It means nothing to you!

I love how i take my time to make you feel special but it means nothing to you.

I love how i've sat here and tried to be a great friend make you feel beautiful inside and out,

but no just what i say are invsible, meaningless.

I try becoming your best friend, but all i get in return is I don't understand you.

I try being there for you, making you know how wonderful you really are,

but no coming from ME nothing can work.

I'm so sick and tired i'm left in my tears.

Just things i do and say mean nothing to you.

So, apperantly neither does our friendship.


Part two.

Don't you remember i was their when you were sititng there hurting my best friend's heart?

Don't you know i was there when all you could do is make fun of her?

Don't you know that i never tried stopping you when you talked so bad of her?

Don't you know i was there when you lost your other best friend?

Did you ever know that i tried my very best to prove to you that I am here?

That i can be your best friend to?

That you can trust me?

That i do care?

That i wanna make a closer friendship with you?

Or was all this so invisible to you, you were so consumed in your other two?

I tried my hardest to make you feel good about yourself..

but no I get nothing in return, cause nothing i say or do means shit to you.

I'm done sitting her trying to figure out how i can be part of your life.

I'm not using all my strength on you

Its not worth it, if all I am sitting here doing is drowning in my tears.

I'm so over trying to please you.


I feel a little better writing this poem.