Frozen in Time

By Searon

I have truly never thought this way about anyone.

You have somehow found a place in my heart.

I cannot seem to get you out of my mind.

No matter what I do, I seem to think of you

As time goes by my memory of you only gets more vivid.

It seems like yesterday we were together.

But were we together? I do not know.

The strong feelings I have for you seem to go one way.

That night though I can not tell, for

It seemed to me that you wanted me,

As badly as I wanted you.

We touched,

We held hands,

We cuddled together.

That was how it started.

My mind was so hazy,

Because I liked you so much.

I didn't want to do anything,

That could push you away.

I lived in the moment,

It was here I wanted to stay.

Time seemed to freeze,

Or so I thought.

My heart raced with ecstasy,

Yet the moment lasted forever

We were soon left alone.

We looked at each other,

Deep into each other's eyes.

I've had a crush on you,

Ever since the first time I met you.

I was scared, frightened,

I wanted to kiss you,

Would you let me?

I leaned in closer to you,

Trying to raise my courage.

Suddenly you jumped me,

Or maybe it was me that jumped you.

Our lips touched and my head spun.

I was lost in a dream world.

Here I was, truly happy.

I had the most beautiful woman,

In my arms.

How could I get so lucky?

Time stood still as our lips touched.

What was a mere minute,

Seemed like hours.

I did not want it to end,

And yet it did for a time.

We continued to hold hands,

And we continued to cuddle.

Yet all that was in my mind,

Was that glorious kiss.

The taste of your soft lips,

The warmth of your skin,

I looked deep into your sparkling eyes.

Until, again, we were kissing.

My heart beats thousands of times,

More that it is supposed to.

I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach.

That you are the one meant for me,

That together we could be truly happy.

I've wanted it the first time I laid eyes of you,

The first time I talked to you,

And the first time I kissed you.

That was an amazing night,

And I wanted to hang out with you again,

You told me you didn't want a relationship,

My heart sank a little bit,

But that was alright,

Just to hang out with you again,

Would be more than my heart could ask for.

Then you told me that you didn't feel as I do,

That when you were first with me,

You thought something might be there,

But it wasn't.

You thought I'd be a great friend, but nothing more.

My heart collapsed.

The only one I ever truly wanted –

Didn't want me back.

I should have figured it'd turn out this way.

Nothing goes right in my life,

And life never really is fair.

Even though you don't want to be with me,

I want you to know,

That I care a lot about you,

And if you ever need a friend,

Someone to talk to,

A shoulder to cry on,

I will always be here for you,

And you will always have a place in my heart.