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*Chappy 2*

"Wakey, wakey, my darling!" There was loud banging on my door. I looked over to my alarm clock and it was only 7:30 AM. I went to bed at 4 AM, and I wasn't in the best mood ever. The banging continued, it was giving me a headache, so I dragged myself out of my comfy bed and went to go open the door. My irritated, sleepy eyes were greeted with the sight of my sister who was all dressed, smelled like her shampoo and soap, and looked like she wanted to so somewhere. And by the look she was giving me, I could tell she wanted me to come with her. She even gave me that irresistible puppy face.

"Please…" she pleaded. And because I'm a sucker for those kind of things, I got

dressed and went with her.

In about half and hour, we were out on the road, starting with her favorite café. She met up with motley of the people she usually hangs with. She went up to them, and talked for a bit. Felicity acts like a person of high society sometimes—she talks to people, even when she doesn't want to, and doesn't treat them any differently, except for a few body signals that most people wouldn't get; she always dresses up nicely, no matter what the occasion is ("You always want people to think you look nice, so they can be seen with you. Society is the most important thing these days," she would always say). If it was me, I would've just ignored them (but not before giving them a dirty look), and I never dress nicely =, unless it's something serious. I always dress casually.

She started rubbing her leg, like she got bit by a bug (this was one of her signs that she didn't want to talk to them), and that was my cue to rescue them.

"Felicity! We need to get going, or Mom will kill us. We need to get her gift…" Not the best excuse ever, but she just played along, like I really did mean it.

"Wait! Ideaaa! Why don't you stay with us and let the loser do the shopping!" one of her highly irritating best friends, Vanessa, chirped. This idea was second by the rest of them. I really hated girls like Vanessa. She was a fake — fake blonde, fake boob, fake tan. Her entire life is merely a mirage and an illusion. It was people like her that Tabitha would always try to be like. It was something that sometimes irritated me about Tabitha. Whenever we had plans, she would always cancel them so we could go to my house and she could be with them.

I looked over at Felicity. She looked like she wanted to stay, but only for her image. Even though I wasn't really a loser, I was hated by a lot of the popular seniors. I really don't know why, but I wasn't going to let them get into my skin.

"Oh, by the way, I'm really sorry to hear that your boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend. That is so, so, so sad," Vanessa sneered. I couldn't believe it, but Tabitha told them, in hopes that they would consider to be on of them. She was actually that shallow… Felicity looked at me with massive shock. I could understand that she didn't believe it. "Oh, look. Here they come now," she smirked.

I looked back and there they were. I almost went up to them like I normally would've, but the sight of them making out again was too much to bear and the image was forever burned into my corneas.

From the corner of her eye, Tabitha saw me. She stopped Ayden and gave him a kiss that should've have been rated XXX. It lasted a long time (they have INCREDIBAL lungs)—people were stopping by to look at them like they were some strange attraction for all to see. Her arms were wrapped around his neck; his hands squeezing her tiny butt. I was slightly hurt at that note—he never did that to me. Maybe he did like her more…

They finally released each other and cantered along our direction. Since he was too busy staring at Tabitha's stuffed boobs, he never noticed I was there watching him. With hatred burning in my eyes.

"Felicity, either we both go, or you can stay here, 'cause I'm out." She gave me a torn look—she didn't want to stay, but she didn't want to miss something and that would jeopardize her rep. I almost stayed with her, but the rational part of my brain was screaming that Ayden and Tabitha were coming. That meant I run. I waited a second longer for her to reply, but she didn't. She just gave me that begging look.

"Too late," I glowered. Without anyone noticing, I went inside her purse and took her credit card and the extra cash she had. She wouldn't need it because she could easily get a ride. I, on the other hand, would need it.

"I can't believe she did this!" I fumed. Store to store I roamed, but I was not in the mood to shop. So instead of walking around like a mindless idiot, I went to the food court. The place was buoyant—full of people, a redolence of a different array of foods hung in the air. It seemed like it was intoxicating, but very welcoming and inviting. It was as if the food was telling me, "Indulge in me, and I will take all your worries away." Well the aroma was pretty convincing. I was going to buy a whole hoard of food, but ended up thinking it through and just got spicy buffalo rings, fries, and a soda. Simple, and most importantly, cheap.

I was staring down at my food when I heard the chair scrape against the recently washed floors. I didn't look up to see who it was. Maybe it was lack of interest and curiosity. Or maybe it was the fact that I felt like being isolated for a while. I showed no signs of movement or interest in the hopes the person would leave. My hopes were wasted.

"Look, I'm sorry about them," my sister whispered.

"Save it," I objected. "You knew they always put me down whenever they see me. And yet you always bring them to me or bring me to them."

"No—!" she protested.

"There she is I told you she would bring us to Cammy," Sabrina, another one of Felicity's irritating best friend, giggles. I was happy to notice that Ayden and Tabitha were not part of the entourage.

"That's it. Once again, I'm out." I stood to get up but four brawny guys blocked my path. I really should've seen this coming. I quickly analyzed my options. I could push by them, but they would've caused a scene, saying I was assaulting them. At this point, I wasn't sure if Felicity would save me. I could've just sat back down, but they would've mocked and harassed me more. Or, I could yell and say that they were harassing me. I was going to do that option, but then I realized that they would have an excuse instantly ready.

"Oh, she is just playing around," they would say. Or, "She is kinda sick, if you know what I mean. We have to take her to the doctor, and she really hates them—she doesn't want to go." Then they would flash those dazzling smiles, and recently concerned bystander would be reassured that these beautiful people would take care of everything.

I sat back down. All these options would have "them" winning, and me looking stupid. Futile popularity. What's the point of it anyways? They really don't do anything because they bribe or threaten other people to do it. And these are the people that are supposed to lead our futures? Only because they have money? Hardly fair, in my opinion…

My phone started ringing and it wasn't a ringtone I would've liked to have heard.

"Do you need help? From here it looks pretty bad—"Ayden observed.

"No," I out bluntly and hung up. I didn't need his help. I would just walk by the boys and hopefully they would let me through. I actually was stupid enough to try it and they just pushed me back down.

"Nice try," Vince said. I truly detested Vince. He went out with my sister once and that very same day, she caught him cheating on her. And then the day after that, he tried to hook up with me. Jerk. And an insensitive jerk at that.

I turned over to my sister. "You are the worst sister ever." For a second she just stared. The she ran her and down her face, but no tears flowed. This was a sign that she was extremely sad.

"Aw, look! You think you are the worst sister? What about you?"

I really wasn't paying attention to whoever was talking. I heard the words and all, but it was just the significance of someone saying, "Potatoes." You hear what hear what they say but it has no meaning or point at all.

The whole time I was sitting down after my failed attempt to escape, I was wondering why I was there. Why did they have me trapped in their circle when they didn't have any use for me? They just talked about the things they normally talk, and that was pretty much it. Occasionally, they would attempt to thrown an insult, but would fail miserably. I would accomplish hurling a real insult, and lost for words, they would simply say loser. When I get home, I would have a laugh about that. And other than that and pushing me down when I stood up, they kept as minimal contact as possible. Maybe they were trying their superiority over me? I wondered why though—it wasn't like anyone was paying attention.

I checked the time on my phone—it was 4:28. the next two minutes, for me, were spent looking around the food court. It was like a bigger version of our cafeteria at school. Except with better food, a considerable amount of good looking guys. One of them, who was sitting alone only a few tables away, was constantly looking at me. when I met his gaze, I could feel myself getting warmer. I looked away from him (blushing seemed to please him apperent;y) and checked the time on my phone. Yup, it had been two minutes.

"Alright. Let's get this over with, " I muttered to myself.

I stood up with the obvious response of me being blocked. The closest person to me, Rick, who didn't say much, moved a step closer to me, and tried to stare me down. I looked up at him (his stare didn't work), and gave him a reticent gaze. Mine actually did have a working effect on him. I got to on my tippy toes (yes, I am aware I said "tippy toes" and yes, I'm aware how childish that sounds) and put my hand around the back of his neck. My thumb and middle finger were both fixated his veins. I pressed my fingers tighter together, and he winced.

"You have till the count of five to move or I will make you unconscious." He looked dumbfounded.





"Five," I whispered in this ear. I pressed his neck again, and poked him at his ribs. Within a second, he fell to the floor. The others didn't dare to move, in fear of the same thing happening to them.

With a new premonition of confidence surging through me, I sauntered over to the table the guy who was staring at me before was sitting at. As I was approaching, I was tell he was checking me out. Apparently he liked what he saw, because he smirked. When I got to his table, I gave him a resplendent smile. " Mind if I join," I asked innocently, like I wasn't fully responsible for the catastrophe that was happening behind us. He looked behind and when he looked back at be, he had the biggest smirk on his face.

"How could I deny the request of pulchritudinous girl sitting with me?"