.

Are there no words to describe this feeling?

I'm just one person.

I can't save, help, or protect everyone.

I'm just a small petty person.

With a big heart.